Memories Retold

From time to time there is talk that video games are evil, propaganda of violence and the cause of various crimes, it has long been accepted to perceive with a certain degree of irony. On the other hand, if you look at what is happening in almost every game with an inexperienced eye, you will notice that this violence is really enough. Fights, murders, robberies and other antisocial acts, even if sometimes committed with the best intentions, were and are the focus of the vast majority of video games.


Not every developer can talk about the value of human life, the limits of the right to violence and such inconvenient topics. 11-11: Memories Retold, released by Bandai Namco Entertainment on the eve of the centenary of the end of world war I — just about it.


All went to the front

While in Europe in full blazing flames of war that have been ongoing for two years in Canada continues at a regular peaceful life for which the battle and the daily death of thousands of people beyond the ocean are only the dry lines in news reports. Harry, a young man, lives in Toronto and works as an assistant photographer. The war interested him much less than the daughter of the owner of the company, Julia.


One fine autumn day her father comes to a rather unusual visitor: a handsome soldier, festooned with medals, mayor Barrett, a real war hero. After a short photo shoot, he makes a tempting offer Harry-say, your skills photographer wasted in boredom and bliss of everyday life, but at the front there are always stories for such talent. In addition, this is a chance to become famous, and the girls love guys in uniform — Julia, melted by the sight of the major, will not lie. Apparently, Barrett hit the spot — and how much do you need a young man who knows about the war only from books and Newspapers?


Now Harry is a front-line photographer who goes to Europe for a “real war”, where he will certainly be able to show himself, and when he returns — Julia will look at him in the same way as at the major that day…


Germany, a military factory for the production of airships, which mainly employs Mature men – all young people in the army, as well as most of the sons of workers. By a happy coincidence, many of them serve in the same unit. But once the plant comes terrible news — 16 people from this group were missing after heavy fighting on the Western front.

If other fathers put up with the loss and began to hope for a miracle-suddenly someone survived, Kurt, one of the workers, whose son Max was among these fighters, unable to cope with the unknown. There is only one way to answer the question of whether Max is alive or died the death of the brave — to go to the service, trying to find his son in the depths of war.


Kurt leaves his wife and little daughter at home, enlists in the army and after a while becomes an ordinary military engineer on the Western front. He is here for the sole purpose of finding his son and returning home to his family, or, if fate is so cruel, at least finding his grave and knowing for sure that his son is no longer alive. Service for Kurt-only a tool to achieve the goal, and the war for the “faterland”, Patriotic appeals and heroism remain worthless words…


Two people who are different from each other, each with their own aspirations and desires, among which there was no place for dreams of dozens of enemies killed and heroic deeds, are drawn into the cycle of the great war, which will bring them together. Will they be able to save themselves and return home?


11-11: Memories Retold обзор игры

Field mail


The decision of the fate of Kurt and Harry on the conscience of the player. It is he who will control both characters, and often switch between them at any time, which is necessary for further passage. 11-11: Memories Retold is a classic adventure game. Gameplay is uncomplicated and is a large part of the journey through the locations, interspersed with the implementation of simple tasks and solving simple puzzles. Open the passage, pushing the box, find the keys to unlock the door — nothing special at first glance. But not everything is so simple – thanks to the imagination of developers with the help of simple techniques can quite revive the game, making it something more than the usual linear adventure.


For example, Harry always has a camera at hand, which can be used for its intended purpose at any time. Photography is allowed to do anything, but some objects are highlighted separately-their pictures can be used to reveal the plot. However, nothing prevents “click” the world as you like, not forgetting, however, about the daily limit of 16 frames. Oddly enough, almost any photo turns out to be extremely successful — they can be viewed at any time in the menu. These same photo Harry sends Julia, and what kind of photo to send in a letter, you can also choose. The girl’s answers, by the way, vary depending on the card sent.


Kurt can do without a camera, but he also likes to write letters. The more he communicates with others and travels to locations, the more he has to news for loved ones. To lie to her or write to her the harsh truth, reassure the family or to prepare them for the worst — to select player.


The rest of the gameplay, as already mentioned, nothing remarkable is not and may be interested only in finding notes hidden in secluded places. Each fully assembled record (and they can be of two or more parts) provides access to a photo or picture with a description of various aspects of the First world — from propaganda to equipment and weapons.


In the rest-banal running from point to point, conversations with comrades in arms and minimal interaction with the environment. However, the game is almost not spoils — it’s not about this: here in the first place the story of two ordinary people caught up in the war

11-11: Memories Retold обзор игры

There is always a choice


One of the key tools for presenting the story is an original visual style that imitates the drawing with oil paints. However, you can see everything yourself. But keep in mind that the screenshots are hardly able to convey the beauty of what is happening — in the dynamics it looks much prettier. Do not disappoint and music-it perfectly emphasizes the state of the main characters and at the right time creates the necessary atmosphere for a particular scene. A peaceful town away from the war or the horror of a gas attack, a quiet farm with a pastoral landscape, or front-line everyday life is flooded with water the trenches — the effect of presence is always on top, despite the rather weak schedule.


The game is very similar to the movie, but the movie is still interactive. There is an opportunity to influence key events, making a choice for Kurt or Harry. However, sometimes this variability is only an illusion, but in fact the plot will change only a couple of phrases or actions.


The story itself, if we continue the analogy with cinema, to match not modern blockbusters with a bunch of special effects or artsy Arthouse, and paintings of the middle of the last century. Simple statement, measured speech of the main characters, some naivety and, maybe, even fabulousness of the events — sometimes it begins to irritate, the closer to the ending, the more. I want to see a little more realism in the actions and motives of the characters. But the last Chapter puts everything in its place-despite the predictability, the ending is very dramatic. Here, the player will have to make the most important choice, which determines the fate of the main characters and their loved ones. It turned out very much – for the final scene can be forgiven 11-11: Memories Retold all defects.

Most recently, on November 11, in Paris were held commemorative events on the occasion of the centenary of the end of the First world war. Europe still remembers such long-standing events, despite the years that have passed. And 11-11: Memories Retold, of course, is designed specifically for the Western public, and for us this topic is not so important — although Russia took part in the First world war, we are closer to another Great war. Nevertheless, this does not prevent to enjoy the passage and empathize with the main characters.

11-11: Memories Retold обзор игры

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Fans of the license plates Dragon Quest to convince the purchase of the 11th is not necessary: the press and ordinary users do not cheat — this is really one of the best games in the series. But what about those who first learned about Dragon Quest from our recent video and is afraid of the number XI in the title? Will there be any problems for beginners if they start getting acquainted with the series from this part? Fortunately, none of this will happen — that the fact that others like the game. It does not turn the genre upside down and can not boast of radical changes compared to other jrpgs, but how cool it’s all done!


Real adventure


To understand how much time, effort and money has been invested in the game, it is enough to spend at least a couple of hours. During this time, you will see high quality videos on the engine, nice animation, simple and the most intuitive interface, and most importantly — luxurious locations in the world of Andrea, where the unfolding events. Dragon Quest XI reminds animated cartoon, and this feeling will arise constantly, even when the player just runs through a dark cave and tries not to catch the eye of the monsters living in it. Monsters, by the way, are also remarkably drawn.


Pleased with the design of the characters-for this we should thank the legendary artist Akira Toriyama (Akira Toriyama), known for a series of Dragon Ball. Perhaps some images may seem cliched, like sitting in a dungeon thief and two twin sisters, one of which is strongly rejuvenated by magic. But the company turned out very nice — there was a place and pretty grandfather, and trained martial arts pretty girl, and extravagant circus performer, the orientation of which among the fans are active discussions. In my opinion, between them there is no such “chemistry”, what was in a gang of outcasts in Tales of Berseria, but every dialogue you listen with great pleasure.


The story is also not the most original: the protagonist quickly realizes that he is the reincarnation of the hero who once saved the whole world, leaves his native village and goes on a journey to learn more about his destiny. However, the plot is not just a surprise, and it’s not just unexpected turns. The situations in which the character gets, too unusual — something to participate in the races, then ride a gondola in a city similar to the tiny Venice. Settlements differ from each other both in appearance and manner of speech of residents: some speak haiku, others mix English and Italian words. Translation taking into account these features is made at the highest level, and the English sound succeeded. Japanese include not allowed, because the home game was released without it.

All these small locations, as well as the territory outside, are full of secrets — stairs leading to the roof, wells with useful trophies at the bottom, numerous chests and barrels of gold. It is also necessary to go into each building and search the cabinets — there may lie valuable books with red covers, with which the hero will learn new recipes and be able to “craft” special equipment. Of course, you can just run from one story character to another and ignore everything else, but it’s more boring to play — during the passage of Dragon Quest XI you want to stretch the process. And the game provides a lot of opportunities for this — some enemies are even allowed to ride after the victory over them, so the hero gets to previously inaccessible areas.


But there is a small drawback associated with side quests. It is very easy to find them — they are marked with purple dots on the map, and missed tasks are listed in the menu. Here are just some of the instructions as meaningless as the absurd conditions for their implementation. The fact that part of the job is based on the “power of vivacity” (pep powers) — special skills that run in the presence of this very vivacity in certain characters. To cheer up the character itself can not-it happens by accident during the battle, and the effect disappears after a dozen moves. And you are asked to perform a technique in which two or three companions must be cheerful at the same time, so you have to fight, fight and fight until it happens. Just stupid and stupid tasks, though not so much.

Картинки по запросу Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Step by step


Except for the “power of vivacity”, the combat system in the game is standard for the genre — it’s turn-based battles in which the characters make strikes one after another. Settings offered a lot, there are literally suitable for each player. Amateurs doing it all yourself can manage the whole squad and lazy, nothing prevents to enable automatic decision-making by all participants in the battle. And in this case, there are several options: to order to fight as accurately as possible, to focus on the treatment of comrades, to attack, no matter what, and so on. Settings are and the camera: available as a standard view, and the ability to freely twist it and move around the “arena”, though it does not affect anything.


Random battles, which in other JRPG still do not want to get rid of, there is almost no — they run only while traveling by ship. The rest of the time, it’s up to you to decide whether to engage with someone or not. Although sometimes enemies appear unexpectedly-the bats fall from the ceiling right in front of your nose, someone will jump out from the side or get out of the ground. But in such situations you get very rare-in most cases it is possible to run past all, and while riding a horse (which is issued at the very beginning) opponents can also knock down. But from the “bosses” will not get away — they have to be as accurate as possible, because many are able to one or two blows to disable a valuable ally.


However, the design of opponents in Dragon Quest XI sometimes so impressive that even with ordinary enemies want to fight again and again. They are in the game a few hundred, almost all have some unique skills and abilities — someone makes your opponent ridiculous dance for several moves, and someone swirl sweeps next to a pair of your companions. They’re great animated, and apparently, everyone has even their own animation when immersed in a dream — when Eric in my squad lulled opponents with a dagger blow, they all passed out in different ways. Some of these enemies are slightly modified versions of relatives, like slimes, which can be ordinary, and metal, and dressed in a shell. But they are quite different abilities that do not have to pay attention.


It is a pity that the order of moves here does not see-sometimes it would definitely not hurt. The main character is able to heal himself and his teammates, but if he is badly wounded, and now your move begins, it is impossible to say with accuracy what action will be the most correct: to risk and make a blow to the enemy, allowing you to heal the healer, or to cast a spell on your own and in the end When you know exactly who to follow, it is much easier to build tactics, but it does not always work. On the other hand, Dragon Quest XI — not the most difficult game (until you change the appropriate option, adding more hardcore), and the failure of the absence of such an element is rare.

Картинки по запросу Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Taking care of everyone


What can be controlled here is the leveling. With each new level, they automatically increase all the characteristics: the amount of health with mana, and agility, and protection, and the level of attack, and at the same time learn additional spells and “vigor”. Personally, you choose the skills in the skill trees, divided in all the characters into several categories, which are associated with either the type of weapon or indicators. The protagonist is armed with a conventional or two-handed sword, Eric is great with knives and boomerangs — what equipment is more to your liking, that branch and improve, adding bonus tricks to the piggy Bank. In addition, even inactive team members earn experience and new levels, and this is sometimes so lacking in JPRG…


Equipment, too, can change yourself, either by buying weapons and clothes from the merchants, or doing “crafting” while relaxing around the campfire. The process of creating things is designed as a fun mini-game, the conditions of which are complicated each time. To forge a sword or armor, you need not only to have a recipe and materials, but also to achieve a good result when forging. The field is divided into several parts, in each of which you hit a couple of times with a hammer, trying to get to a certain light zone and not to go beyond it. This should be repeated at least twice, and eventually unlock additional options, like one blow to two positions. If the strip is perfectly filled to the middle of the “safe zone”, the subject will be better, and then it can be reforged for the best result.


And this is the whole Dragon Quest XI-something that many other developers would not have thought to pay attention to, is made with great love for detail. I can’t even remember the moments when characters during dialogues would have the same animations than many modern games suffer. All the videos on the engine look great, all the main characters are charismatic and do not irritate (but the protagonist, to be honest, it’s time to learn how to speak), and the story is so interesting that even slightly tightened episodes seem fascinating thanks to perfectly prescribed characters and beautiful scenery.

Картинки по запросу Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

In many ways, Dragon Quest XI is a traditional, textbook JRPG. But, in my opinion, this approach is much better than what is happening with Final Fantasy. The developers have taken the usual for the genre elements that most fans like, added a few handy mechanics, threw secrets, drew a huge number of monsters and wrapped it all in a bright, cute wrapper with memorable characters and a very interesting story. What eventually happened, can be called not just one of the best JRPG of this generation, but also one of the best role — playing games in principle-so much it stands out even against Western competitors.

Sports Party

After the deafening failure of Wii U, major publishers seem to have lost faith in Nintendo, and therefore not only did not prepare for switch exclusives, but also did not hurry to drag there multiplatform. Electronic Arts is limited to a series of FIFA, Activision is in no hurry to port there Call of Duty, but at least the trilogy Crash Bandicoot moved. But Ubisoft does not forget about the console — and the wonderful Mario + Rabbids released, and for Starlink exclusive content prepared. And then comes the kind of mediocrity is Sports Party…

Good little by little


Time for the release of this game, the company has chosen the most inappropriate, because recently appeared on Switch Super Mario Party. It is also designed for a group of friends and offers a lot of modes, although the content of these games is still different — one is a set of hundreds of mini-games that can be played individually or in the “tabletop” mode, and the other consists of six sports disciplines. Naborchik Ubisoft quite scarce, but these activities take more time than any of the mini-games in Super Mario Party, and the quality is always more important than the number. However, Sports Party has a quality problem.


As a big tennis fan, still occasionally running Mario Tennis Aces, the first thing I went to play was beach tennis. First, you are asked to select the mode (1 to 1 or 2 to 2), and then decide whether you want to control the buttons or strokes. In any case, tennis will look very strange due to the fact that the character moves around the court on their own, you only need to respond to the ball flying in your direction. If the control is buttons, you just need from time to time to lazily press a single button that becomes boring after a couple of strokes.


Control strokes implemented even worse — as soon as I tried to swing his hands, the game still read the movement once out of five. When the ball was very close to the character, I tried to swing as I would in real life, but nothing worked. If I straightened my hand completely and kept it parallel to the floor, sometimes the game understood my actions and still allowed me to hit the ill-fated ball. And the character is moving by itself, which is not always obvious which side will have to swing. After five lost games, I decided to give up trying to cope with this management and spent about an hour on Golf.

With it all a little better: and using the buttons to manage conveniently, and the waves of the game perfectly understands. The rules are standard: there are several holes (the number is set before the start) and the player must drive the balls into them, making as few strokes as possible. Full Golf simulator is not called, but the basic components are present here. You can make a test hit before the present, change the stick (by selecting between the driver, wood, pitching-wedge and iron), the top of the screen indicates the direction of the wind, and the mini-map helps to understand which way to beat and with what force.


Unfortunately, the number of unique Golf courses is catastrophically small, and the existing ones are too similar to each other. It is clear that Ubisoft created a game not about Golf, but about different sports, so too much attention to individual entertainment is not paid. But it’s still a shame — if the fields were at least a little more diverse, fans to hit the balls with a stick probably would want to spend more than one evening in this mode. And so all this will quickly get bored, and the potential will not remain fully disclosed.


Sports Party обзор игры

It gets worse


Although against the background of the rest of the content offered in Sports Party, Golf still looks advantageous. There is a competition on a skateboard, where participants just go on the road and accelerate with the help of decomposed accelerators, but it’s really idiotic fun — you need to quickly press the same button and periodically turn that bored before the end of the first round. Racing on water motorcycles is not much different from this, only in them to control the movements is almost impossible-even if you follow the instructions and correctly tilt the “joycon”, the character will not respond.


The fifth discipline was throwing Frisbees, where participants throw discs in the field with bonus points. Here, as in tennis, the game does almost everything for you — no matter with what force you wave your hand, the disk will still reach the goal, even though it is close, though far away. Sense in this zero, friends such offer even ashamed.

But basketball turned tolerable, although the animation of the characters and leaves much to be desired. For a few matches in which you will fiercely beat the balls from rivals and desperately try to throw a three-point, you probably have enough. If the process is very entice, normal basketball arcade on the Switch is already there.


That’s all — no more entertainment on the menu. You can run these fun separately, but you can organize a tournament in which participants will fight for points, and the leader after the first game will wear a crown on his head and will be in this form to play tennis and ride a skateboard. Interestingly, the menu offers tournaments of three, six and nine rounds, while only six disciplines. Whether Ubisoft wanted to offer more content, or developers are not particularly worried about the repetition of mini-games within the same championship.

Sports Party обзор игры

To maintain the interest of longer bought this misunderstanding, the authors came up with dozens of simple tests: it is necessary to win every mini-game, to be a leader throughout the race on a skateboard, throw a Frisbee in a few multipliers of points and so on. For this, the character editor unlocks bonus clothing, including t-shirts, jackets, shorts, sneakers and even glasses with caps. Some things open up when you reach certain levels, which are earned victories in any discipline. There are eight characters, the appearance of which without restrictions allow you to customize at any time, but their wardrobe depends only on your success.


That’s just entertainment in Sports Party criminally small, and they will have time to get bored long before you unlock everything. By and large, in addition to Golf and basketball, there is nothing to play here — the rest is so primitive that even a “casual” player will lose interest. And in the same Golf, in my opinion, it is more comfortable to spend time alone-not the most fun for the company. In General, it is better to take Super Mario Party, if there is a need for something like that.

Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder

Theory of evolution


The original Evoland was released in 2013 and was quite an original project. The creation of the French indie Studio Shiro Games clearly and concisely demonstrated the main milestones of the RPG genre and its mechanics. Monochrome graphics game eventually acquired color, and then the third dimension, and the gameplay of the old the Legend of Zelda evolved into the same “Zelda”, but parts newer. At the same time Evoland gave a deep bow and Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest, and Diablo. Of the most obvious non-gameplay homages can still be noted the names of the main characters — Clink and Kaeris, big chicken Choboko and Gili as in-game currency.


From the sequel, I expected something in a similar vein, but Evoland 2 was much deeper and more interesting than just a short demonstration of the development of RPG for 30 years. This is a full-fledged role-playing game for 20 hours with a famously twisted plot and a bunch of the most unexpected inclusions (as you, for example, the idea of a rhythm game a La Guitar Hero instead of the usual battle with the “boss”?).

Мы зря пропустили Evoland 2

These same inclusions “zeldapedia” adventure dynamics and diversity, and they are taken this time, not only from RPG. There is literally everything: the classic platformer, fighting game, beat ’em up and shoot’ em up, sidescroller, puzzles and puzzles, and, of course, its own CCI. The game to collect collectible cards was in the original, but in the sequel it became much less like the Triple Triad of Final Fantasy: now it’s more of a “GWENT”.


The very evolution of the plot beat in Evoland 2 the ability to travel in time. There are three periods: the first era (the past), the 16-bit real and “graphite” future. There are still ancient-predivne time, but it will give us to visit quite a bit. Each of the eras has its own characteristics and secrets, and in the second half of the game will have a lot to run around the world map, switching between eras in special portals. The benefit of the game, in the best traditions of the genre, the characters will have a boat and a flying ship.

Мы зря пропустили Evoland 2

Thousand and one ” Easter»


Evoland 2 refers us not only to a variety of game mechanics, but also to the characters, locations, events of movies and other games. Here are just a few of the “Easter eggs”: a girl in a blue dress and with a hairstyle of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite, archaeologist Clara Loft in a cave, a mechanic named Sid, rusted Dalek figures, an island with chickens that attack the hero, it is worth it to attack one of them…


At the same time, Evoland 2 does not stop mocking the game conventions (for example, the fact that dragging a huge boat in the inventory looks ridiculous) and beat the pop-cultural phenomena in the dialogues. So, when one of the heroines notices in an ancient laboratory twisted in a flask of Someone else, then complains of a strange pain in the stomach, and the other scientist lady says she will come back later with a set for preparation. Such comments not only remind us of the film, but also reveal the characters.


Since we are talking about the main characters, then we have a protagonist-a chosen one who does not remember his past, a girl-healer, a demon-strongman and an inquisitive researcher. Sounds to me like a great team to save the world.

Evoland 2 has absorbed many other games, but it is very harmoniously inscribed them in its history. It will not get bored either in terms of gameplay or in terms of the plot. The developers of Shiro Gameskropotlivo and responsibly approached to make the game interesting, funny and diverse. That is why it is particularly sad that she went unnoticed by many. So if you are not alien to the genre of RPG (especially Japanese) and good humor, then ignore Evoland 2 is not exactly worth it. And the first part of what to trifle too.

Мы зря пропустили Evoland 2

GRIP: Combat Racing – The Fighting Combat

It seems that it’s time to add the category of “spiritual heir” to the usual genres, because in this console cycle there are too many projects created as a tribute to the games of the past. Although GRIP is hardly a follower of Rollcage as such — Caged Element just dragged the old game to a new technological base, without adding new ideas. How well do the mechanics of the first PlayStation era feel these days?

Grass is greener trees are taller

In 1999-2000 the British of Attention to Detail has produced a film series like no other futuristic racing. While other representatives of the genre offered to ride on a boring roadway, Rollcage blew the brain of cars that can cling to any surface – during the races participants at great speeds were not only on the ground, but also on the walls, and even on the ceiling! Freedom of movement freed the hands of designers runs the routes was difficult and full used the features of the machines. Well, where else can you drive on the floor, abruptly jump to a steep wall, from it to another, try to Dodge the launched rocket, get lost in space, slow down and eventually fly into the abyss due to the loss of downforce, because, it turns out, riding up the wheels?


GRIP fully conveys the madness of its predecessor. Sometimes it is unclear what is happening on the track: the right opponent scribbles a machine gun, the left flying warhead, launched in the leader of the race, and the head suddenly falls down a shot loser. It remains only to rush forward in the hope that the pursuers do not decide to knock you out of something.

However, even without opponents to get to the finish line is not easy. Tracks in the best traditions of Rollcage are confusing, they have several routes. In addition, the space is not fenced. If you like speed Wipeout at the wrong entrance to the turn could only poke his nose in the fence (and explode, hehe), the GRIP is constantly somewhere fly away, instantly losing the position.

На боевых аренах тоже можно забраться на потолок, а потом радостно оттуда сорваться

Therefore, to get acquainted with each new track takes a dozen races. You fall, you try to understand where it is better to brake and where — not to slow down, you get used to constant rotation of a floor and a ceiling and eternal somersaults of the camera. Arcade ruthless to anyone who decides to immediately plunge into unfamiliar routes. Not just because the tracks are divided according to the level of difficulty-it is better not to try to climb the tracks of a higher class until you fully get used to driving your car. And both in a normal situation, and at use of acceleration.


Vehicles missing: the ones overclock the best, the others maximum speed is higher, third control better. Here’s who you like more. You can risk flying on a barely controlled car, or go a little slower, but without the probability of falling into a skid due to the slightest deviation of the stick. The bonus is the ability to repaint the vehicle and fasten stickers on it, but there is no special sense to bother with individualization — in the frenzied dynamics of artistic delights still no one will have time to see.

How well the GRIP corresponds to the spirit of Rollcage, so literally it retells all the shortcomings of its predecessor, both in terms of balance and in terms of gameplay. For example, most often after a single departure from the track to win back the position to the prizes is almost impossible, even if you make a mistake at the beginning of arrival — corny not enough laps. Is that twist their number in the settings to the maximum, but who needs hour races?

Machines let and cling to any surface, but very much wayward — one roughness or an unsuccessful landing after the jump can lead to a 180-degree turn. Quite often there are situations that are easiest to describe the phrase” did not work ” — only taxied back to the track, as you threw down, and after the revival of further ironed rocket. All that remains obedient to the end of the trail. Similar situations are present in all races with weapons, but the same Wipeout or Mario Kart balance the drop-down bonuses so that the Laggards, though not always, but there is a chance to win the lost place. Here, the feelings, everything depends on chance: the leader of the race often goes to the acceleration, and braiding the tail — useless shields.

Трубы — прекрасный участок трассы, где ориентация в пространстве полностью теряется

Yes, and with the very points of revival on some routes going strange — fell, and you threw away the distance, which is barely enough to set the desired speed. Any unforeseen obstacle — break, going right back. This leads to unpleasant situations when the car is slowed down by other riders, which is why you can not catch on the wall until you miss all forward.

I’m not sure that GRIP will be able to captivate those who missed Rollcage for a long time. It may well give a couple of fun evenings, some time will be spent on a boring campaign, where just mixed different types of races, but that’s all. GRIP simply nothing to tighten for a long time, except that you have a desire to entertain yourself in a customized single races. Partly rectify the situation split-screen mode (it is even on the PC, which is now rare) and multiplayer — races with other users are obtained damn unpredictable and fun, but at the time of writing reviews to find a room in the lobby was hard. Network mode is empty.


Developers, however, promise to continue to support the game with new tracks, cars and probably modes — with the last point is not yet fully defined. Now GRIP is a greeting from the past and a great gift for fans of unusual races from Attention to Detail. Time the rights holders of the series don’t want to revive the classics, then for them (with the help of Kickstarter, and two and a half years early access) do the fans. For exactly the same fans. Although the desire to keep the same spirit Studio moved into the game not only advantages but also disadvantages of the original. May be Caged Element more courageous, they would make a more interesting and original. On the other hand, getting Rollcage Stage 3 after so many years is also nice. Let under other name and with gray hair in hair.

На сложных трассах такие ситуации происходят постоянно. Уи-и-и-и-и-и!

Return of the Obra Dinn

Empty deck if the sun is trying to burn — walking in this solitude, the creaky boards, I began to believe that everyone here just incinerated without a trace, without a handful of ashes. But, not yet having reached a cherished question — “how, then, returned to the ship?”—I notice swarming flies near the captain’s cabin. They dance their sweltering waltz over someone’s bones-and then the dance of St. Vitus comes pocket chronometer. It was given to me along with a book — a ship’s magazine, which I somehow have to fill. The task is not trivial, but I seem to begin to understand what the person who gave me this inventory meant — the events that left the “Obra Dinn” without a crew stand in front of my eyes.

I hear voices, I hear the shot and see the scene that led to the appearance on the flooring of the upper deck of the corpse. But who is it? What motivates a person razraditi musket? Where’s everyone? In my hands, a list of the crew, a couple of paintings written by the ship’s artist (they can find all who participated in the voyage), the plan of the ship and the map of its route — it seems to be necessary to answer these questions yourself.


Reverse chronicle of events

Passing through the deck from the top to the bottom and back, following the unwinding ball of time that does not flow in Return of the Obra Dinn in one direction, and staggers like a sailor during a storm, we gradually get new information. We watch static scenes, listen to short recordings of the sound that accompanied the events, make notes either in the game magazine or in a regular notebook. We can move both in the present time and within these scenes, studying not only the epicenter in which the event takes place, but also the periphery: we notice who is busy with what, and seek out new signs that will help us identify all in the ship’s log. And their fate.

Find analogues Return of the Obra Dinn in the world of video games is almost impossible — comes to mind except that the gamer Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, similar to the same search for “traces” of the past, manifested in the form of short scenes. But this is only part of the gameplay, and not the most important. Basis you can try to compare with Her Story, where we also recovered pieces of the story of the past, but it is not quite right. Most of all, the process is similar to solving Sudoku — the game confirms the correctness of our assumptions not as soon as they are made, but only in the presence of three true (at the very end — two). And we from the beginning to the end of the series of otgadok make up, which gradually fill in the entire field, helping to think out the rest of the elimination method. Only instead of numbers here — people’s lives.


You get the role of a detective is not looking for the perpetrators, and not even a person close to some of the crew members and is now looking for answers to questions aching soul. No, you’re an insurance agent. And the problem is not in finding right or wrong, and a thorough investigation of the truth for the subsequent transfer of funds to the families of the victims. Or collecting them from the account of those who showed themselves not in the best way. To certify and seal.

In Papers, Please paper work was accompanied by bouts of empathy, anger, despair, and attempts to somehow change the broken order of things. In Return of the Obra Dinn, we can not affect the fate of all those who are already inscribed in the book of Fate — but we feel the same flashes of sympathy and anger. And really get to know many of those who got into this grinder. We already know what end befell the boatswain, but he fights with the elements on the deck, showing enviable restraint, but he just stands and stares into the distance. What was he thinking? And here is painted Mars, full bravado — – his death is appalling, but where was his bravado, when needed show the courage? Isn’t he hiding behind that box while others are fighting?


At some point, Return of the Obra Dinn, which captures its mystery and original presentation from the beginning, begins to amaze — and reasonableness (the fate of each crew member can be solved without resorting to a simple search — even if I did not succeed), and how with the help of stingy expressive means Lucas Pope again avoids the mechanical dryness of the process. At some point I caught myself that I not only dreamed what was happening on the “Obra Dinn” (this happens if you were very immersed in something before going to bed), but the next morning came up with new solutions to the puzzles.

Universal man

Lucas Pope is not cheating on himself. Return of the Obra Dinn is made, in fact, alone. The only help, in addition to the moral, which Lucas needed on the way to the realization of his long — standing dream, are the artists who voiced the crew members. To ensure that speak dozens of voices, both male and female, and even in different languages and with different dialects, talent Lucas is not enough. The rest — programming, game and visual design, music, testing and everything else you need to create a finished game — with a vengeance.

Armed with the Unity engine, the author created a model ship with all the dramatic (and static) scenes in full 3D — with one-bit graphics. In the beginning, you can choose the style of the picture: Return of the Obra Dinn allowed to disguise the game with Commodore 1084 or there Macintosh. And Yes, this style is really worth recognizing a kind — to understand everyone who complains about “emerged in the game eyes”, it is possible. Breaks help-it is possible to pass Obra Dinn and for one eight-hour marathon, but then the tired optic nerve can spoil impression at the end.


Another side effect of the graphic solution is the difficulty in distinguishing individual characters. If they do not have any bright signs (hats, tattoos or characteristic beard), sometimes even the race is not easy to determine — despite the fact that it is necessary. At some point I got stuck because I counted six Chinese among those I met on my way back in time, whereas there were only four on the crew list! This situation helped just good old brute force — one extra was a Scot and the other an Englishman. In technical terms, too, not everything is smooth — at some point I ran into an unpleasant bug that made me look for an extra hour the ends of the previous scene, which should have opened automatically; but in General, complaints about the instability of the Return of the Obra Dinn quite a bit.

With music and sound Lucas Pope coped without reservations brilliantly-maybe we did not wait for the new anthem of Arstotsky, but the confident step of the title track immediately sets the right tone, and the musical themes of this or that Chapter create a thick atmosphere.

The game, by the way, unexpectedly translated into a number of languages, including Russian — sometimes very clumsy (for example, the word “gun” translated as uncontested “gun”, which may at some points to a standstill), but generally tolerable.

Оп, пацанчик!


As you know, RPG fans are divided into two categories — some prefer a single adventure, other souls do not chayut online. Well, publishers sit on the pipes and wait for money from them. How to reconcile? The answer is simple — both should play CrossCode.



CrossCode is actually a game in the game, a kind of virtual role-playing MMO simulator, but made in the format of a single two-dimensional RPG, stylized as a 16-bit classic. Sounds complicated? Let me explain.


The fact is that the main character is a blue — haired girl Lea, who in the story in the distant future plays CrossWorlds, an online MMO with full immersion. Or rather, she, Lea is a virtual avatar live girl. The action takes place on a huge island in the real world — hundreds of people pay money and are loaded here in the form of their artificial incarnations to become real heroes, the saviors of the world, the killers of dragons and so on and so forth.


In General, if in some cyberpunk movie or game you’ve seen people lying with their eyes wide open on the floor, go from real life to virtual, imagine that among them there is our Lea. She herself sits somewhere on the 20th floor of a neon-wrapped skyscraper, and her virtual body at this moment cuts into pieces of monsters and gets new levels.

CrossCode обзор игры

From gamers to gamers


As futuristic as it sounds, in virtual CrossWorlds we see many signs of typical modern MMORPG — and the authors of their constantly ironic beat. Rather, do not beat, and make us look at it all from the inside. Barely appearing in the first available city, we meet a red-haired girl with a French accent, who asks Lea at what stage of the “tutorial” she is.


After finishing it, Lea becomes the object of hatred of another character, a guy (also with a non-banal hairstyle, of course), who accuses her of cheating — they say, well, she could not immediately reach the fourth level, because I’m only on the third. Then it will cause a character in a PvP duel and it will be a story, framed as a battle with “boss”.


Beginners arrange tours of the city, show a place where you can lose all the skills, and where — to get the main story quest. On the streets constantly meet characters who are engaged in typical gaming cases — one to discuss among themselves the content of the next patch, the other busily running around from dealer to dealer, and others going to the party, the fourth asking us to help them, as their level of “skill” not the same as ours.


Outside the city, where Lea goes with the same red-haired “Frenchwoman”, also a full sense of presence in some MMO: boys and girls in more or less cool armor constantly scurrying back and forth, and a variety of animals, as expected, waiting for you to attack him-the first animals do not attack. Some local bears even sit on the ground and waiting for listening to music in headphones…

CrossCode обзор игры



However, CrossCode is not just a pure geek joke from gamers and for gamers. This is really a full RPG, where only the prologue takes two hours. And then you are waiting for a lot of adventures and different worlds, from the typical fantasy to cyberpunk, where Lea no longer jumps on the bumps to get to the next chest, and on the roofs of houses and cars.


There is everything you need, and even more: tons of quests, more or less monosyllabic (in addition to the typical “collect/kill/bring” there are much more interesting options), a lot of different companions, enemies, locations and dungeons, work on different guilds and factions, mandatory in such cases, “grind”, fitting new bronze Pantalon and exciting pumping (Lea available more than 100 combat techniques and passive skills).


And there is a very unusual puzzle, built on the use of four elemental elements, as well as the ability of the heroine to throw Bouncing off the walls and objects of the sphere — they in various variations need something to turn on/off, calculating the exact trajectory.

CrossCode обзор игры

Remember everything


But what is then different from the typical CrossCode MMORPG and why it is necessary to play, if you can do the same online, where instead of computer dummies will be real people? The fact that CrossCode-it’s not about online and not even about jokes about it, but above all about the story of blue-haired dumb girl Lea, who once played CrossWorlds, but completely lost memory and even the ability to speak. And now back in this virtual world to restore lost memories. In this story, a lot of drama, intrigue and sad notes that take the soul.


That is, this is a story game — with a lot of characters and dialogues worked out. And everything else, including the “grind” (which is not so heavy here), is perceived as a means of narration. Here you “farmish” and perform quests not to pump for a new RAID, and to lay down another story puzzle. Although no one forbids to postpone it for later and just explore the huge virtual world.


The result is a simulator MMO for those who does not like MMO, but have always wanted to try — the only way to here was a fascinating story, interesting puzzles, and no one is distracted chatting their ads “Sell sword” or “Who wants to party on the emerald raccoons?”. While lying: in fact, CrossCode-it is for all fans of the genre, regardless of whether you prefer to play in splendid isolation or in the company of living people. This is a large, diverse and very ambitious RPG. Developed it for three years, the money collected all over the world (including 90 thousand euros taken through Indiegogo) — and here it came out and is now dragging into their digital network with such force that I already estimate how to have time to pass it before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, so they do not intersect in my personal schedule.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

The authors step-by-step tactics Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics from the British Studio Auroch Digital promised to bring some “innovative gameplay features” in the usual genre mechanics. And innovations do you expect from the game in the “nastolki” that mixes Nazis and Cthulhu mythology. But enough if this Lovecraftian of the highlights that we got really serious and cool turn-based tactics?

Boring. Only happens in games


In Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics we really fight with the Nazis, who use magic and periodically run literally with the face of an octopus instead of the head (well, or call it a mini-Cthulhu-face). And all because in this extremely alternative version of the Second world war, representatives of the Third Reich (namely the order of the Black Sun) received a significant advantage, somehow sniffing with monsters and older Gods from the mythology of Howard Lovecraft.


They are opposed by four resistance fighters from the detachment “Charlie”. Some of them are also available magic-for example, Colonel Akhi Singh (Akhee Singh) mastered witchcraft after an abandoned temple found a statue of the gods. A member of the French Resistance, Ariane Dubois, the whole game runs with some kind of small winged demon on the shoulder and periodically shoots a fat Shoggoths coming at you from all four sides in bold. In General, a cheerful company.


What can not be said about the plot and its presentation. More precisely, the supply is in principle no: no commercials on the engine, nor drawn backdrops — just short text instructions. And the latter are reduced to the fact that we then need to defeat a squad of Nazis or destroy some elite officer of the order, then grab their resources or artifact, then find the lair of the fascist occultists, then clean up and clean it and so on.


In principle, from step-by-step tactics nobody expected the Hollywood scenario, but on a game where there are myths of Cthulhu, it would be possible to think up something more interesting. More or less jog the whole routine is that mission with the mythical monsters — for example, the one where we are whether in dreams, or in visions, either when awake fight with the same Chaghatai.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

And the only good XCOM in XCOM


The battles themselves also often look routine and monotonous — especially at first. All locations are built exclusively on the corridor principle, there are only small and the same corridor branches that allow you to bypass enemies or find and read something by doing a side job. But this, of course, is not the biggest problem.


All fights take place on approximately the same scenario. Using action points (AP), occupied shelter, the burning of primary or secondary weapon, use special abilities or turn on the intercept course (Overwatch) and waiting on the next move down behind the tree the enemy will run right under our sight of all. However, sighting is not always obtained.


Sound familiar? Yes, the basic mechanics is taken from XCOM with some of its advantages and even with sores. But the main trouble is that in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics doesn’t have the same tactical expanse, saturation, and tension as the latest releases of XCOM. No, for example, destructibility, the ability to use the height, climb on the roof, few weapons and enemies, the levels themselves are small and linear.


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

Cthulhu won’t help them.


There are, of course, good things. Fighters here can also be pumped-each in addition to the General for all parameters have unique skills and even branches of development, allowing to specialize in some weapons (and, for example, firing a shotgun directly on the area) or use magic. Before each mission, we choose soldiers weapons and additional items such as first aid kits, grenades or a syringe with adrenaline. “Trunks” even allow to equip with additional modules like sights, butts and improved shops.

But still in most missions everything is somehow too simple — the normal level of complexity here is felt as very easy, which by definition is wrong. Enemies constantly smear and behave like idiots, for some reason running back and forth between shelters and substituting thus under our Overwatch.


Eases the situation and the ability to use a system similar to what we saw in The Banner Saga — killing enemies and dealing them critical damage, fighters in Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, accumulate the particular energy, which can be spent on additional steps to continue to run, use skill, or without the cost of AP to shoot a gun. And it is a free pistol that becomes the most formidable weapon, which no Cthulhu is not afraid of…


Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics обзор игры

System “Stress»


In this situation, especially at work, and the psychological impact on our soldiers. When your charges in front of wounded or killed comrades, almost all begin to experience stress. When the fighter gets badly injured, he might panic and start shooting all in a row or just in the air. Enemies are also trying to adversely affect the brains of our wards — put on them “death marks”, “cast” harmful auras that reduce the number of AP, and so on.

But, I repeat, the game was quite monotonous in mechanics, the rules of survival here are forgotten how to time, so all these panic attacks and moral humiliation happen rarely, and if they happen, then only bite the group, but do not tear it straight to shreds. Among the enemies there are melee fighters, as well as opponents with a unique pulse weapon that just does not hurt, but badly affects the brains of our heroes. So, at a normal level of complexity for eight story missions, I have never received damage from either of those or from others-they stupidly rod ahead and quickly shot from all the guns before the establishment, so to speak, close contact. Well, or miss…


All the harmful effects last for a course or two, and the fallen colleagues of any comrade can pick up and return to duty. If you do not do this in a few moves, the fighter is captured. And before you start the next story mission, you first have to release it. It would seem, here it-an intrigue, complexity, a challenge… But at the same time to you in the help allocate very strong temporary fighter.


Of course, at the level of Hard, there are more tense situations, but both there and on the “normal” really will have to work hard only in later and final missions. And I would like to see the game threw you a glove tactical challenge from the beginning.

Картинки по запросу Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics-not the worst turn-based tactics. She’s pretty, quite competent in her mechanics. And in another situation, I would be happy to put it “Laudable”. But today, against the background, for example, Frozen Synapse 2, everything looks like a simple, routine, without the light and horror that you expect to see in the game, where you are against the Nazi sectarians with the support of monsters from the myths of Cthulhu.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

As you know, in all Soulslike – games the main thing – it’s hot and very difficult battle with the “bosses”. It is these fat five-story “monsters” – the essence of what is happening, it is to them that we are preparing all the way, and it is the battle with them that determines how strong your nerves and a high level of skill. “But before that why you need something to fight with the usual enemies, explore the world, read any notes, to find gear, to swing and to sit around the campfire. And let’s skip all unnecessary and immediately move on to the main?”- so, apparently, reasoned in the Studio Dark Star and came up with Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Soulslike-a game in which there is only a battle with the ” bosses»

Little Adam and big sin


The protagonist Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — emphasized small, something like even a toy warrior with a huge sword. But it’s the only weak hints on frivolous anime, and it’s all serious and dark and Gothic. And the plot (more precisely, the plot as such is not) is built on direct biblical associations.


The main character, of course, is called Adam, and he must atone for some sins-his and his country, which dies and languishes in blasphemy. And for this you need to fight seven “bosses”, each of which represents one of the seven deadly sins. But in the final, naturally, will have to fight with yourself… However, you’ll know if you can pull it off. I will only say that this fight will be very symbolic and correct from the point of view of any narrative-it logically puts an end to this long biblical metaphor and gives somewhere even a metaphysical meaning to what is happening

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

This scheme is simple


Description Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption that can be found online and even in store the shell, apparently, was done on the basis of earlier views of developers about what will be their game — or, on the contrary, it is a retelling of the plans for the future. Unlockable equipment? Different modes? Different endings?


I don’t know, my store-bought version of it was pretty much none of it. Everything is quite simple and static throughout the passage. There is one mode — in fact, the battle with the “bosses”. Adam is on top of some dark, lost among the clouds of the mountain, where the stones with runes. Each of them leads to a rendezvous with one of the seven “bosses”. After here we come back to activate another stone and fight with another “boss”. And leave here in the menu to start, for example, a new game, you can not — only on the desktop. What are the new modes?

With any of the “bosses”, and in what order to fight, we pick ourselves up. But the equipment can not be chosen: Adam is always available the same Arsenal-a heavy two-handed sword, a light sword with a shield, incendiary bombs, javelins, “healers”, gain, giving the weapon fire damage. And consumables are automatically restored after each battle.


Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Downgrade play


The chief feature of the Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption — is sacrifice. Activate the stone a little-you still need to sacrifice their characteristics to get a pass to fight with the “boss”. Before the fight, we make a sacrifice, because of what Adam, for example, becomes less stock of health and endurance. Or take away his armor, releasing with bare torso to fight against a huge monster. Or they say that a hero will die if drained, that is completely the end of his endurance.


After the defeat of the weaker Adam not becoming — you just give a new try. But after the long-awaited victory increases the overall health of Adam. After that, you can, of course, return the donation, restoring the characteristics and items, but in this case, the “boss” will be reborn. And to complete the game and see the ending, it is necessary that all seven deadly sins were defeated. That is, in the final battle, Adam in any case will perform with a bare torso — and even with a bunch of fines. It turns out an interesting and unique situation in its own way — with each battle fines from sacrifices accumulate, but the overall level of health increases.

Похожее изображение

Sin is not to kill such a reptile!


All this makes the already tricky battle with the “bosses” even more interesting. Each of them in Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, as usual, has its pros and cons, tactics and history. For example, Envy represents the Countess, jealous of his more fortunate rival, Pride — once the strongest warrior, whose pride was hurt after the humiliating defeat of a stranger. And Laziness represents the king who because of the unwillingness to work absolutely started own state-even he reluctantly fights, hiding behind backs of numerous security guards.


All battles, of course, complex, interesting and unique in their own way-they require an individual approach to each enemy and necessarily take several stages with the call of creatures. Someone huge and high inflicts crushing blows with a sword or hands in close combat, and then destroys part of the surface, immersing it in lava, someone prefers to shoot you from a distance and pour some poisonous muck (or flying eyes), someone pours the floor with water and then conducts waves of invigorating electricity through it.


The recipe for success in these grueling fights known to all fans of the genre: to calculate timings, to learn and remember the animations of the attacks in time to Dodge, to put the unit to alternate a light and heavy attack all the time to monitor the level of endurance. Win the first time is almost impossible — you have not once or twice to die and try again and again, studying the enemy, calculating tactics, figuring out where and at what point to hide from his poisonous storm, and remembering the main principle of all Soulslike-games — every defeat brings you closer to victory!



It’s a sort of concentrated Dark Souls in a nutshell, where between the player, his constant death as the surest means of progress and maturation and the “bosses” there is nothing superfluous. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption from this point of view can be seen as a combat simulator, a simulator that is ideal for learning the game in all the “soul-likes” (although hardened veterans of the genre there will not be easy).

Картинки по запросу Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption


Ideal-because there are no impurities branched pumping and selection of equipment. Arsenal is always the same, and the characteristics are even reduced. Everything concentrates on pure fights, forcing to rely only on skill, reaction, observation, patience and endurance. Therefore, defeating the last of the “bosses”, you will feel as if just passed several” soul-likes ” together. And after that you will be ready for any test in any game of this genre.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers

Sometimes, you go through the game, spend a few hours on it and can not understand why it exists. Games based on movies and cartoons produced less and less, but if they appear, it is most often associated with the rental of the same name paintings in theaters. But what the creators of Nickelodeon Kart Racers wanted to achieve is unclear.

What year is it?


And it’s not so much as this racing arcade, which I will talk about later, but in its content. A total of 12 characters are offered here, taken from the animated series Nickelodeon: “Spongebob Squarepants”, “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”, ” Hey, Arnold! and those babies!”. If the first two are more or less at the hearing of a modern child, then the last two certainly know the unit — the last of their series came out as much in 2004. We remember them, and the target audience of this creation is unlikely.


I naively assumed that Nickelodeon Kart Racers would be a ticket to childhood, an opportunity to nostalgie at times when I was ready to get up early to watch these cartoons (except “Oh, these kids!”— very kind of his style). But the result was quite different — this is the most ordinary race that scares low quality performance already in the start menu and does not bring any emotions. No joy, no anger, nothing.


This is largely due to the fact that there is virtually no difference between the characters. They have their own vehicles, some gain cubes on the track are available only to certain heroes, but the rest of the game would not have lost anything if together Sponges Bob and Arnold there were ordinary people, robots or animals. That you control Donatello, says only sitting in the car model-replace it with any other, and the result will be the same.


So you can describe the whole game in General, especially the track. The environment is taken from the same animated series: a school where Arnold studies, a toy store and a lot of monotonous sewers. But everything looks as boring as possible, there is no atmosphere, and the graphics are so bad that sometimes it is very difficult to understand which way to go after the next turn. It seems to be a mini-map is, and the signs on the walls, but still sometimes have problems — all mixed in one pile.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers обзор игры

Gray and miserable


Gameplay Nickelodeon Kart Racers is no different from other imitators Mario Kart. In the main menu, there are only three modes: the championship of the four races, a quick race and a race against the clock, where you try to beat your own records. In the Championships, 10 characters earn points several times in a row, depending on the occupied place, after which the owner of the highest number of points is declared the winner.


On the slopes lay the cubes with images on them are question marks — if through one of them to drive, will be available for a bonus boost. You either throw the object, or a jar of soap bubbles put in the middle of the road, or for a few seconds set on the back of the machine shield, absorbing other people’s attacks. The set is so meager and banal, as if none of the developers did not even try to come up with something original-they just took everything that was already invented before them. And if someone gets damage from your projectile or fall into the trap, you will not know about it — there are no special effects.


The only good idea associated with slime — if you drive on this green substance, the left side of the screen will begin to fill the acceleration scale. Some tracks are almost completely covered with slime, and when it hits the ground vehicle is funny transformed into a boat with a motor. But all this, of course, is not enough to not get bored after a few races — although there is a race to the knockout, and a kind of slalom with the need to pass to the right or left of the buoys, everything is played exactly the same.

Even on the tracks scattered coins needed to buy improvements, including the upgrade of wheels and engine. With their help, the speed increases, it becomes easier to control the car, and with good tires you will not enter so much when driving on mucus. That’s just need to all not — high difficulty level I was able to win the championship with an ordinary jalopy, it could not modify. Even there, opponents bump into walls and fall into traps, to say nothing of easy tournaments, where opponents are even more stupid and helpless.


No more content in the game there, even the introductory video the authors did not bother to add. Last year’s Cars 3 is also not enough stars from the sky and gave not the emotions that you get after a couple of races in Mario Kart, but there at least tried to offer a lot of interesting entertainment. Immediately outside the dull Championships have nothing to do, but the game is still asked for $ 40, although even with a free hand, it would not be of any value.


Here, everyone tried to make the most of the budget. It’s in the press releases you promise 24 tracks — in fact half of them are nothing different from each other. The characters do not speak, instead of voiced replicas need to read the text appearing at the bottom of the screen “clouds”. The animations are repeated after the first round, the music gets boring, there is no online multiplayer. There is a split screen mode, though thank you. That’s just with the graphics or get confused in the twists and turns you’ll more often than when playing alone.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers обзор игры

It is unlikely that we will ever know why Nickelodeon Kart Racers was created. Perhaps the President of Nickelodeon lost the argument with colleagues? Or friends took him to the “weak”? Modern children are not interested in these characters, adults will be ashamed to spend time here. What happened-a real garbage: empty, primitive and unworthy of attention.