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Nov 18, 2017

Need for Speed Payback PC Trainer Download (Nfs Payback Cheats)

Need for Speed Payback PC Trainer Download

Numpad 1: Infinite Nitrous
Numpad 2: Infinite Money
Numpad 3: Freeze Cars
Numpad 4: Cars Spinout
Numpad 5: Super Brakes
Numpad 6: Freeze Time
Numpad 7: Save Location
Numpad 8: Super Acceleration
Numpad 9: Teleport
Numpad 0: Super Jump

Nov 17, 2017

Dynasty Warriors 9 releases on February 13th, gets new screenshots

KOEI Tecmo has just announced that Dynasty Warriors 9 will release on February 13th. Dynasty Warriors 9 will venture into new territory as it is expanded to its first true open world installment. In order to celebrate this announcement, KOEI Tecmo released some new screenshots that you can view below.

Okami HD Official PC System Requirements

Capcom recommends an Intel Core i7 3770 with 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950. Moreover, this game will support DX11 and will require 34GB of free hard-disk space.

Nov 14, 2017

New Technology allows us to Bet on Anything at Anytime

We are all living increasingly mobile lives whether we like it or not, and that fast paced living does not seem to be slowing anytime soon.

Luckily though there are a multitude of handy apps that allow us to carry out daily tasks when and where we choose, whether that is doing some banking whilst waiting for a train or sourcing the latest movie on a lunch break, this trend to all things mobile also includes the option of having a bet or wager on your favourite sport or game.

Nov 12, 2017

Ten Games That Defined the Fighter


Nov 10, 2017

‘Destiny 2’ Will Ban PC Players For Using Cheats For Other Games

Destiny 2 launched on the PC with a controversy surrounding players who were banned within 24 hours of the game’s release. Bungie took a hardline stance against the use of software that could be used to cheat in the game and there were the usual posts flooding forums claiming innocence. The developer clarified Tuesday the game even checks cheat apps unrelated to Destiny. 

Nov 8, 2017

A new Hitman title is being worked on

The Hitman Game of the Year Edition is now live, including four new missions, more weapons, suits, and challenges, and the reactivation of Elusive Targets. The asking price is $60 if you haven’t bought the game already, and only $20 if you own the complete first season. Along with this launch, Io Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak posted a message confirming a new Hitman title is on the way.

Nioh: Complete Edition Trainer Download (Nioh PC Cheats)

Game version: 1.0+
Number of functions: 17
Creation date: 07.11.2017
If you experience any difficulty in the game Nioh: Complete Edition» (2017) or just want to have fun.

Nov 7, 2017

Nioh Complete Edition Will Not Use Denuvo - System Requirements

Downloading Nioh: Complete Edition is a hefty 29.8GB packed:

Nov 5, 2017

Good Games You Can Play On Almost Any PC (Games for 1GB Ram)

Do you struggle to find good Windows-PC games to play because you have a low end system? This list will give you Great games that you can play on almost any PC!

Nov 3, 2017

Best 4K/HDR Console Games (Top 4K/HDR PS4 Pro and Xbox OneX Games)

Some Titles That Justify All That Expense With Their Visuals

Call of Duty WW2 Trainer Download (COD WW2 Cheats)

COD World War 2 Trainer download

Game version: 1.0
Number of functions: 5
Creation date: 03.11.2017

  • Numpad 1: Infinite Health
  • Numpad 2: Infinite Ammo
  • Numpad 3: No Reload
  • Numpad 4: God Mode
  • Numpad 5: Set Medkit

NiOh: Complete Edition Gets Debut Trailer Showing PC Gameplay

Koei Tecmo launched the first trailer for NiOh: Complete Edition, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan, and currently PC-only in NA and EU.

Nov 1, 2017

PC Game Releases - November 2017

Below is a list of the all PC games launching in November 2017.

Oct 30, 2017

Call of Duty: WWII PC System Requirements revealed

Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3rd, and below you can find its final PC requirements.
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