Marvel’s Spider-Man

Ten years ago, it seemed that Beenox groped the right approach to the game incarnation of spider-Man. Spider — man: Shattered Dimensions was surprisingly pleasant action-with fascinating battles excellent history and memorable bosses. What is really there it was the best game of Spiderman for many years. Then rolled down the slope: Edge of Time and the Amazing Spider-Man were not bad and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 turned into a failure on all fronts. In General the time Activision ended the rights to the character, and it is unknown what would happen next. A new vision of the hero introduced Insomniac Games, and it is so pleased with the leadership of Sony that she decided to make Marvel’s Spider-Man loud exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Паучок, у тебя что-то на плечах… кажется, это груз ответственности

Another day in new York

Spider-man from Insomniac Games is not associated with any other work of the famous superhero, whether comics, movies or other games (however, in the fall of this Spider will be introduced into the comic Canon). To the early Marvel’s Spider-Man Peter Parker already eight years as wears red-blue a suit. The bite of a radioactive spider, the death of uncle Ben, life with aunt may-all this was, but the writers spared us and did not make the hundredth time to watch the events that we know by heart.

Peter has long realized that great power imposes great responsibility, and successfully stands guard over the tranquility of new York. A bunch of supervillains he had already managed to hide in prison, and soon will save the city from Wilson” Kingpin ” Fisk. But you understand that the final credits will not go at once and our head still showered with problems.

Insomniac Games went the same route as Telltale with the series about Batman-key events and iconic stories about Spider characters on the spot, but something has been rethought. In the first half an hour we learn that Peter works as a research assistant at Otto Octavius and moreover, they almost as the father with the son. However, some things remain the same in any universe: money troubles a difficult relationship with Mary Jane Watson and the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of Parker.

The game tells the story of not only a superhero, but also an ordinary person with household problems. Of course, the second is not given such a big role as the battles with the villains, but in the center of the story are simple emotions. Screenwriters don’t try to expose a Spider in a bad light, but constantly force to think: Yes it saved all but maybe Peter didn’t get the forces, to rescue anybody and it wouldn’t be necessary? Insomniac caught on perfectly, making spider-Man such an interesting character, and neatly reproduced it in the game. Despite his many years of experience, he has doubts and is not ready to exchange even one life for a hundred. However, despite the pain can make the right decision.

As in any game with an open world Marvel’s Spider-Man offers to look for a lot of collectibles. But this is not Sobieski for sobieszek — they tried to write the history. Most of all will have to chase the old backpacks, stash, which Peter hung around the city during his studies. Each find complements the picture of our hero’s past. Familiar with the comics of spider-Man will find in the game dozens, if not hundreds of references to different adventures of the hero.

Chasing old things just want to once again fly on the web over the streets of Manhattan. We have at our disposal several areas with relevant attractions, both real, like the well — known Central Park, and purely marvellous-the Avengers tower and the Sanctum Santorum building of Dr. Strange.

Жизнь в городе порой кипит

Feel like a hero

Insomniac Games managed the main thing-to convey what it means to be spider-Man. At one time, Beenox managed to make exciting flights on the web, but the new game is head and shoulders above all previous projects about Spider. Racing between skyscrapers, flying stone down to literally a meter to the asphalt to catch up on the web and fly through the traffic flow on a busy highway, jump from wall to wall, dressing in the course of a beautiful somersault — Marvel’s Spider-Man gives unforgettable emotions. You can quickly teleport to certain points on the map, but do not want to. Need to the opposite end of town? And great, let’s do it with a breeze!

Open world is arranged in a template, with a standard set of secondary activities: crimes, tests of agility and speed, base bandits. But thanks to the attention to detail, even the prevention of a simple robbery looks interesting: you really fly on the web to the store, throwing thieves around and under the gratitude of the seller with a sense of accomplishment rush on. Accustomed to the role of a Spider, you will be able to detain criminals almost on the go.

Combat system at first glance simple, but fraught with many possibilities. Combos do not exist, there is only a set of movements that are allowed to execute in any order and from any position (even standing on the wall): kick, Dodge, jump and pulling up the web. Just to hammer enemies with fists it will turn out, but it is far not the most effective and effective way — where it is better to move actively on a battlefield, to tighten opponents to itself in air, to throw them at each other and to paste to walls.

We have a range of gadgets at our disposal, from electric charges to personal drone-defender. The game encourages experimentation and combining features. Throw a bunch of thugs in the air with a gravity inverter and then throw a Cabinet at them? Not bad! Blow up a spider-web grenade in the crowd and throw up the shackled criminals on walls by means of a shock wave? The result will surprise you!

A special pleasure of the fight to bring high complexity, when Peter can quite quickly put on the blades and so you have to act to the best of abilities. Watch to see with what grace the hero doing all the acrobatic somersaults — a real pleasure. And remember: armed with guns and bazookas guys will not wait until you are done with fans of hand-to-hand combat.

For the sake of fighting, you can endure the boring and statement of additional jobs. It is seen that they were given a minimum of attention and probably sculpted in the end, “on the surrender.” But they once again make you feel incredibly clever and strong. If you want to buy all the costumes and pump each gadget to the maximum, will have to clean up all areas of Manhattan. Believe me, to perform the perfect taskmaster (who in the Russian version became a Foreman) — a real test. But you want clothes in the style of the cult animated series 94 years?

Contrary to some fan theories, The new canonical spider costume does not make much sense. It’s just that the old one broke up, and Peter decided to experiment a little with the design. In General, you can choose from a dozen options — wardrobe will please all fans of the character. There are even such exotic options as a Ghost Spider or a punk Spider.

Картинки по запросу Marvel’s Spider-Man

Like in the movies

Of course, we do not play in the schedule, but Marvel’s Spider-Man technology has only benefited. After all, it is much more pleasant to fly through a detailed and diverse city, and not between the same gray boxes. And in the Windows you can see even the apartments and office space.

The project looks great. And although some managed to draw a conclusion about the quality of the product by the number of puddles in the frame, I want to assure you that Marvel’s Spider-Man — one of the most beautiful games of the generation. The only thing you can complain about — not detalizirovannoi residents. However, there are hundreds of them, and they behave much more diverse extras from previous games about spider-Man.

The game is full of bright and spectacular moments with inventive action, in which the screensavers smoothly flow into the gameplay. In the battles with the bosses and does have the feeling that got into an expensive blockbuster. Especially good fight with several members of the Sinister Six at once: setting invariably impressive ingenuity and spectacular scenes. Of course, the Spider would not be myself if I hadn’t jumped aside directly in the heat of battle. Over many phrases you are sure to laugh. Or at least you’ll smile.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the superhero outfit-Peter, being a scientist, and benefits in a white coat. Sometimes we do take control of other characters, and then the game turns into a kind of stealth action. Hide and seek, of course, quite superficial, but not without interesting ideas. Even nonlinearity is — separate sites can be passed in different ways. These episodes are great variety of gameplay.

Картинки по запросу Marvel’s Spider-Man

Two Point Hospital

On the vomited threshold of a private clinic appears presumably a man with a lamp instead of a head. “Ticket taken?!”- angrily ask him at the reception. Presumably the man can’t answer because he’s got a fucking lamp for a head. The lady behind the counter, frighteningly unnaturally rolling her eyes, writes him a referral to a therapist.

Near the right office all of eight people and ask who the last, it is not possible-it is clear why. All benches are occupied, so the client stands in the only free corner, right under the terrible frost smashing air conditioning.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

“I just have to ask!»

The therapist’s been gone for three hours. He’s in the break room practicing with a magic wand he bought at the Harry Potter merchandise store. Quickly repeating the same movement, he hopes that sooner or later he will conjure at least 0.25 cold vodka. Instead, on the table in front of him appears a liter of seven hundred and “Ladoga”. The therapist removes the entire volume in three SIPS and, somehow gathered his thoughts, yet begins to perform his duties.

In a few minutes, the queue dissolves; presumably the man finds himself fastened to the chair, around puffing some hellish machine, raging tangle of incomprehensible fur-covered dust hoses.

Belching therapist, again leaving the post, whispers something in the ear of the machine operator; the into his coat pocket five bucks and pushes out of the Cabinet. Then he comes to the control panel and, clearly doubting his actions, begins to pull the levers and press the buttons. Bulky, but affectionate forceps grasp the head-lamp and begin to twist it against the clock. At this point, the 3D printer next door is printing a new head-for some reason female.

Two Point Hospital is the newest clinic management simulator made by former Bullfrog Studio employees. That, in turn, in the mid-nineties was the main supplier of games of this kind: after the cult Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper, these Englishmen released Theme Hospital, which was exactly the same as described in the paragraph above, only about other diseases.

In essence, this is all you need to know about Two Point Hospital. Verbatim remake, adaptation for modern platforms, the same old game in the new graphics-call it what you like. If twenty years ago you played a drunken game in the “Hospital”, today you do not even need tips — such things are eaten into the memory at the level of instincts.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

“I borrowed!»

Each mission in Two Point Hospital begins with the basic things: here we put the reception, here the toilet-and ends with a struggle with the flow of patients who are not always able to serve on time and, more importantly, correctly. The doctors, who also need to constantly improve, have a specialty, and sometimes you have to call for surgery some unfortunate ophthalmologist. Sometimes lucky, sometimes not-then the orderlies have to literally catch ghosts.

In addition, there are many subtleties. It would be good to put at the entrance of the machine with salty peanuts to make patients thirsty and the soda machine. The correct arrangement of plants in pots, air conditioners, racks with magazines — all this affects the mood of the client who can get angry and leave the hospital without waiting for his turn simply because he was terribly bored and unbearably stuffy.

In this game there are no levels of difficulty-instead, they give the opportunity to bring each hospital to the absolute and knock out, it seems, for a long time no longer fashionable “three stars”. After receiving the first, you can move to the next level, the second will open new equipment and diseases, the third will offer a test that is very easy to screw up. Suffice it to say that in Two Point Hospital, little happens automatically, and in the absence of due attention, some medical achievements are waiting for a rapid rollback. But the risk is justified: for the execution of special orders the game gives additional currency (no, you can not buy it for money), which you need to spend on new decorative and functional purchases for hospital rooms and corridors. These achievements are saved and move from mission to mission, so Yes-there is a sense

I can’t say that Two Point Hospital has the same charm as the 1997 original, but maybe that’s what retrograde tells me. Anyway, it can be safely ignored here.

Картинки по запросу Two Point Hospital

The authors have tried hard to get closer to the classics, and their investments are noticeable. This is a very nice and meditative game that does not cause panic attacks, even when all things go to hell. Stupid, paradoxically funny jokes, very accurate satire and no serious grimace against the player-this is exactly what everyone was waiting for, who for twenty years was content with a single strategy on the topic. For everyone else, this is just an outstanding, deep and impossible cozy Manager game that is unlikely to become a classic, but will definitely take its rightful place among the best economic simulators of 2018.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

In March of this year we saw the final of Kazuma Kiryu’s Story in Yakuza 6 and said goodbye to him. But in late August Dojima’s Dragon returned in a remake of Yakuza 2. One of the best games in the series is now available not only on PlayStation 2 and its emulators, but also on PS4.  And it’s not just a port or remaster and a full remake on the engine of the sixth part, which takes into account some of the shortcomings of the latter.

Похвастаться передовыми технологиями «Якудза» не может, но порой Kiwami 2 выглядит прекрасно

Complete set

Kiwami events of Yakuza 2 takes place one year after the finale of its predecessor. The fifth Chairman of the Tojo clan was killed, and the fate of the clan, the main position which was once occupied Kiryu, hangs in the balance. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the Omi Alliance is going to start a war, because of what Tojo will not have any chance of recovery. So Kiryu will not have to sit around — he is going to travel in native Kamurocho, without which no cost, no part of the Yakuza, the region Sotobori, familiar to fans of Yakuza 0.

At the beginning of the passage, players will be offered to watch a fairly long video, completely retelling the events of the first Yakuza. To pass the last game is not necessary but desirable, as Yakuza 0. Now the new audience will be very easy to join the series-if the PS3 pass these games in order it was impossible, the actual console Sony available prologue and two of its continuation, and the third, fourth and fifth parts will soon be reissued. But if for some reason you begin acquaintance with Kiwami 2, you will not get confused in anything and will still join the plot.

The story is still gripping and doesn’t let go until the finale, unexpected twists and events are surprising, and the characters are some of the most memorable in the entire series. The main villain ryūji Years, respecting Kiryu for his ability and consider him the only worthy opponent, a hell of a charismatic scene of their acquaintance and put great. Years calls himself the Dragon of Kansai and asserts that the two dragons in the war to survive. Detective Sayama became one of the best female characters that Kiryu had to deal with. And the audience’s favorite Goro Majima, almost completely forgotten in the sixth part, was awarded a separate storyline here and more than once occurs in the course of the main story.

In Kiwami 2, as in all Yakuza, a serious dramatic story is accompanied by absurd side quests, which this time more than seventy. About one and a half dozen of them-very short and not too exciting events, because they are not important story, and the ability to make your character an assistant during battles with street bullies. In Sotenbori, for example, you meet an old woman who has lost a valuable thing, and find an object two steps from the place where they just talked. Give the find, exchange a couple of replicas, and this task ends. Now, when buying the appropriate skill grandmother will be able to throw you a weapon.

Many other “side effects” turned out to be much more interesting, and some of them hilariously funny, especially the mission with a double Kiryu. There are also sad stories, like the one that is dedicated to the musician who can not sing, forced to constantly endure the attacks of bullies because of an unpleasant voice. Kiryu, as always, helps all those in need, gives them valuable life advice, and sometimes he learns something. All this takes place under the constant lyrical music, which after so many parts Yakuza remember by heart.

Another story is related to the hostess club, where Kiryu becomes an employee a few hours after the start of the passage. The club is going through hard times and is on the verge of closing, and the owner of a competing institution decided to drive the last nail in the coffin — made it so that the tiny club became one of the participants of a large-scale competition, and in the case of a resounding failure of the shame will be impossible to wash away. However, instead of giving up, the staff decided to take the opportunity to turn their club into the best place to stay. Kiryu will have to hire staff to help the girls entertain customers, as well as shake out (not fists of course) money from the rich.

Платить за разбитые стекла, к счастью, не надо


In the club mini-game you can sit for more than a dozen hours, but this is not all the content that Kiwami 2 offers outside the campaign and side quests. There are Darts, Golf, Mahjong, machines with old games Sega – all not to list. A” plot ” about Mazzima, telling about his adventures in the interval between the first and second Yakuza, offers a simplified real-time strategy in the manner of the one that was in Yakuza 6. Having collected a small squad, the player will confront a clan Uematsu who is trying to destroy the objects at the construction site Majima. Watching the events from above, it is necessary to place the fighters so that both opponents were defeated, and all equipment remained untouched. The very same story was short and not the most intense, but as a bonus to get it nice — in the original Yakuza 2 was nothing like that.

The sequel could not at the time of its release boast and spectacular combat system. Fans of different styles to make money again there is nothing in the remake moved the pumping of the sixth part. Again, it is necessary to improve health, attack, defense, and rage, as well as to study the familiar techniques. This time, a great emphasis is placed on melee weapons — and opponents constantly go with him, and it is desirable to take Kiryu with him clubs, sticks, shockers and other useful things (for most of these items have been added to the unique animation). You can buy weapons in several underground shops, or pick up trophies thrown by defeated opponents. However, it is necessary to do it directly during fight — after it everything for some reason disappears.

Thanks to the new engine, the number of loading screens has significantly decreased compared to the original 2006. Fights with bullies take place in the same scenario as in Yakuza 6: started on the street fight can be moved to a nearby cafe, throwing opponents to the dining tables, waving chairs and throwing the poor fellows on glass Windows. It looks all very cool, but after such freaks frightened sellers do not immediately want to deal with you. But there is the likelihood, that you will attract attention special bosses, with large endowments of health, — for their removing give a long experience.

Kiwami looks like Yakuza 2 is also great. If the development of the sixth part of its authors did not have enough time, because of what had to close several regions in Kamurocho, in the remake of the sequel, nothing happened. And in the area of Kamurocho and Sotobori you can visit any area and go in any store. Affected only a small region, which remembers only those who were in Yakuza 2 in the days of the PS2. But the loss is small-in the original there was nothing interesting at all, and all the plot episodes connected with this place are simply transferred to other locations.

Оружия иногда валяется так много, что грех им не воспользоваться

Yakuza Kiwami 2-a delightful remake of one of the best parts of the series. And the plot is great, and the characters are wonderful, and a lot of entertainment. There is almost no change in the usual formula-many other games for it would certainly be criticized, but the creators of Yakuza manages to make every part of the series fresh, interesting and very cozy. When once again you find yourself in Kamurocho and find a store with food without a map, knowing all the streets almost by heart, it does not cause irritation, but only reminds how much I missed these places since the last game.

Хоть сотню человек позовите, Кирю все равно не победить

Strange Brigade

Developers who for many years release games of the same series, at some point it bothers. Doing Volition Saints Row, but then I took a chance and released the Agents of Mayhem. And Rebellion, known for cooperative sniper action Sniper Elite, suddenly decided to leave behind the Second world and Hitler and drew attention to adventure films like “Mummy” and “Indiana Jones”. Her Strange Brigade tells the story of a group of travelers seeking treasure in Egypt in 1930.

Синим подсвечены уязвимые точки боссов

Who are all these people?

It seems that everything here indicates that the game should be perky, fun and breathtaking-adventure after all! Heroes get into luxuriously drawn locations, explore every corner, meet on their way the walking dead, skeletons, mummies and other evil spirits, shooting their limbs and collecting gold. But at the same time the game never uses the full potential of the most beautiful detailed environment, and the plot fades into the background and instantly “blown away”.

It’s easy to take a few different characters and call them a “Strange team”. The brigade’s odd, what you still need to explain what is happening? Therefore, before each mission in the airship sitting a former military man, the engineer straight from the old American posters, studied at Oxford archaeologist and painted black. Videos between jobs for some reason are shown in black and white, and the subtitles are so tiny, if the developers do not really matter whether you read them at all.

In the story, the company goes to Egypt to calm the awakened evil. Queen Zeteki not just came back from the dead, but gathered an army of minions with which to gradually “become familiar” characters. At first it is not the most dangerous zombies, Scorpions and skeletons, but then they are added to the mummy, dressed in armor Minotaurs and huge animated statues of the gods. Some move slowly and cause damage up close, others throw grenades, others run at full speed and try to shoot down our fighters with foot — skills of a lot of enemies.

But even a variety of opponents do not save from boredom — from Strange Brigade quickly start to get tired, because it does not differ from hundreds of other cooperative action games. The same Sniper Elite had several special features: the emphasis on shooting from a distance, the ability to distract enemies and raise the alarm, finally, the famous “x-ray” bullet mechanics. This could get bored after a couple of hours, but at the same time noticeably isolated series on the General background.

Strange Brigade offers only two things: traps and absolute abilities. Traps work very simply – you can bring a group of enemies to the exploding barrels, fire plate or circular saw, and then shoot the lever and instantly destroy a dozen enemies. It’s funny, but until the final traps will remain the same, some new interesting ways to deal with the crowd of skeletons will not appear.

Absolute ability is almost useless. By eliminating the undead, you can collect souls that fill the scale at the bottom of the screen, and then bring down a powerful attack on the attackers: to start an electric charge, passing from one enemy to another, or to strike the ground and throw zombies. As a rescue from the surrounding crowd, these skills are sometimes useful, but in most cases they should be activated only for the sake of cute special effects. And in the “Horde” ability accumulates so slowly that it is and do not remember. However, about this below.

Why playing Strange Brigade alone, sad, — all her faults, appear very distinctly. Especially poorly implemented shooting, migrated here from Sniper Elite. But if there we rarely took in hand something other than a sniper rifle, then there is constantly running around with guns and shotguns. Not only that, you can not shoot from the hip, so also the opponents react sluggishly to your hits. Killing a mummy takes about ten shots with a shotgun, and even with a short streak of lives above her head, it’s impossible to tell if you hurt her or not.

Каким образом эти свечи до сих пор горят?! Впрочем, к Strange Brigade есть более серьезные вопросы

“Brigade” is a brigade

It is desirable to pass the game in co-op, and it is best to do it with friends. To your “Strange team” was more fun, each level (except the final) saturated with puzzles: it is necessary to stand on pedestals in a certain order, firing at the illuminated balls, you are asked to find the code from the door and activate the button.

It is a pity that absolutely all the tasks turned out to be as simple as possible, if not primitive. With codes usually there is no problem, and sometimes the treasures are hidden behind the locks — they are presented in the form of a field of 16 cells with fragments of pipes on each. You have to “lay” the pipe from the entrance to the exit, shooting at the cells and turning the pieces in the right direction. At least some difficult turned out except that the puzzle, in which such a field is divided into 9 parts, and hit one of them unfolds several others. But these puzzles will not delay you for a long time.

However, with friends, even in a game like this interesting. The passage of one level takes about an hour, if you do not run forward headlong. Numerous branches lead to treasure chests, secrets, riddles and ancient artifacts. It is not quite logical that the gold takes only the one who found it, and it is impossible to share the money, despite the fact that the currency is necessary for the purchase of additional weapons — starting “guns” will not do. But for the passage of the usual level of complexity is not critical.

Хотя действие всей игры происходит в Египте, уникальных локаций тут полно

Another thing is that all levels are built on the same scenario: shooting, respite from puzzles, repeat it five or six times, and at the end of the fight with the boss. In the first three missions to bother with the bosses did not — you reflect the three waves, simultaneously destroying a huge ball in the center of the location. Only then there are animated statues, which to win you have to shoot at vulnerable places. Thanks to a lot of opponents and compact arenas, these episodes are quite dynamic.

Outside the campaign, you are waiting for two additional modes. In the “Horde” you find yourself in a small area with only one gun and destroy the crowd of monsters, earn currency and buy new weapons. Alone, bored, with friends pretty funny. For solo players will be more interesting mode with stuffing points-the faster you kill zombies and skeletons, the better will be the final result. Here and traps have to be used, and bonus weapons to pick up. The mode offers additional tasks such as the elimination of several enemies in the head shots, and for their performance give an extra couple of thousand points.

К сожалению, решения многих загадок очень легко найти в паре шагов от них

No Man’s Sky NEXT

In the era of game services and the developed Internet, developers can constantly release updates and actively support their projects. Someone immediately achieves success and keeps the audience by releasing add-ons and major patches, losing popularity very slowly. Someone starts unsuccessfully, but does not stop there and continues to make changes and improvements. And someone is not lucky generally, and attempts to fix things lead to nothing.

In the second category usually fall large publishers and developers who have a large enough budget to support not too successful release. But small groups of indie studios sometimes boast the same tenacity. Including Hello Games released two years ago, the ambitious No Man’s Sky. And for twenty-four months, its employees have done everything possible to frustrated fans to forgive them for the many unfulfilled promises.

In the era of game services and the developed Internet, developers can constantly release updates and actively support their projects. Someone immediately achieves success and keeps the audience by releasing add-ons and major patches, losing popularity very slowly. Someone starts unsuccessfully, but does not stop there and continues to make changes and improvements. And someone is not lucky generally, and attempts to fix things lead to nothing.

In the second category usually fall large publishers and developers who have a large enough budget to support not too successful release. But small groups of indie studios sometimes boast the same tenacity. Including Hello Games released two years ago, the ambitious No Man’s Sky. And for twenty-four months, its employees have done everything possible to frustrated fans to forgive them for the many unfulfilled promises.

Если за человека играть надоело, можно перевоплотиться в представителя другой расы

Return home

The biggest update the game received this summer — it is called No Man’s Sky NEXT and makes the simulator space wanderer many long-awaited changes. One of the main things is the support of the cooperative regime and the opportunity to meet other travelers in the boundless space. However, completely reshape the game mechanics developers did not — in many ways it remained the same as before, it just appeared much more features and freedom. And for someone it will be a plus, and someone will seem a reason to continue to ignore the game.

You still start passing on an unknown planet, repair your ship, get resources, use these resources to support life support systems, and then go into space and can fly in any direction. Someone’s journey will begin in a beautiful place where only occasionally it rains, and the rest of the time it is difficult to stop admiring the pretty plants and flooded with bright light plains. Other luck will pass by, and they have to survive in not the most pleasant conditions, with periodic storms and stormy winds.

And over time, you realize that the unfortunate “grind” Hello Games is not removed, it still lies at the heart of the game. Here you can not just run around the planet and consider the surroundings, as well as you can not just sit in a spaceship at any time and fly wherever your eyes look. You constantly need resources-to restore the suit, to protect against storms, to refuel the ship, to create tools, to use modifications of the multitool. Over time, these processes will not be so exhausting, but for too long here it is necessary to run around the planets and burn trees, bushes and stalagmites.

The monotonous filling of planets has not gone away-wherever you go, you will almost always find the same resources. Vegetation may look different, but for its destruction you get the same thing than scored inventory on the last fifty planets. The above-mentioned sandstorms, acid rains, radioactive storms and other weather phenomena do not differ from each other at all — they equally reduce the strength of the suit and end in a few seconds, and you can wait them out in any house or in a nearby cave.

If you can not get rid of the second problem in any way, there is a solution for the first. In one of the past updates in No Man’s Sky added several modes, among which there is “Creation”. This is a kind of creative mode in which you don’t have to worry about resources. You want to fix a broken ship with a dozen non-functioning parts? Just click on everything and repair. Want to place a base with lots of rooms, compartments, floors and stairs? Just choose what you want and put. There’s no problem with the suit, no fall damage, no need to think about fuel and everything.

Yes, in this mode the game becomes completely different and loses many elements. From surviving on the planets wanderer who appreciates any crumbs of resources and tries not to waste time, you turn into an ordinary traveler. But without Grinda personally, my game seemed much more fun. When developers talk about 18 quintillion planets, different from each other in appearance, flora and fauna, least of all want to stay in one place, long and painfully looking for resources, earning currency and engaged in trade. It’s hard to fight the urge to explore everything this giant universe has to offer.

Картинки по запросу No Man’s Sky NEXT


The research process has become even more exciting than before. Being able to Board a ship, fly off one planet and land on another without any loading screens is as impressive as two years ago. But with the latest updates, these celestial bodies have become more beautiful and diverse — in NEXT, for example, introduced the planet, completely covered with water, and sit on them is problematic. The visual design is improved and the lighting is pleasing to the eye, and with a third person to walk in the middle of the previously unseen plants and creatures much more enjoyable.

The main goal of No Man’s Sky has not changed — to complete the game, you need to get to the center of the galaxy. However, for those who prefer to do quests, rather than entertain yourself, recently available full storyline with fun tasks, dialogues, a couple of interesting characters and learning some mechanics. At some point you will be asked to build a base, then forced to hire specialists for the terminals placed in different rooms, and then the hired creatures will also begin to fill you with orders. All this can be done as usual, and in the “Creation”, and to perform some quests to look for and collect all the stuff will have even in creative mode.

With the release of NEXT with the players removed all restrictions on the construction of the base. Although this element of the game runs counter to the main idea of No Man’s Sky (travel through star systems and search for the center of the Galaxy), you can ignore the global goal and engage in trade or construction within several systems, visiting only neighboring planets. Now you can design the base even under water — I placed my own on a small island in the middle of a huge sea, putting terminals on land and moving landing pads on the water, building under them fortifications and a couple of rooms. It turned out compact and cute, although the limit of perfection in this game, of course, no.

To deal with the design of the base more fun in the cooperative, and the latest update has added the ability to gather with three comrades in one session. You always see each other, you can interact, including gestures, and also transfer from a single game to joint improvements for the ship and various resources to transfer them to colleagues. For example, you play for a long time and have accumulated a lot of upgrades for the starship, and your partner flies on the “trough” without any modifications-you can help the poor fellow to make his ship steeper.

However, in multiplayer performance No Man’s Sky sometimes begins to limp. The sound will jam for a few seconds, the picture will freeze for a while, then the slowdown will become too noticeable. If you overdo it with the number of objects on the base, when you visit it, the game will turn into a slide show. On the other hand, if we take into account the scale of the universe and the size of each particular planet, we should not be surprised at the falling frame rate. After all, initially the game was not about a group of friends connecting dozens of rooms with corridors. This is just a nice addition, which is more or less well implemented. At first, the game also often flew in co-op mode, but a small patch fixed this bug.

Картинки по запросу No Man’s Sky NEXT

Update No Man’s Sky NEXT does not change much formula No Man’s Sky two years ago, it only improves many of its elements and offers several major innovations. But basically the game was “grindylow” monotonous in terms of filling planets, and collections of resources. At the same time, an excellent creative mode is able to keep those who abandoned the project two years ago from TVs and monitors. No survival in this case will not be, as well as the extraction of resources, but in No Man’s Sky has always been much more interesting to travel from one star system to another, and not to sit in the inventory and burn the laser stones.

Gamescom 2018: Part 2

A new star in the publishing firmament

THQ Nordic is diligently trying to break into the big leagues. To the publisher’s credit, it doesn’t go the way of Activision or Electronic Arts, but rather aims to stand on par with Bethesda, supporting singles and reviving old franchises. Already in the autumn will go on sale in Darksiders 3. Do its people responsible for the first two parts, although within the walls of the new Studio Gunfire Games.

Trikvel remains true to the traditions of its predecessors-it is still an adventure action game that combines battles and puzzles. In how to show the world to the player, Gunfire definitely got a few ideas from FromSoftware. On the horizon are always visible remarkable places, and all of them can be visited. Levels, as planned, should flow smoothly into each other. No more barriers — all transitions are logical from the point of view of the world. And remember that many locations are only available when you receive certain abilities.

This time we will present the horseman of the Apocalypse named Rage, the story of which develops simultaneously with the adventures of Death, while the War languishes in two hundred years imprisonment. According to the creators, the Darksiders series was originally conceived this way: each rider — on a separate game with personal stories going in parallel. And then we, in theory, will see the continuation of the final of the first part, where all four gathered together. Whether this will happen depends on the success of Darksiders 3. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine, because the game promises to be very entertaining.

Crysis 3 takes all the best from the first two releases. Rage collects a bunch of junk, like the protagonist of Diablo, but the weapon promise the most diverse. Of course, it can be improved, as well as the heroine herself. Darksiders 3 still focuses on the melee, although the rider is much better with magic than War or Death. In battle she relies more on brute force, and on dexterity. Each enemy promises danger, so even with simple skeletons should not relax.

Not less impressive and even more original looks Biomutant. The developers brought a completely new build to Gamescom 2018 and showed a lot of interesting things. Notable features include elements of random generation in the open world. Geography is strictly fixed, but each location has its own random type: for example, you have some abandoned station can be radioactive, and the other player it is covered with ice and snow.

As already known, the protagonist-a reasonable furry animal, a master of martial arts, carries a weapon-and firearms, and for close combat. Crafting system allows you to create such crazy samples that late Dead Rising envy. However, the most surprising special abilities and how they can be used to interact with the world. Last year, we were shown plants growing at the behest of thought, working as a trampoline. Now showed a soap bubble. No, seriously, the hero creates a bubble around him, which realistically bounces off the surfaces — a convenient means of transportation. And if you jump in it on the head of the enemy, he will get stuck and roll with you, funny waving limbs.

Although the fastest way to pass the level — personal transport. For example, your own robot. Why not? In Biomutant much exists on this principle. A vacuum gun that sucks up enemies and shoots them? Please! Such crazy opportunities require time to implement, therefore, the project was moved as much as the summer of 2019. But I assure you that the game already has — works fine.

THQ Nordic continues to buy up old projects. Although the acquired TimeSplitters and Second Sight while no announcements are not connected, the publisher brought back to life the glorious tactics in the face of Desperados. For the third part is responsible Mimimi Productions, which a couple of years ago was noted caressed by critics and players Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. It, in turn, was created under the influence of the first releases of Desperados so the circle was closed.

Next door to cowboy tactics showed Fade to Silence, desperately seeking to escape from early access. The developers are trying to mix the next “survivor” and the storyline, and the created world they call “narrative sandbox” – this is generally one of the trends of Gamescom 2018. The same phrase used by the authors of RAGE 2, Metro: Exodus and other open world games.

At the level of mechanics, Fade to Silence is reminiscent of State of Decay, adjusted for a fixed protagonist with a prescribed personality and character. The protagonist tries to survive in the icy world of the future, where a mysterious Filth hunts and destroys all life, from people to the very last blade of grass. The hero is with her in some way connected and can not just die. At least a few times when the strip of life is reset, we will be resurrected, but the revival is limited to the number of special crystals, of which there are not so many. Until they run out — it is necessary to have time to save as many people as possible, to build a camp, to protect the daughter and to get to the cause of extinction of mankind. Will often die-will have to start the passage from the beginning. As a consolation prize — the progress of pumping is preserved forever.

If you are tired of surviving and fighting, you should pay attention to Scarf — another novelty presented at the THQ Nordic exposition. This peaceful adventure is inspired by the famous Journey (and in General is very similar). The main role is assigned to a strange creature with a red scarf. Scarf here is not just an element of character design, but the main tool for passing — it can turn into a shield, hiding from the icy wind, a large claw or an airplane. With his help, the protagonist moves through the world, looking for peace and lost souls.

Controller brothers

Gamescom 2018 have something to offer people that appreciate the game in the first place like a piece of art. Last, statea already told you about the stunning Ori and the Will of the Wisps. But let her fabulous look does not bother you — it’s quite a complex platformer that requires dexterity and a good reaction.

And for relaxation Gris is more suitable. It is amazingly beautiful and resembles both a picture and a European festival cartoon. Simple puzzles will not get bored, but mostly Gris refers to the already mentioned Journey: move to the goal on the horizon, enjoying the stunning views and beautiful orchestral music. Sometimes as much heart aches! Surprisingly, the project was picked up by Devolver Digital — not exactly her type of madness.

For fans of the cooperative, too, there are entertainment. While one part of Gunfire Games is working on Darksiders 3, the other team is busy with Remnant: from the Ashes. The creation of the latter began even before the authors took up the continuation of the story about the riders. Both projects share a similar theme-the post-Apocalypse against the background of the demonic invasion. However, if the Blade of the weak of humanity died, the Remnant of the people gathered together and rebuffed the evil. We obviously get the role of one of the hunters of supernatural reptiles.

The world of Remnant is randomly generated for each passing. The moment you start a new game, the algorithm will create unique locations with random missions for you. Access to each territory is through a common social zone, which serves both as a refuge for those you can save and a lobby for cooperative regime. Here you will improve equipment, pump the hero (no classes, only a set of characteristics and skills) and gather with friends or random fellow travelers to hunt.

In battles emphasis is placed on shooting. According to the developers, their first and main goal was to convey the right feeling from the shootings. And they did it: from Remnant seems to be a shooter of the middle hand, but it is necessary to take the controller and kill the first demon, as the feeling changes dramatically — to press the descent is very nice. This is a leisurely, but at the same time intense action, where assorted enemies are constantly creating interesting situations. And the bosses are not far behind. At least the fire-breathing dragon that I encountered, turned out to be a worthy opponent.

Similar in concept and Breach, created by immigrants from Bioware, who United under the roof of the Studio QC Games. If you remember, four years ago, Bioware unexpectedly announced, and then just as suddenly shut down the project Shadow Realms-I talked about it in the material with Gamescom 2014. It is based on it and developed Breach-cooperative role-playing action for four with asymmetric multiplayer. Confront the four heroes can also live player: in this case, the fifth participant of the session takes on the role of the Demon Fault, which in the incorporeal shell hovers on the level and fixes the travelers obstacles

In contrast to the Remnant: From the Ashes with active shootings, fights in Breach operate under the rules of most of the Korean MMO — all the fighting techniques have a fixed recovery time and are exactly on the enemy, which is targeted for an attack. Alas, the action itself is not very interesting. Yes, there are a lot of characters, all have their own set of unique skills, their role in the group. But somehow all … a second time, perhaps, tortured. Rap for the gameplay entertaining entourage, which mixed a variety of mythology — from Egyptian gods to the East of demons and youkai.

A special case is Zero Generation from the authors of Just Cause. Primarily attracts unusual venue — the Swedish countryside of the eighties, overrun by hostile robots. Where did all the people and what kind of unfriendly machines-the main mystery of the game. You can search for survivors alone or in a group of up to four players. Unlike many cooperative projects, Generation Zero does not send to individual randomly generated locations, but takes place in a large open world. And multiplayer works on the principle of drop in / drop out, that is, at any time you can call for help or join a friend’s game.

The last project I looked at the Gamescom 2018, was Dying Light 2. Therefore, the exhibition for me ended on a high note — a sequel to zombie action in the open world looks great. It retains all the features of the first part, including the excellent parkour and the emphasis on melee with the use of homemade weapons, but it feels much deeper in all aspects. And just more-the game map compared to its predecessor has grown four times. And apparently, in a huge area will be something to do.

The surprise for me was the incredible nonlinearity of what is happening. We go back to the phrase “narrative sandbox” (again!), but Dying Light 2 it describes very precisely. Techland offers not just an open world where the player is free to entertain themselves with a few key mechanics, but an environment that is constantly changing under the influence of decisions. The city is divided into many areas, and each player streets to the final will look completely different. Some order of the guardians of peace will keep order with an iron hand, others will come to power bloodthirsty gangs, and the third all devour zombies. How and in what order you do the job depends on what will be the last refuge of mankind on Earth.

Cyberpunk 2077

Just a few minutes after the publication of the material CD Projekt RED held a stream with a demonstration of the same gameplay (record you will find at the bottom of the page). Therefore, all that is said in the article, you can already see with your own eyes.

After The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt developers CD Projekt RED have become real stars of the gaming industry. For many of the adventures of Geralt lifted the bar of role-playing projects to unprecedented heights. Therefore, a new game from the poles waiting for no less than, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2. But in recent years there have been many rumors that Cyberpunk 2077 problems. Only E3 2018 dispelled some of the fears-the game finally showed, albeit behind closed doors. I also saw it at Gamescom 2018. And I want to assure-with the project all is well.

Дружелюбные обитатели Найт-Сити


As with most role-playing games, the first thing you’ll have to do in Cyberpunk 2077 is create a character. Rich in features editor will dazzle any protagonist, including selecting the background, which will affect the main narrative, and additional tasks. There is no strict restriction on classes — the style of play is determined by the characteristics and implants installed in the process of passing.

The first task of the hero (or rather, the show was the heroine) — the salvation of some important girl who was kidnapped by underground organ dealers. Together with my partner we move through dirty rooms and dilapidated corridors of a huge residential complex. Atmosphere: like “Judge Dredd” in 2012 with Carl urban.

On the floor a lot of bandits, which can be dealt with in different ways. The first few bad guys of the protagonists are eliminated quietly, performing beautifully animated techniques of silent killing. But then the audience asked to add action (the authors played in real time and sometimes asked the audience how to proceed), so then started a fierce firefight.

It is seen that Cyberpunk is not primarily a shooter, but a role-playing game. When hit from enemies flying damage numbers like Destiny or Borderlands. However, the weapon feels good, judging by the video. The environment flaunts interactivity-bullets turn furniture into chips, and some walls can be destroyed to bypass the enemy from the flank. In the meantime, we had a gun and the ability to slow down time to deal with small things and get to the goal.

Like the Witcher trilogy, Cyberpunk 2077 is not shy of nudity: in one of the baths is a bunch of naked bodies, among which is the missing lady. Heroes give her first aid, taking in the course of several decisions. It is unclear, however, whether they ultimately affect the outcome of the job. But in the shown version everything ended well: we gave the girl very timely help in time, received the share of Eurodollars (such here in the future currency) and went to celebrate.

Прямо сцена в духе Тарантино

Running through the neon streets

The introductory mission was only a prelude to the main action. The next morning after drinking the heroine wakes up at home, engaged in household chores, watching the news until a partner calls for a meeting-you need to discuss a new business. We first get to the expanses of the world Cyberpunk 2077. From the opening picture takes your breath away.

At this point, the game is impressive on two levels: while we are going in the Elevator, the eye appears a huge and majestic night city, stretching beyond the horizon, and it is necessary to go down lower, as surprised by the fantastic detail of the environment. The city is not just a pile of identical gray boxes. Each building is unique and architecturally different from the next. Unlike the gloomy corridors of the prologue, the streets of night city are bright: everything shimmers with neon and screams holographic advertising. The attention to detail is striking. Here even pedestrians are waiting for the green light to cross the road! The metropolis is incredibly huge and makes a strong impression.

Пугающий трансгуманизм по всей красе

In the future, we visited several areas and looked to the surgeon-mechanics, where he introduced several useful implants. Remember Prague from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? Now, all of its neighborhoods are just a tiny part of night city. Judging by the video, the size of Cyberpunk 2077 could compete with Los Santos from GTA V.

Of course, to quickly get somewhere, it is better to use your own car. On someone else’s game is difficult to say how comfortable to drive, but exactly have the opportunity to steer from the first or third person, as well as shoot on the move.

After a series of misadventures, we find ourselves at the entrance to the lair of a mad gang that sells underground goods. We need to get a military bot for the customer. Again, there are different options, including peaceful ones. Although to find a common language with the go thugs is quite difficult, so the words should be chosen carefully. It is not known, however, whether social skills will affect new options or simplify diplomacy.

The choice in the dialogues shown is not rich-usually two or three options, but judging by the content and promises of the authors, each decision can radically change the course of events. As, for example, literally five minutes earlier it was necessary to get out of a difficult situation — it is heavy to lie when the interlocutor was directly connected to your brain through a neurointerface. But back to the bandits. Earning the trust, we successfully bought the bot, and, in principle, could go back home… But this fucking drug dealer too boldly led the business. The audience decided that it is impossible to endure, and so it became hot. But when the dust settled, we were in the hands of a military robot, and money, and a lot of new weapons.

Машина героя чем-то напоминает KITT из «Рыцаря дорог»

This shootout was much hotter than the fight of the entry. One gun was not enough: in the course went and shotgun, and smart submachine gun with homing charges (just like in the “Fifth element”!), and even futuristic katana. In the case showed one of the previously obtained implants-eye scanner that allows you to see the trajectory of ricocheting bullets. Another view mode highlights enemies through walls. The heroine, by the way, has the blades of the first trailer, built into the hands, so deftly deals with the enemies in the jump.

Judging by the color of the background of the icons of the items, the equipment will be the degree of “rarity.” Katana, apparently, was increased steepness, because in addition to the ability to cut off the arms and legs, it generates a force field that protects against stray bullets.

Ended disassembly battle with the boss, which once again demonstrated the interactivity of the environment-the only way missiles spread the walls and columns. When behind were only corpses and smoldering remains, a heroine with a partner for the wheelbarrow went into the sunset under a storm of applause. To be honest, even it is unclear why the demo at least in a compressed form is not shown to the public, as did Techland with Dying Light 2, because the game works fine, and for an hour was not seen a single bug, no zaglyuchivshey animation or stuck in the textures of the model. What I saw looked like a complete product.

There are only fears about how the show was scripted – too cool contextual animations and stunning staging of dialogues. It is hard to believe that such a level of study will be in the whole game, in every secondary task. After all, if you choose a threat in the dialogue, the protagonist is not just threatening tone recites intimidating speech — he puts a gun to the head of the interlocutor, and he makes a frightened expression. Even if we consider that the choice of replicas is often reduced to two or three options, still the amount of the final work is terrifying.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks pretty darn cool. The live game is just a little bit short of the video shown at the Microsoft conference at E3 2018. Let the models and lighting a little less quality, but the number of details in the frame, the level of elaboration and individuality of each location, each corner is simply amazing. However, the system requirements of the game are likely to be appropriate. So it’s time to think about the upgrade. If not for this game, then for what else?

Палач Рока одобряет выбор

Finally, someone realized that cyberpunk is not necessarily a gray depressing city and nasty rainy weather. Cyberpunk 2077 breaks these stamps with its vivid picture as if you are in futuristic Miami. Just for fun facade lies no less dark secrets and deceit than any Noir metropolis.

State of Mind: fragile creature

From State of Mind Studio Daedalic Entertainment, who created the cult quest Deponia cycle, opens up the increasingly popular genre of cyberpunk. It is unlikely that it can be reproached for the desire to go on a fashionable topic — the announcement took place two years ago, and the development began even earlier. Only, it seems, in the process of creating the authors so sprayed that they wanted to shove in the history of all the related topics, why the game is more like a team hodgepodge than an independent work. But everything in order.

Город-5 разительно отличается от Берлина. Но даже в Раю люди останутся людьми…

A spoon for Gibson a spoon for Dick.

Richard Nolan wakes up in a hospital bed. In my head vague, fragmentary memories of the accident, but the doctor says that everything will be fine, and the memory will be restored in a few days. For now it is better to go home to the family. Only one at home. With his wife in recent relations do not go well. It is not enough that somewhere took away his son, so also left a brand new home robot. The usual thing in Berlin in 2048. Only Richard these machines are angry as well as the main character “I the robot.”

State of Mind weaves intrigue, collecting a picture of the near future of the pieces. Most of the time, the game remains very chamber, but here and there throws interesting details: a map of the world in the hero’s apartment disappointing news reports about the confrontation between the West and the East, overpopulation and pollution of the Earth. Against this background the personal story of Richard unfolds — a very ambiguous hero.

At the very beginning it seems that we are waiting for a famously twisted detective story, in the center of which — a confused person. He rushes between family and mistress, always dissatisfied with everything and is ready to flare up for any reason. However, we can not say that he does not care: he sincerely seeks to return his son. It is rare that such a complex character is placed in the center of the narrative: to cause the effect of immersion, the player must associate himself with the protagonist, and not everyone wants to be Richard. On the other hand, there is a desire to know what life events influenced him. It is a pity that this is not given as much attention as we would like.

Побег из лаборатории — один из самых интересных с точки зрения геймплея эпизодов

As you progress through the focus is increasingly shifting from personal to global. From the drama of an individual, we come to corporate conspiracies, and the search for a family takes us immediately on all the topics that we used to see in cyberpunk: ubiquitous robotization and unemployment, virtual reality and the transfer of consciousness, globalization, overpopulation, cloning, freedom of will of intelligent machines, and so on. The writers are desperately trying to speak on every issue, but it turns out very superficial.

The further away, the stronger the State of Mind crumbles to pieces. The first half of the passage is different verified rhythm of the story: we alternately observe Richard in a dark Berlin, then Adam in a bright, almost perfect City-5. The plot thickens, the world is becoming richer in details, the plot twist is really surprising. And after the authors as if fly off the rails.

From haste, which rushes action in the future, suffer motivation and dialogues. And both in literary terms and in the voice. Sometimes heroes speak as normal people, and sometimes begin to play terribly or, on the contrary, dry read the text. The storyline somehow gets to the logical conclusion, but some scenes and events cause terrible bewilderment. Unfortunately, the most illustrative examples are both fat spoilers, so you have to take your word for it. Started for the health, and finished for the repose if not, then close to it.

And it hurts the overall impression of the game. After all, State of Mind is, in fact, an interactive story, but practically devoid of this very interactivity. History is linear, and choices in dialogue have no far-reaching consequences. Yes, even the immediate consequences are not-just slightly different phrases. But you can choose how it ends. Right in the final. You’ll regret laughing at “three colors of Mass Effect 3”!

Картинки по запросу State of Mind

From the point of view of mechanics, State of Mind also has little to offer — a typical modern adventure with a minimum of brainteasers. It is necessary to pay tribute to the creators, they try not to let the player get bored. Richard, as a journalist, compares the extracted information to move forward on the plot. A couple of times will drive a drone and even shoot a turret. Well, you need to look for active items to apply them in the right place. But all mechanics are extremely primitive.

What Daedalic really bet on is the unique look of the game. It is made in a kind of low-poly style-the characters, like the whole environment, deliberately created angular, made primitive. State of Mind really stands out among fellow genre. On the other hand, such a picture will not be enjoyed by everyone.

Картинки по запросу State of Mind

State of Mind leaves a strange aftertaste. She tells an interesting story with complex characters, even if it bends to the final under the weight of their own ambitions. But she manages to convey a clear idea-even creating an ideal world a person remains himself with all his vices: the desire for power pathological lies and self-deception.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2-this is the second entry into the same river for Fatshark Studio, and, strictly speaking, this approach turned out much more convincing than the past. Yes, the original is also perfectly used the basic concept of Left 4 Dead, to create a good “grinder” in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy, but on the second attempt at the developers from Sweden everything turned out quite well. What players need from the co-operative action about the brutal massacre? Anything extra: only a fascinating gameplay, adequately, the maps and any balance that was not boring, and at the same time to every second fight is not ended with death and all. Vermintide 2 has it all. As well as the complete absence of any competitors. In such circumstances, it would be extremely strange if the game would not have reached a few days mark of 500 thousand copies sold.

The main thing that is in Warhammer: Vermintide 2-is the gameplay. Action game in which players run from point a to point B, simultaneously fighting off hordes of enemies. Around the action and collected the rest of the game. If you have at least a couple of times run Left 4 Dead, then instantly feel at home-only adjusted for the setting, as well as the fact that the Vermintide 2 was not the main firearm, and cold. In the rest of the same all roughly the same. There are hordes of enemies, bosses, too, the lack of first-aid kits has not gone away, and the local AI Director, as in the game Valve, loves to Troll players in all possible ways.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2-this is the second entry into the same river for Fatshark Studio, and, strictly speaking, this approach turned out much more convincing than the past. Yes, the original is also perfectly used the basic concept of Left 4 Dead, to create a good “grinder” in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy, but on the second attempt at the developers from Sweden everything turned out quite well. What players need from the co-operative action about the brutal massacre? Anything extra: only a fascinating gameplay, adequately, the maps and any balance that was not boring, and at the same time to every second fight is not ended with death and all. Vermintide 2 has it all. As well as the complete absence of any competitors. In such circumstances, it would be extremely strange if the game would not have reached a few days mark of 500 thousand copies sold.

The main thing that is in Warhammer: Vermintide 2-is the gameplay. Action game in which players run from point a to point B, simultaneously fighting off hordes of enemies. Around the action and collected the rest of the game. If you have at least a couple of times run Left 4 Dead, then instantly feel at home-only adjusted for the setting, as well as the fact that the Vermintide 2 was not the main firearm, and cold. In the rest of the same all roughly the same. There are hordes of enemies, bosses, too, the lack of first-aid kits has not gone away, and the local AI Director, as in the game Valve, loves to Troll players in all possible ways.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 2

However, some aspects of the creation of the Fatshark much left from its “parent”. For example, here, as in any Diablo, there is equipment. There are character classes, each with subclasses. Well, the purpose of each mission — not just to run to another shelter, but to do something in the process. For example, to kill someone with a sledgehammer.

Subclasses and equipment — one of the key points of the game. No one, of course, will not prevent you to run in standard equipment and with the base class (some downright beg for nerf), but it will still be better if you dress up. Experience characters earn after completing missions, chests with items are extracted from the same. Someone now may say, well, “luchbox, what the hell this game is luchbox!”— but that’s mined these luchbox exclusively in-game way to buy advantage for money will not work. And over whom an advantage over the bots?

From boxes falls equipment of different power levels and different colors. Everything is as it should be: ordinary things, unusual, rare and legendary. The higher your level and the level of chests that you open, the more chances that you will fall standing items.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 3

A lot of items in the game. Not only that, they are divided into specific characters (there are five of them in the game), so things are also for different subclasses. However, it concerns only all weapons and all sorts of amulets, armor plays a cosmetic role that reflects your subclass. Tinkering mainly to be with weapons.

All this (except for pulling the appearance of weapons) is necessary in order to fight effectively. Enemies are many, and most are stupid meat, which is rushing at you from different sides. Die the meat quickly, and there is, in principle, do not care, two-handed sword in your hands or a pair of daggers. But sometimes the game throws unique enemies, and at such moments, and the choice of weapons, and the approach to the enemy matter.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 5

It’s easier to shoot someone from a distance. Someone needs to beat in melee, and always power attacks to the head. Some, on the contrary, to blows to the head are immune. Some of the unique enemies takes players out of order, and if you did not help, you can write a will in the chat, where you specify who will get your healing potion.

In the game there are bosses. They are few, but they have a lot of health, bad attack, and besides, the AI Director constantly throws more meat to the rescue, as if mocking the players. Boss battles — a kind of test, which, however, mainly tied to randomness. The most ” fun ” happens when the Director of the game forgets that there is a mandatory boss behind that tree, and sends the players “random”. Fight in a row with two such creatures — it is still fun.

In addition to weapons, which is necessary to competently use (especially firearms!), a significant influence on the course of battles have character classes. Just Vermintide 2 five characters, and four can go “to work” together. The gameplay is generally similar for all-the only difference is in the nuances. In our case, special abilities and passive skills.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 6

Each of the characters available 3 profession, which gives a total of fifteen. And each profession changes both the active skill of the hero and his passive skills. The elf, for example, instead of a powerful volley learns to go into invisibility, the Pyromancer — to cast a fireball, and the gnome gets the ability to fly into the crowd with a powerful jump.

From professions depends on the behavior of players in battle. Someone will be a great destroyer of unique enemies, someone will help the team in the event that all managed to fall. Of course, in the end it all comes down to rubilovo, however, to ignore the abilities of classes not — depends on them very much.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 8

Local maps are very beautiful, although after a masterfully executed Imperial city to get into any of the next catacombs, which are already a thousand and once seen-a dubious pleasure. But for the most part, the locations do look great and work great for the atmosphere. Although it would seem-the game is not about it.

At some point (after passing the story campaign, to be exact) you will see all the cards. After that, you will only have to clean up the old locations, carefully examining them for volumes and grimoires that increase your experience and the quality of the chests at the end of the match, but to work on improving their skills.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 10

However, even if you remember the card by heart, from unexpected attacks you still will not save. As I mentioned above, Cradle 2 uses an AI Director, similar to the one that was in Left 4 Dead. Yes, it is probably called differently, but its essence is the same — to make players difficult and diverse. Yes, you can remember the places where grimoires lie, where potions and bombs can be caught (moreover, this really should be remembered), but this will not work with enemies. On some maps, of course, there are mandatory bosses, but nothing will prevent the Director to throw you a bonus a couple more, and in between — the Horde.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 7

So far, the game has two troubles. And if one of them is purely “taste”, the second is much more serious. The first is music. I know it won’t be a problem for everyone, but I was really surprised when I realized that I don’t remember a single motive, not a single second of music. And in the game itself, when the music sounded, it seemed to me absolutely no, therefore it was quickly replaced by the soundtrack of Doom (2016) (thank you, Mick Gordon!) and the set of varying degrees of savagery of metal. This, however, does not interfere with the game — everyone has their own tastes.

The second problem concerns all players. The claim is a small amount of content. Yes, 13 cards-it’s a little: you can run them for 6-8 hours, then start running on “random” tasks to get a more valuable reward. You can still do the collection of all the legendary weapons, which will have-right! – run on these 13 cards back and forth without stopping to pump yourself and get a normal weapon.

At some point, you do catch yourself thinking that the game has turned from a fun simulator fantasy sewage with a flamethrower at the ready in the simulator grind. Again, someone may object and say that in Left 4 Dead players ran on the same cards, only there is a fundamental difference. There was no progression, and there was no need to rush over them in the hope that now something sensible would fall out of the chest. Here everything will eventually come down to this, and not all players will find it worth their time (although I, for example, do not mind).

However, if you are not afraid of the grind and you like to destroy monsters in the company of friends, the Vermintide 2 is suitable. This game manages to generate a huge number of emotions (not always positive, but still) and constantly something to surprise, creating one interesting situation after another.

The developers also have big plans for the future-already planned to support custom modifications using Steam Workshop, launch dedicated servers and release a few small additions. And somewhere near the end of the year most likely  will be a console release.

Рецензия на Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Обзор игры - Изображение 1

In total, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is worth the money. Excellent, brutal action, beautiful locations, tolerable (but not without problems, of course) network code and addictive gameplay in the company of friends. What else do you need from cooperative action?

Graveyard Keeper

Gamers who have ever been fond of the project Stardew Valley, happy to find familiar elements in the new game Studio Lazy Bear called Graveyard Keeper. The only difference is that instead of growing crops, mining ore and fighting green slugs you are offered to take care of the cemetery, prepare the corpses bury them and Refine the graves.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Game card

Home is your starting point. Inside and outside there are many different workbenches, there you need to install the chests to sort all the items and facilitate their further search, in the basement you can remove the debris to gain access to underground tunnels, allowing you to quickly move between different objects (so, for example, you can get to the village).

The cellar will be used for wine production. The vineyard, which allows to grow the appropriate plant, is located in the North-East of the house, on a hill. To expand the vineyard to perform several quests Inquisitor.

To the right of the house is a vegetable garden, which can be used for growing crops only after you get from the owner of the tavern certificate of ownership.

The morgue and the cemetery you will visit as part of the training. If going down the morgue, it will be possible to find the platform used for cremation of the bodies. This is a great option to get rid of the low quality of bodies, but at the same time to the funeral certificate (unlike the moment when you dump bodies in the river).

If you go East of your house, along the path, you will find yourself in the middle of a wheat field. Climb up from the intersection to meet the Miller selling hops and flour, then go down and learn about the Farmer from whom you can buy seeds for planting in the garden.

Follow further East to get to the village where there are many different NPC-blacksmith, tavern owner, carpenter, bricklayer, shepherd, beekeeper, elderly cannabis merchant.

By the way, the owner of the tavern sells a lot of interesting things, including teleportation stone, instantly moving you home and back to the village. Yes,and it is not so expensive: only two silver.

If you go from the village to the right, you can find a lighthouse. Here you can talk to the lighthouse Keeper and Astrologer. However, the last character appears only on certain days of the week. Read about it below. The lighthouse Keeper offers items related to fishing.

If you go to the left of the house, you will come across a destroyed bridge. Fix it, and then find yourself in the swamp. We’ll have to overcome the maze. From the plate, move down, pass on spiral in a clockwise direction, not straying from the path. To provide a quick passage to the house of the witch, restore another bridge to his right. In the future, you do not have to use the same maze! Witch will provide access to the initial recipes of alchemy, it is possible to buy the appropriate ingredients. The witch you can buy seedlings for bushes with berries and Apple trees. They can be planted next to the house, on the left side.

Go up from the house to find the apiary. To use this element of the game, you need to unlock a certain technology.

Go to the upper right corner of the house to find the witch mountain. This location will be necessary when performing tasks of the Inquisitor. Here you can trade burgers and beer, but on a certain day of the week.

If you go up from the apiary or swamp, you will run into the rubble. Remove them to gain access to the forest and career. Contrary to everything, the quarry will produce not only stone, but coal and iron ore, and this source is inexhaustible. A little later you will be able to get marble there.

You are the Graveyard Keeper (Keeper of the Cemetery), so the main task is related to the protection of the cemetery. This is only the beginning sounds simple, but the reality is much more complex and ambiguous. You will need to perform many different duties, create new technologies. But the first task, as a beginner, is to collect experience points that allow you to learn the right technology and unlock the Church. And for its construction and materials will be useful!

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Looking for materials  studying technology

As for the extraction of materials, in Graveyard Keeper you can get them from almost all the surrounding objects – bushes, trees, rocks, even barrels in the basement. For each resource requires a particular tool. For example, we cut down trees with axes, but the remained stump is uprooted already by a shovel.

When you use tools, you’re using up energy (the full scale defaults to about 100 units) and also making them worse, so they’ll break down later. Fortunately, the local blacksmith offers you a whetstone, thanks to which you will be able to restore the tools while at home.

Also at the beginning of the game you may encounter a situation where it is impossible to collect resources. Most likely, any requirements have not been met or you have not reached the part of the plot when their farm becomes possible.

When you destroy various objects and collect certain resources, in addition to them you will notice the appearance of some colored stones-red, green and blue. It’s experience points:

– Red points are obtained in the process of performing physical work. You will receive them in the operation of workbenches, craft items including wooden crosses and headstones, the mining, the destruction of large boulders or tree felling.

– Green glasses are associated with knowledge of nature. To get them you need to dig up bushes, plant plants, uproot stumps, etc.

– Blue points are associated with spiritual knowledge of the intangible world, so you get them when you “explore” or “learn” something in the game. And yet to accumulate a sufficient number of blue points will be possible only after you build a Church. The Bishop will provide an opportunity to farm sand and clay, from which it will be possible to make glass and get blue experience. It can also be obtained by buying books from an astrologer or processing the skin from the corpses into paper, which is done in the Church. At the beginning of the game to collect the first points of the blue experience on the workbench, you can study the wings of bats or organs from corpses.

All these experience points are spent on the acquisition of new and improvement of existing “technologies”, which, in fact, are passive and active skills. All technologies are divided into six separate categories:

– Anatomy and alchemy

— Theology

– Mastery of writing

– Agriculture and nature

— Blacksmithing

— Construction

There are no strict rules that specify which technologies to choose at the beginning of the game, but keep in mind that some of them will be needed to perform various quests: for example, to clean up the cemetery. Beginners are recommended to focus on the construction, especially everything that is connected with wood and also theology, to build the crosses and tombstones on the cemetery.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Body care

In addition to the ability to interact with the elements of animate and inanimate nature to the Keeper of the Cemetery having to do the autopsy the bodies. bring All of the body that gives you a donkey, you have to pull to the morgue and laid on the operating table. Here you can cut the skin, pieces of meat, remove bones and other parts. Meat, for example, can be sold in a tavern, but most of the other items will be needed in a few cases to perform certain quest tasks, so fixate on each corpse is not necessary, as well as cut everything that is inside.

Another important point that should not be forgotten: every body deteriorates over time. The donkey brings you completely fresh bodies some time after you bury the already processed or dump it in the river. The earlier you lift the body, the higher the quality of what you cut (it is desirable to remain in the range of 90-100 %).

The freshness of the bodies affects the quality of the cemetery, as if the body began to disintegrate, then at his burial rating will be reduced. Impact on the overall rating have shards, which are specified for each corpse, and how grave tidy and how well it is decorated.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Here’s a quick summary of what you need to do:

– White shards: these are basic indicators that indicate the good quality of the corpse. The more of them, the better. When exploring the grave you will see a scale with several white shards. Their number indicates the quality of the grave after its decoration. For example, if there is only one white skull on the grave, its rating may not be higher than “+1”, while the grave with five white shards can be improved to “+5”. Thus, it makes no sense to decorate the grave with one white shard of all that you have. You will waste money and resources!

– Red shards indicate a negative quality of the corpse. Each red skull reduces the grave’s rating by one point. This means that if you have a grave with two red shards, its rating will be “-2”. In addition, the red shards are deducted from the white rating, so no matter how well you have ennobled the grave, its rating will be reduced by the specified amount.

– Green shards indicate that the flesh has already begun to rot. They act about the same as red shards, but with one exception: you can’t fix or remove them!

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to eliminate the decomposition of corpses, get rid of unnecessary red and add a few white shards:

  1. You can place a body in a grave, but not bury it. This will stop the flow of corpses brought by the donkey until you bury the body. Also, this approach will stop the decomposition of the body (deterioration of freshness).
  1. Build pallets in the morgue, where you can leave the bodies. The corpses lying on them are also not subject to decomposition.
  2. Dump the bodies in the river. If you forget about the corpse and its quality is significantly reduced, you can throw it into the river. This will save you from the deterioration of the rating of the cemetery, and no penalties for such actions are not provided to the player.

In General, the body will begin to disintegrate to hopelessness in about one day or night (sleep cycle). And now let’s deal with the burial of bodies and care for them.

Initially, you will be available to cut the meat, but later you can unlock other organs and body parts in the branch of “Anatomy”.Learn more about how different organs affect body quality:

– Meat-removes one white skull.

– Blood-removes one red skull by adding one white

– Fat-removes red and adds white skull

Bone is useless, so you can remove all of the corpses

– Skull-adds one red skull

– Skin-removes one white skull and adds red

– Brain, heart and intestines are mutually exclusive organs. In random order, when removing any of the organs, one of three options will occur-two red skulls will be removed, two white skulls will be removed, one red and one white skull will be removed.

Among other things, there is a chance for a surgical error in which the desired organ will be removed, but the quality of the corpse will still deteriorate. Later, you can unlock a skill that reduces the likelihood of surgical error.

Therefore, when cutting up bodies, remove fat and blood. If the corpse has 3-4 red shards, try to remove the brain, intestines or heart. If you are lucky, you will get “to the point” and get rid of two red shards.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Cemetery care

Go to the cemetery and talk to the Bishop to find out one of the main tasks: ennobling the local cemetery. You will need to repair or replace most tombstones and grave fences. This will need to be done with new graves, where you put the treated body.

At the beginning of the game you will be given a few repair kits for wood and stone, but for understandable reasons they are not enough to repair each grave and increase the rating to “+5”. This is where you will need new technology and craft the necessary items.

To put the cemetery in order, you will need a workbench on wood and a stone Carver, allowing you to create new repair kits. Both of these designs can be built on a workbench with drawings to the left of the Guardian’s house. When you do this, unlock the Saw and woodworking technologies from the Construction category, as well as the ability to create wooden crosses and fences from the Theology branch.

Although you can unlock the ability to create stone tombstones, making them until the Church is opened, will not work. Therefore, we recommend at the beginning of the game to focus on wood products. In the process of completing the task you will need a lot of nails that can be bought from the blacksmith.

As soon as you can regularly create repair kits, wooden crosses and fences, you will be able to increase the rating of the cemetery.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

Here are some additional tips on the topic:

– When you receive tasks, pay attention to the symbol of the day! Certain quests are only available in these areas for limited periods of time.

— If you need extra money, you can do agriculture, which you need to get a certificate from the owner of the tavern. Buy seeds from a farmer South of the wheat fields.

– Bodies lose 1% freshness every 30 seconds. As soon as this value falls below 90 %, negative effects will begin to accumulate.

The rating increases graves gravestones and fences, but he cannot be above the quality of a corpse (white shards). For example, if you create a tombstone and a fence with a rating of “5”, but the quality of the corpse is “4”, then it will go to set off four points. As for the red shards, they are subtracted from the total. Considering the same example and assuming that the corpse had one red crock, only three points (4-1) will go to offset of a cemetery.

Also, the rating can be increased by other decorations, including lawns and flower beds, which are not tied to the graves. They unlock later.

Any body can be dug up (exhumed) to revise the characteristics or burned and buried in its place a new, better. This is done through the mailbox (fee required) after you get the rank of priest.

Картинки по запросу graveyard keeper обзор

The Church is another way of earning money

Inside the Church you will be able to preach. At the end of them, parishioners leave donations, which can become even more significant compared to the sale of funeral certificates.

The amount of donations depends on the rating of the cemetery, which we raised in the previous Chapter, as well as on the quality of prayer. There are several different prayers, the base brings a minimum of profit. You can order more advanced prayers, but if the rating of the Church does not meet the requirements of this prayer, the basic one will be used in the sermon. Thus, in addition to the cemetery, you need to increase the rating of the Church, setting more advanced and expensive decorative elements. For example, confessional raises the rating by 5 points.

Also some advanced prayers give you different positive statuses.How to get blue experience points

The most difficult to obtain experience points are considered scientific. Each technology in the game requires to unlock a certain number of experience points-green, red and blue, or a combination of two/three of them.

Red and green points are obtained almost always, because you always striver for the extraction of resources, perform physical work, etc. But blue science points to get much more complicated. There are a few tricks that will allow you to increase their stock. Read about them below!

Blue experience, as it was written above, is a set of knowledge about the spiritual, intangible world. This means that most of them can be obtained in the study and study of anything. The problem is that before you open the Church, you can’t do these things.

After the Bishop likes the way you have repaired the cemetery, you will receive a task about regular sermons. This will open access to the workbench in the Church, a Board with drawings and a study table. This will allow you to conduct research and create items that will be useful for the blue experience.

But at the beginning of the game you need to somehow get your first blue experience points! In fact, it’s very simple: study and burn clean paper on the study table in the basement of the Church. Before you can make clean paper, you have to build workbenches in the Church.

How to create a Church-the workbench

To build a Church workbench, you will need to unlock ” Research and craft paper “in the technology tree”writing Skill”. The house will need to create an anvil to be able to produce iron parts. For the anvil will need four iron parts.

Wooden anvil will allow you to create simple iron parts. As soon as you collect the necessary components, including complex parts and nails, then make a workbench.

Getting the blue experience

On the Church workbench you can create from human skin paper, which then turns into clean paper. Four sheets are made at once, which need to be moved to the study table in the Church, studied and burned. So you get your first blue experience points!

After that you will be able to gain scientific experience from:

— The astrologer – complete his first task, to get the two points.

– Bishop-complete the quest in which you need to give the character 20 cups to get five experience points.

The study table can be used to study other subjects and gain experience. It could even be parts of dead bodies! Just keep in mind that you can only study one subject at a time.

Here are some additional ways to gain blue experience:

– Farm sand and clay to create glass that can be studied on the study table.

– Purchase of books and scientific articles from an astrologer, followed by their study.


In Graveyard Keeper, a week consists of six days, each of which is associated with one of seven deadly sins (for equating greed has been removed). Every day is associated with a key character:

— Pride. On this day, The Bishop appears at the cemetery. If you have a “Preacher” perk, you can give a sermon in the Church by collecting donations from parishioners.

— Voluptuousness. Mrs. charm can be found at the dead horse tavern.

— Gluttony. A merchant appears in the village.

— Envy. In the basement of the house you can meet snake, who will remain there after you complete his task.

— Anger. The Inquisitor appears on witch mountain.

— Laziness. An Astrologer comes to the lighthouse.