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Jul 29, 2015

Top 10 Online PC Games of the Moment

Each year there is an unstoppable wave of new online PC games that hit the online gaming world where you have new plot twist to uncover, new monsters to kill, and new armies to command. There are various genre of game released every year, ranging from 2D shooter, Racing, Adventure, Strategy, Action, RPG, FPS, Action, Open World Action, Exploration and Survival, Puzzle, Sport, Fighting, MMO and many more. Out of all the genre of games available at the moment, we have compiled some of the top online PC Games that have attracted the most number of players in the recent months.

The Best Online Versions of Console Games

As more and more new gamers shy away from the classic consoles and turn to their PC, the internet, a smartphone and now even their smartwatches to access some of the best gaming action available we take a look at just some of the online gaming highlights which have evolved from popular video game franchises.

Elex - PC

Currently being developed by Piranha Bytes, creators of one of the great CRPG series, Gothic (ignore Risen), Elex is a new action roleplaying game set in a unique post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy world. There is very little information available about the game as yet, but we do know that Piranha Bytes is planning on making a huge, seamless world for players to explore and that Nordic Games has given them almost complete freedom when it comes to the way the game is designed. If the end result is even half as special as Gothic 2 we are in for a treat.

Jul 27, 2015

Victor Vran - PC Review

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Jul 25, 2015

Fury X Benchmarks "Radeon Fury X vs Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Gaming G1"

Jul 24, 2015

Super Dungeon Bros - Due July 2015 (Windows 10)

What do you get when you combine a love of killing monsters, rock-n-roll, and the sort of camaraderie only a four-player co-op can inspire? You get Super Dungeon Bros, an indie bro-op isometric dungeon crawler by Wired Productions that sees four rock themed heroes named Axl, Ozzie, Freddie and Lars thrashing through hordes of the undead in the realm of Rokheim. The dungeons are procedurally generated, so you’ll never quite know what to expect: pendulous swinging axes of doom, swarms of Bonie foes, shifting platforms with tricky jumps… that’s just a taster of what these dark realms have in store.

Jul 23, 2015

PC and Video Tennis Games (The Five Best Tennis Video Games)

Games of this style are based on the real-life sport of tennis. Players use a racket to hit a ball back and forth over a low net. Points are scored when the ball lands in the field of play on and is not hit back. While some tennis games feature exaggerated play, or incorporate unconventional elements, they are still classified as this style.

Square Enix announce Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC "Windows 10" release date

Square Enix today announced its latest title in the critically acclaimed and award-winning Tomb Raider series, Rise of the Tomb Raider , will be available for Windows 10 and Steam in early 2016.

Top Upcoming PC Games of 2015


Release date TBC 2015 Developer Epic Games
It saw its thunder stolen by the construction system in Fallout 4 , but Epic’s Fortnite still looks like a very cool mix of Horde mode with Minecraft as your team prepares during daylight for the onslaught of enemies. Get together with friends and build extravagant forts or insane weapons.

Jul 22, 2015

Street Fighter 5 beta invites go out at 3pm BST tomorrow and PC BETA Release Date

Successful Street Fighter 5 beta candidates will receive their beta key tomorrow at around 3pm BST, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe community manager Chris Owen has confirmed on Twitter.

"SCEE Street Fighter V Beta invites will be going out to successful candidates at 3pm BST Tomorrow!" he tweeted.

Fallout Series Spotlight (Fallout PC Games)

Fallout of love with the future

1 Fallout 2 (PC – 1998) No, that’s not Fulgore on the box. Fallout was set 84 years after the ugly end to the Resource Wars, and its fine sequel fast- forwarded another 80. Polished and expanded, but not dangerously different, it mirrored the original by dispatching the Vault Dweller’s descendant to save a settlement and lock horns with the predictably sinister Enclave.

Jul 21, 2015

PES 2016

Natural. That’s the easiest way to describe playing new PES for the first time. Regardless of which faction of football franchise you belong to, it’s easy to slip straight into a game and feel at home. Such familiarity would make it easy to overlook just what it is that Konami’s latest effort is doing so well, but it’s precisely thanks to its qualities that one can get acclimatised so quickly. New animations mean that passing angles can be easily created (we pulled off a couple of lovely cushioned lay-offs), while there’s a pleasingly physicality to both dribbling and defending. Shooting maintains its satisfaction from last year, with long-range bangers particularly sweet. In short, it just works. That should totally be a slogan for something...

Worms World Party Remastered - Review

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Jul 20, 2015

Fragile Ball - Review

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Jul 18, 2015

Project CARS – PC Update 2.5 Releases Today, Changelog Revealed

Slightly Mad Studios announced today the release of a new update for the PC version of Project CARS.

Jul 17, 2015

Need for Speed Screenshots - PC/PS4/XO November 2015

To say that many gamers grew up with Need For Speed would be a bit of an understatement, but thankfully the franchise hasn’t lost its appeal. The latest game in the series, set for release a bit later this year, will see driver take on other speed freaks in a new setting – racing at night. Considered to be a reboot of the franchise, it will however share some similarities to probably the most loved NFS game, Underground 3. Not a terrible lot is known about the title, but it is said that vehicle customisation will make its return.

Jul 15, 2015

Fable Legends Is Coming To The PC On October 13th

Microsoft has announced – via a Comic-Con Recap video – that Fable Legends is coming to Xbox One and PC on October 13th. Fable Legends is powered by Unreal Engine 4, will be free-to-play, and will offer cross-play between Xbox One and PC.

New FIFA 16 Video Shows Gameplay Improvements

FIFA 16 Gameplay Improvements video.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Screenshots

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Jul 14, 2015

King's Quest

SIERRA'S EPISODIC King's Quest revival looks to be a faithful return for the classic franchise, but it might be the voice cast that's getting us truly excited. Back To The Futures Christopher Lloyd is joined by Josh Keaton - best known for his role as Peter Parker in The Spectacular Spider-man TV series - as the two main characters. King's Quest is coming together nicely, though we're still desperate to get our hands on it.
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