The Bard’s Tale 4-Great old-school role-playing game!

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about The Bard’s Tale 4 – this is a very old-fashioned game. Managing a detachment of adventurers, which can be up to 6 people at the same time, you explore the world inhabited by elves, dwarf and other creatures and try to save him from awakening once again the Ancient Evil. There is no moral ambiguity and other topics that have become fashionable in the genre-only the traditional fantasy, only sometimes diluted with very good humor.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

You watch events from the first person, you move around the world in real time, and you fight in a step-by-step mode. Locations in the game are large, but about any open world is out of the question – in The Bard’s Tale 4, even walking in the fresh air, you actually explore a maze consisting of “corridors” and “rooms”. In General, fundamentally the game is much closer to RPG-classics, such as Eye of the Beholder or Might & Magic, than to modern games caliber Skyrim. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The graphics in Barrows Deep are quite simple, but the scenery is simply stunning.
Despite the fact that these days The Bard’s Tale 4 may seem something “stripped-down”, to break away from it is very difficult. It is enough to play just half an hour to feel how much tightens the study of endless mazes and battles with the evil spirits inhabiting them. In fact, fighting is one of the reasons why The Bard’s Tale 4 is so fascinated. The developers did not copy a fairly simple combat system of the original, and came up with a new one. It is built on action points. And if in other similar games, each character has an individual reserve of strength, then in Barrows Deep the points of the group are common, and you decide who, what and when does it in your turn. Because of this, it is necessary to plan actions even more carefully, especially in serious battles.

Additional problems are added by characters who use spells. They need another resource, points of magic, and the way the game treats them, is more like Magic: the Gathering than the usual RPG. The amount of magic is not constant: starting a fight, your mages are almost helpless, and they need to first accumulate magical power with the help of potions and meditation, and only then start throwing lightning. Sorcerers also linked to the common stock of action points, and the use of their abilities in fact will not release the player from the hassle of planning, but only adds to this system another layer.

If you do not have time to relax, it may happen that your warrior is out of place took advantage of the “road” AoE-ability, which is why the magician with the priest did not have the glasses to meditate, and the next move you start almost defenseless, as not prepared any serious damage or treatment. And such stories often end in tears.

The most powerful spells, as a rule, also require additional training, which takes at least a whole move, and during which the sorcerer can do nothing more. This also makes you think first, and then act
But, perhaps, the most unusual fighting mechanics here at bards. Normal spells they are not trained, but can sing magical songs, which also needs magic. That’s just earn it not by meditation or other spiritual practices, and with the help of alcohol. Swallowed in the battle of beer – can cover mates with a magic shield. Drank something stronger-earned even more magic and reduced all opponents for the whole course. The trick, as in real life, is not to overdo it. After all, the bard is not only filled with magical energy, but also gradually gets drunk, and if the number of points of intoxication exceeds the indicator of his intelligence, the singer will first receive a short-term bonus to strength, and then pass out until the end of the fight. In addition, to keep the bard on alert, you need to constantly monitor the supply of alcohol and time to replenish them.

Unexpectedly big role in Barrows Deep is played by puzzles. They are here just a huge amount – the average dungeon to solve puzzles spend at least no less time than the fight. Fortunately, the complexity of most puzzles is perfectly balanced, and they are very interesting – so it looks like it’s not as an obstacle, but as an additional entertainment. There are even stunning episodes, like the Watch tower-a fairly large location at the beginning of the game. Literally at the entrance you are offered to solve a musical puzzle with bells, which is then played in a completely new way on each new floor, creating a sense of a special integrity.

Almost any location in The Bard’s Tale 4 is full of hiding places and secrets, so you want to climb it all and look under every stone!
Of course, not all puzzles came out equally well. For example, constantly repeated puzzles with gears – a clear failure, because they are solved by simple brute force. Not a very successful idea with a special elven weapons. According to the authors, the player had to reveal his possibilities, solving puzzles, located directly on the weapon. But in the end, the imagination was enough for only a few varieties of problems, and among them were predictable “tag” – the most miserable and common puzzle in the world. Because of this, the improvement of weapons – one of the few situations in the Bard’s Tale 4, where most often you just want to quickly deal with the mystery and go on about their business.

Finally,the game also has a very flexible system of leveling. The same hero can develop in completely different ways: warrior to make unkillable “tank” or Vice versa to inject all the damage the mage to turn into a martial spells or Summoner. There are even classes, the existence of which at the beginning of the game you do not suspect, and which become available to characters later, if not lazy to perform additional quests.

Thanks to all this, in the Bard’s Tale 4 is really easy to disappear for a long time. She’s one of those games that you sit in the morning on the weekend, and then you look at the clock and find that it’s almost midnight. And we would be happy to put an end to this, but, alas, without a few serious problems has not done.

Ill-fated “tag”. If we could do without them, the game would be even better.
So, the talent of designers of The Bard’s Tale 4 nevertheless did not prevent them to mess up in, apparently, absolutely obvious things, like work with stock. Found good in the game develops into a common “backpack”, divided into several pages. Items come across a lot, no automatic sorting is not, so the inventory quickly turns into a garbage can. And even if you manually arrange the items as convenient, then after a while the problem will return. Why? It’s very simple – even if some object (say, a potion) is already in the inventory, but lies on the third page, and the first is free space, the new instances will fall exactly on the first page, where they must again manually drag and drop in the correct pile. Or put up with the constant mess, choose for yourself.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

But that’s not all. The Bard’s Tale 4 – a game with a lot of mistakes! Problems begin literally with the settings screen, because the game is broken full-screen mode-attempts to turn it on just led to a black screen, which is not saved even restart. To return the default options, you had to delete the folder in the Windows user directory. The list of problems can be continued for a long time: the game slows down even on very decent configurations, the map and minimap sometimes displays objects that are actually not there, and in the dialogues sometimes appear replicas that must be hidden until the interlocutor will not reveal additional information to you.Bard's Tale IV обзор

And this, oddly enough, is not a mistake ! In one of the locations you can really meet a levitating Goblin in a clown outfit. True, he’s already dead – but you can kick across the room.
There are not-so-funny situation. For example, once we moved from one location to another and found that all items were missing from the inventory. And another time stuck in the textures on a small patch, so much so thBard's Tale IV обзорat I had to load the save.

By itself, the Bard’s Tale 4 – a very good game, the authors of which took the best from the classic RPG 80’s and 90’s, and added new ideas. This is a real gift for all fans of the genre – both for veterans and for those who have never seen the original trilogy. Be sure to play a month or two – by this time bugs and other problems should be less.

Just Cause 4-we can only dream about peace

We  can only  dream about peace.First impressions of Just Cause 4: the farther into the forest, the more explosions.Just Cause 4 invites players to the huge island of Solis, located somewhere in South America. There are constant conflicts and natural disasters, and that’s where agent Rico Rodriguez is trying to find out the truth about his past. Do not forget wingsuit and hook, going on a trip to exotic lands.

The new game engine, used in Just Cause 4, allowed not only to show the beauty of the most dangerous natural disasters, but also gave the player the opportunity to use the element against enemies. A huge open world area of more than 100 square kilometers overflowing mercenaries high-tech army “Black Hand”, against which Rico must lead the soldiers of the uprising.

As usual, the hero is available to an extensive Arsenal and a wide range of equipment – cars, helicopters, jets and even construction equipment – all can be used to wreak havoc in the ranks of the enemy.

“We hope you will have fun,” Omar Shakir, the narrative Director of Just Cause 4, broadcasts with a smarmy baritone.

The announcement of Just Cause 4 this year caught many by surprise: after cool met the third series of return of Rico very few people waited. Especially as on a plot he, having finished at last with the murderer of the father, could retire. But no: it turns out that the point of this story is not yet delivered. So the hero pulls the wing-suit, grabs the cat-hook and heads for Solis island off the coast of Latin America.

It is ruled by an organization with the saying name “Black hand” — they have already appeared in the first and third parts of the series. In the fourth, Rodriguez will pay a visit to them personally: find out the details of the death of parents and learn about the mysterious project “IAPA”. With the help of the latter, enemies control the weather, controlling and creating natural disasters on their own whim.

It is impossible to take the plot seriously-too many fantastic assumptions that appeared as if straight from the fighters of the 80’s and early 90’s.the Fictional banana Republic, mandatory and obvious antagonists with a ruthless leader at the head, dialogues, clearly designed to cause a stingy tear-all this here in abundance.

Perhaps in any other game such stamps would not cause anything but irritation. But not in Just Cause.

When the hero is soaring above, then jumps on the walls, like Batman, serious drama can not wait. However, the whole Solis exists solely to become a sandbox in which the gamer will experiment with extreme weather conditions, crazy stunts and explosions. And just this part really works.

The beauty of destruction.

From the announcement Avalanche Studios promised that the main element of the game will be a modified hook-cat. No doubt, the promise was kept: now you can not only cling to the walls and cliffs or connect different objects with a rope. Rick is able to attract them to each other and even adjust the force with which the two colliding object fly apart.

Innovation number two-the gadget allows you to attach to the right things bundles of balloons that will lift it into the air. If you want-remove obstacles from the road, if you want-hang the car with balls and fly forward, towards destiny. If desired, nothing prevents even to adjust the takeoff height and response time (automatic or on command).

Finally, the third change-miniature jet engines. They are convenient to use to send some beautiful scenery closer to heaven. Or, by disabling the options in the explosion after fuel generation, to fasten on the Ferris wheel in the coastal town and make it rotate at space speed.

Add to all this a huge map with four main zones, each with its own characteristics. In the desert waiting for sandstorms in the mountains – severe blizzards and so on. And wingsuit, who migrated from triquel. And the main thing in Just Cause 4-the ability to combine elements with each other, coming up with exotic variations and finding unusual applications familiar mechanics.

As developers assure, there are already 4 million combinations of all elements. From such figures a little dizzy — potentially in search of new sensations you can spend, like, forever. Question one-is it worth it?

All inclusive

Первые впечатления от Just Cause 4


The main problem of many titles with the open world — they quickly become boring. Huge cards baffled: where to go now? Try something new or” finish ” the current location? And an incredible amount of mechanics quickly tiring: often, opening a couple of successful techniques, no longer want to experiment, because everything works like this. Have the authors of Just Cause 4 managed to avoid this trap?

Yes and no. This is clearly not a game that you want to explore for days and hours, as, say, beautiful in its laconic Shadow of the Colossus. The adventures of Rodriguez too superficial for such a thoughtful analysis. Here everything explodes, turns and loudly bangs, and sometimes it turns out really funny-but nothing more.

However, the staff of Avalanche Studios do not pretend to be something deep and say at once: it is necessary to start their fighter for several hours after you return from work after a hard day. So you can just have fun, finding new combinations of balloons, jet engines and cats. Raise a tank, motorcycle or truck. Catch the cat for the enemy and demolish it with a kick. Or just fly on a wingsuit over the picturesque jungle.

As such an easy entertainment Just Cause 4 works perfectly. She is like a Hollywood blockbuster: if you do not look too closely at the colorful scenery, a good time is guaranteed.

If you just want to relax-here it is, the island of Solis, where you will always be welcome and welcome. Pack your wingsuit and you will not regret.

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin. Dose of tenderness!

In NAIRI: Tower of Shirin there is a little big-eyed girl, a lot of talking cats, dogs and ducks. But do not be afraid, in this game you will not break from an excessive dose of tenderness — there are still ancient races and artifacts, insidious cultists and the coming Apocalypse. A little big-eyed girl loves to touch … skeletons.


The authors of NAIRI: Tower of Shirin really came up with a very interesting world in which people get along with various anthropomorphic animals, so all the way a girl named Nairi communicates with talking cats, dogs, ducks, bears, and accompanies her in the adventures of mouse Rex, who first pretended to be a smuggler, but turned out to be a scientist. What can I say if Nairi’s teacher and teacher was a raccoon?

However, all this entertaining Zoology should not confuse you. First, she well behind in tradition fantasy, for example in the, that did Hayao Miyazaki and his animation Studio Ghibli. Secondly, we have a really big, exciting and sometimes very touching adventure.

Nairi is the daughter of powerful parents who at some point fell out of favor for unknown reasons and were captured by the Royal guards. The girl managed to escape from the big city, where they lived, but in the wilderness fugitives caught a gang of cats. More precisely, seals. At first, they wanted to get a ransom for her to start a new life outside the desert. But the result is almost “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” — a girl and seals so close and became friends that Nairi was his among them, and the cats helped her, slightly changing the appearance, to return to the city to help parents.

There she met Rex, makes almost archaeological excavations, reveals the secrets of the title tower of Shirin, gets the knowledge of the ancients, learns to use the ability to see the past and learns a lot about its origin and purpose. It turns out Nairi is some sort of Herald of the coming Apocalypse, a storm that has to destroy everything. Naturally, we need to try and stop him.


In the process of Nairi again captured, this time to the cultists in masks who kidnap and brainwash the city’s inhabitants, again flees, commits breaking and entering, lead by the nose guards, met with leaders of the local gangs and experiencing many other adventures. From time to time even transferred back, and we can play for a very small Nairi, to see how she lived before these events.

And all this is accompanied not only by quite serious, adult dangers, but also touching stories of friendship with various animals and good humor. For example, Rex notes that, exploring the ancient catacombs, Nairi and strives to touch another dusty skeleton in search of something useful. He begins to worry about this, but next time, slyly smiled at him, the girl shouting “Time to touch!”rushes to another skeleton…

Drawn game perfectly, and the story is accompanied by such screensavers here.

Quest with a human face.

In the gameplay NAIRI: Tower of Shirin mixed purely “casual” hidden object, when we, for example, are looking for hidden toys little Nairi; and classic point’n’click-exercises, when we collect the right things and use them correctly; and puzzles, in which you need to write on a piece of paper different characters, and then in the correct sequence to activate them to open the desired passage.


And another girl, as I said, can see the past — with the help of the amulet left by her mother. So, in room with skeleton (Yes, again!), applying the medallion on special crystals, she will see a living character, talk to him and find out that he was hiding behind his mantle the key we need-and, to the horror of Rex, again climb to feel the old bones…

Despite the presence in the game of many talking animals, the logic in most cases there is quite distinct and human, albeit adjusted for a slight irony. If there is a knife in the inventory, and a rope on the screen, Nairi will cut it, even if it will lead to a loud fall of the chandelier in the tavern and a heart attack of its owner. If you need to put together a broken stone key, and in the inventory is a Bank with something sticky and sweet, the girl is sure to dip parts of the key in the paste, using it as glue. And so on. Everything is logical and clear, and the inventory is never overloaded with a bunch of items.

So play NAIRI: Tower of Shirin very nice. Here you almost never feel that the process is primitive. The authors of the well-kept balance between difficulty and “casual”. Except that sometimes the active points for some reason not marked, and you have to guess that with the switch you can interact, but here, under the window, drill a hole.

Some ancient artifacts allow you to interact with different elements — for example, with water.

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin — almost the best point’n’click-quest in recent years. Under the guise of a colorful and wonderfully drawn game about a girl and cats here hides a large and varied adventure about the end of the world. Sometimes ironic, sometimes serious and sad, but always very interesting.

Pros: exciting, full of adventure story, colorful characters, interesting and logical puzzles, nice looking picture, great music.

Cons: in some places there is too much pixel-hunting, and the active points are not highlighted.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy- back to childhood.

Spyro the Dragon is very different from the rest of the collection of games content: the plot is absent in it almost completely, no extra characters there, very little dialogue. The idea is simple: the villain was offended by the whole world and turned almost a hundred dragons into statues, and Spyro need to help relatives and defeat the enemy.

Magicians, artists, scientists, and bodybuilders — anything you want!

To do this, our scaly hero will visit several major regions, each of which has a gate to the neighboring zone. You save dragons, collect the precious stones scattered here and there or lying in chests, and also from time to time you chase the thieves who are strong holding dragon eggs in hands. Up until the finale, no videos will be made, no new character will appear. This is just a “gathering”, where Spyro does not even acquire new skills — visiting for the first time any region, you are guaranteed to be able to find everything in it immediately and save everyone. Sometimes fairies enhance fire-breathing dragon or increase the damage from hitting his head, but this “blessing” is valid only for a few seconds.

Маги, художники, ученые, бодибилдеры — каких только драконов тут нет

To do all this is quite exciting, but about the middle of the process begins to get a little bored. No puzzles, no, no special episodes. The only thing that stands out from the standard levels is the moments with the flights, when Spyro in the allotted time to slip through the rings hanging in the air, destroy the boats and trains or light the lamp. It is a pity, management in them inconvenient-not only that movements of the camera are inverted (and it cannot be changed), so also in case of a miss it is possible to restart level at once because differently the remained time won’t suffice. The same boats destroy fire sometimes difficult: it is necessary not only to get into them, but not to drown in the water, because it will lead to failure.

In the first part of the Spyro generally difficult relationship with the water element — he swims about the same as Tommy Vercetti or John Marston. In the sequel, subtitled Ripto’s Rage, he suddenly learned to swim, and absurdly die in the river or lake was impossible. That’s just a dragon dive at the beginning of the passage does not know how — unlike Spyro the Dragon, the sequel appeared pumping for gems. Special trader and with platforms ready to help you get to the next zone, and will teach you how to swim. Therefore, some locations can not be cleaned at the first visit — climb the stairs, for example, Spyro will start closer to the middle of the game, and they will appear at an early level.


Spyro is such a capable student that he doesn’t even need masks and scuba gear.

This is just one of the many changes that make Spyro 2 feel much more diverse and interesting predecessor with the same duration. In all areas there are various tests, decorated in the form of mini-games. It is necessary to take part in a hockey duel and score a few goals in the opponent’s goal, then prevent the turtles from becoming turtle soup. Videos and dialogues became much more — on locations it is possible to meet not only opponents, but also the friendly heroes giving small orders or explaining opportunities of Spyro.

Спайро настолько способный ученик, что даже не нуждается в масках и аквалангах

Of the opponents more stones do not get enough sleep — they need to win to activate the special gates or amplifiers. At repeated passing of levels it sometimes disturbs-there is a wish to reach at once to the necessary place, but it is necessary to destroy 15 monsters on the way. However, Toys for Bob has paid so much attention to the animation that it is impossible without laughter to watch how funny fly away in the direction of the Buffalo and what faces react to the blows of space cows. In all three games, the grass on the ground lights up when Spyro exhales fire, and the metal surfaces begin to blush and cool down after a moment — it’s really high-quality modern versions of the old games, after which the originals look very simple.

The third part, Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, would have won the love of the public, even if it debuted this year. This is almost an exemplary adventure in which Insomniac Games finally realized what elements in the first two games were winning, and from which it is desirable to get rid of. The final part of the trilogy offers a variety of locations in the history of the series with a very fun mini-games — in one of them Spyro need to stand on a Board for skateboarding and perform tricks, catching some flying freaks. Such episodes are unlikely to be remembered for a long time, but they are so fascinating that there is simply no time to be bored. It is a pity that this game will take ten hours (with all the achievements).

Without Spyro inhabitants of the worlds can not deal  with the problems.

The plot component paid even more attention-Spyro again need to save the dragons, but not large, as in the first part, and the cubs that hatch from stolen eggs enemies. Charismatic characters, videos in the style of disney cartoons, funny dialogues and comic situations — all this is enough. Time flies by, so wonderful and bright game turned out, and the remake has not lost this charm. Despite the, that the final part of trilogy by many is considered better, start familiarity with a series of better not with it — after the third the rest seem not such interesting, although they, too, in its own way are good.

Another innovation in the Year of the Dragon was the ability to control other characters. For example, at the very beginning of Spyro free kangaroo, which can not fly, but very high jumping and flopping to the ground, destroying the iron boxes with jewelry. The ability to ride on different vehicles also plays out in the gameplay — which is at least a fight with a submarine in the form of a shark. The game throws surprises one after another-if in the first part you know about what to expect from the next zone, then anything can happen in the trikvele.

Без Спайро обитателям миров никак не справиться с проблемами

In General, all three Spyro fly before your eyes like bright patterns in a kaleidoscope: after completing the first part, immediately go to the second, and after it can not wait to start the third. To make it easier for the new audience to complete the locations by 100 %, a menu was added to the remake, through which you can quickly start any level. From the last location you can teleport to the first, not doing a long search for the right gate. This is especially useful in the last two games — once you have learned a new technique or released a character, nothing prevents immediately return to the old zone and finish all their business there.

In the first part there was no one to communicate with, but then the heroes became much more.

В первой части общаться было не с кем, зато потом героев стало намного больше

However, it is still difficult to get rid of the feeling that sometimes the game should be a little better. To control under water is very difficult to get used to-Spyro accelerates only when you click on the” square”, and the rotation of the camera is the left stick, not the right, as on land. Plus, the character continues to move after a stop, which is why it is sometimes difficult to break vases with jewelry. Such minor flaws do not spoil the impression, but the trilogy would have done fine without them.

But this is a delicate matter, and there is always the possibility that the changes will cause discontent among longtime Spyro fans. In the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, meticulous fans have even discovered the altered physics of jumping!

And so-and veterans happy that they no longer have to imagine in my head all these beauties, and the new generation will be able to enjoy these wonderful adventures. The first part is still weaker than the others, so it is worth starting with it, and after that it will be difficult to break away — until you earn all the achievements, you will not calm down. It is hoped that Activision will give the nod to new games about Crash and Spyro, because the reissue turned out fine.



-beautiful graphics, during the first PlayStation of this could only dream of;

-nice gameplay with a comfortable (in most situations) is running;

-great soundtrack-music speeds up when Spyro accelerates;

-the second and third parts are not outdated in terms of gameplay.


-the first Spyro is a bit archaic and can get bored towards the end;

-lacks some improvements like more convenient flights and simple movement under water.


Wonderful remakes, which are definitely worth paying attention to and fans of Spyro, and beginners who have long wanted to know why this dragon is so popular.

Unravel 2- sweet game

Unravel Two can hardly be called a continuation, it is more like an offshoot or a major addition — so little new in it. And from it and the old somewhere disappeared: what made the first part of the unique game, no more, but there is a cooperative mode, which is either annoying or does not work. At the same time, it is still a very good story on the adventures of knitted creatures — the story sweeter is difficult to imagine. It all looks like Electronic Arts a couple of months before E3 demanded that Coldwood Interactive finish the sequel as soon as possible to release it right during the conference. And in such a short period of time the creators did a great job in order to create a cozy atmosphere, but did not have time to deal with the gameplay.Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 1

However, Unravel Two does not immediately give their problems. The first level looks as amazing as any location from the last part — bright, colorful and with a lot of small details. Except that now two of Yarni — true, at the touch of a button two braided men can be linked to one that was easier to play alone.

Fun characters jumping, clinging thread for the special hooks, set developers, swinging with the help of the wisps to fly up to somewhere high, in the same way draw the items — that is, everything in the first game. Only now Yarni all make together, constantly helping each other.


When in the first hour you see what puzzles came up with the authors under the joint passage, rightly expect that the next level will always be new mechanics, and the main characters eventually learn other tricks. However, neither in an hour, nor in two, nor in ten Unravel offers anything new: it uses the same mechanics of swinging on a thread EVERY five minutes to the final.

I’m not kidding: 90% of all mysteries in Unravel Two can be solved by swinging on a string. The best is when you get to some complex designs, a mechanism with many gears, or plot in a dense forest with dozens of platforms — and it turns out that thinking is also not necessary, just shake and jump.Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 2

Yes, there is still 10% of puzzles-they do not need to swing. There using the same thread or should be attracted to any branch, or build a bridge, and yet — and this is the coolest Unravel Two — do not hammer on the threads and hop part of the level without touching the ground. Yeah, like Super Meat Boy and Celeste. Only one problem — such episodes occur only in the fifth Chapter, which is almost entirely one pass, that is related of the two heroes character. Why the hell then it was necessary to build a cooperative, if you are best at it is a single platformer?

Cooperative  is generally a separate conversation. After the cooperative A Way Out, where each player is constantly involved in what is happening, and the responsibilities were divided so that the play was interesting to all, on Unravel Two painful to watch. There are always situations when one character does everything, and the other-nothing. More often the fate of the first Yarni — just stand there and keep a thread on which to swing the second knitted man. The desire to take seriously the local cooperative finally disappears when you realize that in some places one of the characters can solve the puzzle alone and climb up, and then just pull up a friend with a piece of yarn.

However, the cooperative only completes this parade of sadness, but not becoming a major problem. It’s a shame that Unravel Two works worse than the last game. From the second part for some reason removed the chip with the skeins scattered on the level, that is, the heroes now do not need to collect additional threads — the yarn from which their bodies are composed, will not end, even if they stretch a million knitted bridges. The need to constantly monitor the number of threads not only made the original gameplay more interesting, but also gave the story Yarni additional depth.

In addition, in the sequel, the heroes somehow forgot how to climb up, clinging to the ledge. Well, that is now impossible to jump to cling to the edge of the stump and climb on it. How then? Swinging on a string, of course!

Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 3

And the sentence for any platformer is almost the complete absence of flow. This word denotes a feeling that occurs in perfectly fine-tuned mechanics-when the character jumps on the platforms, as if rushing along the river, without stopping. If he stumbles, the level can usually be started again.

So work, for example, the same Super Meat Boy and Celeste or Ori and the Blind Forest and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This is NOT how Unravel Two works, because the characters in it do not constantly fly, miss the right ledge, fall down in the middle of a multi — storey platforming-and this is most annoying. Sometimes even that Yarni fall into the abyss, but can not get out of it until they die. Outstanding game design.

Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 4

From all that is written above, we can conclude that Unravel Two — disgusting game. In moments Yes, but not in everything. As I noticed in the beginning, Coldwood coped with the creation of an attractive fairy-tale atmosphere perfectly. It’s still a very cute game, telling a good story about love and how important it is to help each other. In addition, the sequel to Unravel looks amazing: I’m sure that most of the effort was spent to draw live scenery and fill them with a billion small details.

At the same time the second part of Unravel has become much darker, it is no longer found Sunny snow-covered locations. Most often, the characters will travel through the dark forests, dirty factories and abandoned villages, in heavy rain or during a thunderstorm.

Рецензия на Unravel Two, Unravel 2, Electronic Arts, E3 | Канобу - Изображение 6

And in Unravel Two is full of really difficult tests, which can be reached from the lighthouse — it plays the role of a hub, where the main characters move through the levels. These tests — perhaps the only reason why you decide to go through the game again.

Crew 2 – just try it!

In the Crew 2, the authors finally abandoned everything that they did not like — from the plot, for example, which in the race about everything-everything-really does not matter. No more fuss with the riders and the FBI from the last game — only vast America, the sports capital of the world. Apparently, in the literal sense: in the U.S. version of the Ivory Tower has long been no police and pedestrians, though sometimes on the street, but it is in vain do it because there are constantly racing. And every athlete is fighting furiously for followers, because the more of them, the higher the level of the rider, the steeper the race in which he can participate, and the more expensive the car.

There are no barriers in this world — all America is in front of you, bigger and more detailed than in the first part. There is not even logic, and if the Crew 2 snow falls, it applies to the whole country — and California, and Miami, and sanded deserts. Yeah, it snows over the sand. In this sense, Ivory Tower seems to have created its own universe, working according to its own rules, so it makes no sense to be surprised by all these conventions like snow or trampolines placed everywhere. Yes this and not conventions at all, and especially.

In General, in the Crew 2 there are only impressive distances, competitions and, according to the authors, the sea of fan. At the same time we are talking not only about cars, but also boats and airplanes/helicopters. So the competition is not limited to the usual street racing and off-road races in the forests and fields. In addition, there is motocross, and rally, and a long race on “Harleys”, drift, and drag, and racing on supercars on special tracks, and flying on planes over all the major cities, and endless stunts in monster trucks, and competitions on high-speed boats on the rivers and in the sea.

Play the Crew 2 for a long time does not get bored — this is its main advantage. At least this moment Ivory Tower managed to work on the full, so the sequel for a dozen hours — or even more-throws something new. Tired of street racing through the streets of new York? Here’s a swim along the coast of Miami. Enrage flying in the face spray? Please, fly under the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco. No? Then here’s the drift in the port, the arena with jumps for Bigfoot, drag on the night of Los Angeles and another billion total.

And these competitions are served gradually, so somewhere at the fifth hour it seems that new types of races in the Crew 2 do not stop appearing. They really do not stop for a long time, and often you can not turn off the game, because here’s something new, and here are five unfamiliar icons, but the next level and even more races, cars, boats and planes.Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 1

In the Crew 2 really feel freedom-and not only in the movement of the States or the choice of races. The developers do not limit the change of vehicles: you can accelerate on the highway to the Ford Mustang, immediately switch to the “corn”, fly over new York and happily flop on the Hudson, in the air, changing the plane to the boat. Even the speed will not lose-so the Crew 2 arcade.

However, we all understand that you can not just go and make a race with so much content, and that everything else in it, too, was great. And I’m not talking about physics – in the first part it really was very so-so, but in the sequel does not cause problems. Seriously: ride, swim and fly in The Crew 2 is nice. Maybe not all cars, boats and planes will be comfortable for you, but among the variety of equipment you will be able to find something for yourself without any problems.

Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 3

Sports cars, as in the last game, it is quite difficult to put into a skid (if we do not talk about drift, where drifts are obtained by themselves), but the more expensive cars enter the turns easily. I have a serious problem and hatred caused only racing monster trucks — those huge things absolutely impossible to deploy, and when they jump through jump, after landing, often throws anywhere, but not on the track.

But the coolest thing is to fly and swim. The physics of aircraft in General is as far as possible from real life — they instantly take off and do not lose speed, even when the wing is collected several pillars of lighting. With boats things harder-say, there is a difference between racing in the sea, where the boat rides briskly on the waves, and on the rivers. But in General, Yes, The Crew 2 is not even trying to claim credibility, although the game does not get worse.

In the Crew 2 some inhuman number of cars, boats and planes. At the same time, money is rarely lacking — for the victory give a lot of credit. In the end, you can always buy something for real (but better not).

The problem is different: because of the amount of content and the scale of the world, the authors had to cut the schedule — as in Test Drive Unlimited and the first the Crew. I genuinely don’t understand why Ivory Tower does this over and over again, but as a result, potentially good arcade racing at it turns into some sort of visual nightmare.


In the Crew 2 cities are studded with boxes, covered with muddy textures, forests and swamps consist of the same blocks, and pedestrians, traffic and scenery sometimes appear a couple of meters from your car. And okay, when it does not particularly affect anything, but on a normal PS4, say, often there are situations when you do not see until the last moment a springboard in the race on boats — it occurs unexpectedly. And in rally races it is not always clear that there in the distance — a flimsy fence or a bunch of logs, which is sure to slow down the buggy.

You can break the car, but the gameplay is generally not affected.

Рецензия на The Crew 2, игру от авторов Test Drive Unlimited  | Канобу - Изображение 5

Although the technique is clearly spent much more effort: the car looks much better than those that were in the last game, and boats, motorcycles and airplanes… well, fine.

Still some trouble at the Crew 2 with AI. With computer opponents to compete or incredibly boring, or unbearably difficult — here as lucky. In the first case, they immediately lag behind and weave the whole race behind, and in the second, several opponents immediately go to the point, and you will never catch up with them. It happens that the AI will go far ahead, and then obviously slow down and wait for you to create the illusion of struggle. This problem is somehow able to solve except that the cooperative – together with friends to play much more fun.


Racing dreams from the Ivory Tower once again failed, but The Crew just 2 of the closest games Studio has selected for this formulation. As for me, this team now has only two options — or continue to create such huge games in the hope that the level of technology will be appropriate (and the money at the same time enough for everything), or stop it all and make an amazing, but compact race. And then, and another Ivory Tower under force.

World of Warcraft: addition Battle for Azeroth

There always  was tension between the Alliance and the Horde — even in times of peace, when everyone United against some ultimate enemy. Old wars are hard to forget, so as soon as The burning Legion was defeated, the conflict broke out again.


Many fans took the addition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth with skepticism. After all, what could be bigger and steeper than the war with the army of Sargeras, a war with a monstrous threat to all life? Legion addition raised the bar to some absolutely impossible height, returning bored in Warlords of Draenor players back.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 1

And in the new addon, the authors again push their foreheads two familiar factions … No, sometimes it’s nice to go back to where it all began, but now it is not up to the level of past conflicts. In addition, almost all the innovations of the “Battle of Azeroth” look like recycled mechanics from previous Addons. But even this would not cause questions if the developers did everything carefully.



The events of Battle for Azeroth begin immediately after the end of Legion. Sargeras thrust a giant sword into a planet that turned out to be an ancient Titan. Not that it’s a surprise, especially for someone who knows about Laura, but the idea that your world is alive is fascinating.

In General, this world was injured started to die, bleeding mineral blood, solidifying in the form of azerit — specific resource that endows living beings unprecedented power. And two factions, the Alliance and the Horde, clung to each other’s throats for a valuable mineral.

The azerite itself is a kind of energy carrier that can be placed in a special necklace that feeds the armor. Armor, however, also need special, azerite. In Battle for Azeroth, they replaced the boring artifacts, from which the armor, however, is not fundamentally different. Accumulating azerit, you can unlock new abilities — whether it is a periodic inclusion of a shield or extra feature in the skill. Frankly useless among these skills a little, and if you make a mistake with the build, you will not feel much.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 2

Variations with armor much less than with artifacts, but more armor — and now you do not have to run with one gun the whole game. But to be like without a beautiful weapon that will not prevent you to transmogrify any sharpening in the same legendary Incinerator. There is good news: azerit really a lot, give it for completing quests, killing legendary creatures and completing dungeons.

In General, in the current state of the Battle for Azeroth, you do not have to spend a lot of time.

The main task — to find the lost fleet, along the way, having dealt with the petty squabbles of local residents. Agree, after the fight against the threat of planetary scale sounds like something quite modest. At the same time, a significant amount of time the factions will be divorced on their Islands, only occasionally colliding.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 3


At some point, you will be sent to create advanced bases on the enemy island, and here finally begin interesting. Perform quests enemy faction, alas, will not work, but you will have your own — with reconnaissance, sabotage, preparation of a springboard for the future grinder. In addition, it is on the enemy island will be available world quests, as in Legion.

But there is one big “but”. To complete the chain of the military campaign have pretty farm some creeps reputation. There would be nothing wrong with that if you didn’t have to do just that at some point, and pretty soon. The story campaign can be slowly passed for a week and a half and then either have fun, stuffing reputation, or not to get out of the dungeons.

It seems that the creation of everything related to the Alliance in Battle for Azeroth, just sabotaged, otherwise how to explain that even the location of the Horde look cooler? Necropolis, jungle with giant dinosaurs, desert with a hundred-meter lightning rod in the form of a snake. In Kul’tiras, too, there are several intriguing places, but mostly mountains and plains, where there is nothing but grass and rare trees. Perhaps it is a matter of taste, but the campaign really look unequal in quality.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 7

The Alliance is that the capital was more fortunate. Boralus the main town Kultiras much more comfortable than the pyramids Zandalar. But designers with the convenience of movement is not particularly bother, apparently, so you have to cheat.

Well at least that on each island three different locations. They can be visited in any order and if you get tired of one, you can move to another place.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 4

Pumped up and quests. They’re still beautifully written, but they’re usually tied to mundane errands like “kill ten boars.”

Full-scale war will begin with the advent of Warfronts. While the fronts are not available, and it leaves a mark on the perception of the game right now. In fact, the prologue of the future battle-the only thing you can do in the game today.

Despite all the above, still be able to fight now — thanks to War Mode.  So you subscribe to the fact that you can kill absolutely anywhere, but in return get access to several individual talents and +10% to the experience during pumping. Of course, you can also kill anyone who walks under the wrong flag. And if your island is relatively safe, here on the enemy’s life will turn into a real spy game. We’ll have to run very carefully, so as not to catch the eye of thРецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 6e enemy.


It feels a lot like WoW , where you could have been killed anywhere outside of Shattrath. A sense of danger and the need to turn around ten times more often and constantly monitor the situation — probably the best thing that was and is in the game. The important thing is that you can enable and disable PvP at will, but only in the capitals.

There is also a regime of island expeditions. In it you are sent to the lost island in the ocean, where you need to compete with other players in the collection of azerite. Played about as boring as it sounds. All mode seems hastily done, procedurally generated Islands seem monotonous, the local opponents too. It came to a funny: the ship on which you return to the port after the expedition, just no ladder. Maybe it’s only the Alliance And only in one case, but still says a lot.

Рецензия на World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth | Канобу - Изображение 5

Battle for Azeroth looks like a logical addition, but it turned out to be ambiguous. It turned out that sometimes it is not enough just to cram in the addon “all the best” that was in the game before.

Now I can estimate Battle for Azeroth only on seven points, but the Warfronts mode isn’t started yet — to speak about a final assessment early.

PES! Pro Evolution soccer-success or fail???

The last parts of Pro Evolution Soccer were built around fast-paced football. It was fun, but the depth of the gameplay was not enough: the picture of the game from match to match was similar and soon bored. In Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 the opposite is true: the new release has added a lot of flexibility in building your team’s game. Tactical geeks will fall in love with PES 19. The pace of matches has slightly decreased, and the foreground in PES 19 goes combinational style in the spirit of the Spanish team. Total control of the ball, a lot of transfers forward and across, one-touch game, walls, triangles on the flanks, the active use of extreme defenders in the attack and the search for players between the lines. But this is only the Foundation. On the whole this basis, the PES 19 is screwed an extensive tactical tools better customize the game making it less predictable.

Tactical settings in PES have always been, but now they make sense: the gameplay haРецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 1s become deeper and, therefore, opened space for tactical maneuvers.

Options for the organization of the game your team a lot: setting the distance between the players; raise, lower the defensive line; set the compactness of the location. All this directly affects the course of the match: somewhere rose too high-the opponent will punish long balls, throwing the ball behind the defenders. Failed to comply with the desired compactness, and the slope has gone control of the ball. Played in aggressive pressure-bared a lot of free zones for the enemy. In PES 19 you naturally feel your team and see what adjustments will help it to become better.

You can improve your team in PES 19 almost indefinitely.

For example, you play against rival with a tight midfield — you do not have enough extra football player in the center of the field to draw the ball. In this case, you can assign a false nine, and your Central striker will fall below, helping the team to control the ball. In another match, you can break the opponent’s width, giving the installation of fullbacks constantly includedРецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 4 in the attack on the flags.


By the way, the active use of extreme defenders goes well with the installation to play the ball on the flank. You can play your favorite technique Manchester city: pas on one side, pulling the opponent’s players in this area, and a sharp transfer of the ball to the next flank, where your connected fullback is already eager to burn the vacant space. In short, all these tricks in PES 19 really work and you need to use them.

Among the legendary players in PES 19 there are new players, including David Beckham

Рецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 2

The Eclipse can cover your players in any game situation. Sometimes, players stupidly refuse to react to the ball, passing it by themselves, and someone takes a vacation directly on the field and does not connect to the attack. Sometimes players just bump into each other, especially in narrow spaces.
Sometimes the simplest situations turn into a complete nightmare just because the defender turns off the game and does not react to anything. In General, after such antics you just have to burn in the fire.

Sometimes brings and management: the pass will not go exactly where you sent it, the game will switch to the wrong player. In General, these two problems will follow PES for a long time! The rest of the office feels good. Take at least the feeling of the ball-I have already talked about it in the first impressions. In short: in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 it is very nice to roll the ball-you can feel its weight and the way it rolls on the lawn. Tactile all this is perceived very cool.

Рецензия на Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 | Канобу - Изображение 3

Still want to pay attention to the individualization of players. In PES, unlike FIFA, the difference in class between players was insignificant. Yes, someone faster, someone-slower, but each about the same pass, took and handled the ball.

However, you expect more from the modes of PES 19. Alas, everything is poor and almost unchanged. Talk about tiny innovations do not even make sense.

In career mode, all the same. The main change is the new options in the contract when you sign newbies. While in FIFA you meet with these coaches in his office talking with the dialog wheel, the PES 19 you throw in the inconvenient menu, with horrible fonts.

Game-service is not about PES 19. Scale is not enough. New PES-only about the gameplay: – good and addictive. The latest issue of Japanese game definitely pass by players, for whom play role things like surroundings, these emblems and forms of clubs. Well, for those who came football-welcome to Pro Evolution Soccer 2019!

NBA 2K19 create “the holiday spirit “

What is a basketball game for a real admires  and a fan? The holiday of course! The developers of NBA 2K19 perfectly understood this and therefore did everything to set the right — “the holiday spirit” — mood. The bleachers explode if a favorite team breaks forward, and disapprovingly buzz if one of the players misses. Basketball players constantly shout something to each other, demand to give them a pass, commentators don’t stop for a second, girls from support group jump somewhere in the background, the mascot gets the audience-everything as it is necessary, is shorter. Bright screams, the sound of the ball on the cover, screams and a ringing siren, marking the end of the match-all this stuns so much that you forget about the gameplay changes. Them,if compared with the last game of the series, not so much, but NBA 2K has never been rapid in development.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 6

In NBA 2K19 decreased the overall pace of matches and there are more techniques to deal with the enemy. It got to the point that it is now easier to score the ball with a three-point than to go through the defenders to the ring. They immediately react to what is happening and rarely leave open areas on the site.

In this gameplay viscosity there is nothing bad, especially since it became… more convenient to play. In 2K19, for example, we returned the display of the timing of the shots from under the ring, which was sorely lacking in the last game. It was impossible to determine the strength of the throw and understand why the player missed. With the timer, these problems do not exist, because you know exactly when to release the throw button.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 2

However, more convenient does not mean easier. And in the new game is ready not only to the fact that you decide to break through to the ring, but in general to all your maneuvers — do not even hope to deceive him. In addition, the computer successfully conducts almost all free throws, rarely fails in defense and well plays the ball in the attack. Previously, it was possible to accelerate and push any defender, but now try to get to the penalty is useless. The opponent will do everything possible to make you lose the ball-will push you away from the penalty area, block throws and grab the wrist.

The game teaches teamwork and punishes  for selfishness. “Watch your teammates and pass more often,” she says. It is better to give the ball than to lose it in an attempt to break through the defense — passes are now much easier. You can also take the lost ball back, but you have to learn how to do it first. 2K19 in General began to rely more on your skills, which will undoubtedly please long-time fans and a little upset those who wanted to join the series of the best basketball simulators this year.

 If you want a good athlete threw a three-pointer, choose a archetype Point Guard and 3PT shooting skill. And for outstanding ball control is responsible Ball Control-and so on.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 7

To collect a universal basketball player will not work: someone one will play well under the ring, the other-to throw three-point, the third to put blockshots. And do not forget about the indicator of endurance, because to spend ten feints in a short period of time and save strength will not work.

All this is a matter of balance, which became especially important when the authors of the series began to pay great attention to online.


MyTeam mode grows with each game and becomes more important-there are new ways to get a team of famous players. To add James Harden or, say, Kyrie Irving with a rating of 90 and above, you can win matches against bots or players, and perform certain tasks like “score five three-point per match” or “make five blockshots.”

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 5

Although to maintain a competitive composition without the infusion of real money is almost impossible. The composition of the NBA star players quickly depreciates, which makes buying packs for real money or endlessly farm in-game points. I spent about twenty matches and managed to open only two packs, in which I got players with ratings 76 and 79. No one forbids to sit on the base cards, but do not be surprised that players with a rating of 70+ will get into the basket only on major holidays.

We also have to look for opponents for ten minutes, and on the court to play with a three-second delay. In General, it is normal to play NBA 2K19 right now is very difficult, although the game itself does not make it worse — the question is in remote servers.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 8

The main character falls on the draft of the National Basketball Association and gets into the Chinese championship, and then — in the unknown club Mad Ants from the NBA development League. That is, this is a typical story of an athlete who came to success from the bottom, but there are moments. Episode at a County fair, where the future basketball star wins for girl’s plush elephant, or yard match with the village boys, on the background of sheds and pieces of wheat — here are the highlights. On a setup with arson as a result of poorly running of the firecracker, the flight of the team’s new success and the contract with the NBA club.

Activities and after a career in NBA 2k19 enough. Take at least the Neighborhood Park — a local social platform. It’s a real Park, no kidding. Dynamic change of day and night, boxes in the yard, shops, hairdressers and even a gym — a suitable space for those who want to spend more time in your favorite game and chat with the same as he himself. There you can play dodgeball, score a beautiful ball with a jump on the trampoline, pull dumbbells and run on the treadmill, pumping skills.

Рецензия на NBA 2K19 | Канобу - Изображение 3

Yes, there is still enough content for entertainment. The story and online is one thing, but there are individual regular season matches and the playoffs. Still a workout where you can practice throws and feints in different game situations. Or here is the General Manager mode, in which you have to follow the expectations of the club owner, communicate a lot with the players and the press, keep within the budget, turn transfers and monitor the status of the team. In General, 2K19 hardly limits you in anything.

Yakuza Kiwami 2- “dragon-like”

A year ago, Kazuma was led by the will of circumstances by the largest Yakuza clan in Tokyo. Deciding that this life is not for him, he gave the clan a trusted man and retired — but when his protégé shot in front of his eyes, Kiryu falls the burden of responsibility. The clan is falling apart, bringing the police and the mafia, the brewing war with the more powerful criminal organization from Osaka, and one of its leaders and is eager to duel with Kiryu in a life-and-death: and because that, and another back tattoo of a dragon, and the dragon can be only one. In Japan, the Yakuza series is called Ryu ga Gotoku — “dragon-Like” !

Рецензия на Yakuza Kiwami 2 | Канобу - Изображение 1

The plot of Yakuza 2 begins very cheerfully and does not let go until the very end. At the end of the first part of Kazuma became the head of the clan — and then in a comical scene abandoned their duties, transferring the organization into the hands of a comrade. In the second part, he has to deal with the consequences of his irresponsible decision: to find another head of the clan, to deal with the split within the organization and to settle the conflict with the Yakuza from Osaka — on the one hand, they are stronger, on the other — they killed the successor to Cyrus. In Osaka, it turns out that in the great Alliance Omi reigns discord, and the main trouble-maker, he Informed his son of the head. Ryūji going in that whatever was to ignite a war between Tokyo and Osaka, between East and West, and leave her the sole winner. However in Omi there is and other Yakuza, ready to act far more cunning methods, than straightforward Ryuji.

And one confrontation between the two clans is not limited to: it comes and the Korean mafia, ruthlessly cracking down on all their enemies, and the police —one  detective also does not want a bloody war  and takes care of Kiryu. They make a great couple: a former gangster, who spent the best years of his life in prison and lost everything he had, immediately after his release, and a Yakuza hunter, ready to use his official powers for his own good, and to neglect them — after all, and she has her own aspirations and motives. It is a pity that more in the series will not meet as a wonderful partner for Kiryu!

Alas, for all its fascination, the plot will fail greatly in the final, when the plot turns begin to fall one after another, behind which it is impossible to disassemble neither the motivation of the characters, nor their ways of achieving goals. The decoupling writer, alas, too clever by half.

But sidquests all right: a lot of them, and some of them are funny.Рецензия на Yakuza Kiwami 2 | Канобу - Изображение 4


Remake lost a little side quests and music tracks, but otherwise only acquired: it looks and plays great.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 was created on the Dragon Engine, the engine of the sixth part. It was noticeably improved: if the transition from the fifth to the sixth release was very painful in view of the dramatic changes in the combat system and even in the appearance of the characters, then take a step from Kiwami to Kiwami 2 is much easier — just forget about four different styles of combat! But, unlike the sixth part, there are quite a few easy to perform super arts, Kiryu always a buttload of weapons, and ragdoll animation of defeated enemies is not so often buggy.

Yakuza in its structure is more like a JRPG (long cutscenes, random battles, a lot of NPC with or without sidequests), and the combat system — beat’em up (emphasis on melee, a wide range of strikes and captures, a lot of bladed weapons and spectacular finishing). The peculiarity of the new engine is that now, as in the sixth part, battles can take place anywhere, even in eateries or shops. Travel through virtual Tokyo and Osaka is now virtually unlimited.

Рецензия на Yakuza Kiwami 2 | Канобу - Изображение 5

Fighting here is fun, especially if you have already played the sixth part and understand how the combat system, where physics plays an important role. Felt the power of each hit, the enemies fly around followed by flies accidentally touched a parked bike. Fight really and does not get bored, despite the considerable duration of the game: random street fights are fleeting, and against the bosses it is to use the entire range of trained counterattacks and the accumulated Arsenal of weapons. However, the most fun-to make friends with the townspeople thanks to sidequests, so they then came to the rescue in battle.

And, of course, will not go away mini-games that you will not be forced to play, but that always give the opportunity to experience the setting as much as possible: here and Mahjong, and Shogi, and Golf, and basebal. This time we did without fishing, but Kiwami 2 has new content — big mini-games from Yakuza 0 (about hostesses) and Yakuza 6 (about clan wars). In the first case, Kiryu managed by the host club, choosing a suitable companion every visitor to the client and assisting them in the maintenance process, in the second — in command of a small squad of builders, to defend their area from the bandits in a cross between tower defense and RTS. Both are independent long side campaigns for several hours with cut scenes and side quests.

A separate campaign in Kiwami 2 and got the audience’s favorite Goro Majima. It does not have random battles or pumping, only three chapters telling about how he returned to Osaka — a kind of epilogue of his story arch of Yakuza 0.Рецензия на Yakuza Kiwami 2 | Канобу - Изображение 6


From Kiwami 2 compared to the original second part of the missing little content, but it is nothing compared to all that the game has acquired.

This game  is perfect for those who at one time was Yakuza 2, and those who all this time waited for the remake.

Seems it will be  last part of a series of crime dramas about the noble gangster. All parts of the Saga will soon be released on PS4, and in the future the series will restart with a new protagonist. Therefore, it is good that the story ends on a positive note Kiryu — with a great remake of a great game.