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Medieval Tabletop Inspired RTS Wartile Launches March 17th on Steam Early Access

Digital Diorama Combat Brings Viking Mythology, Story and Lore to Life

NieR: Automata Coming to Steam on March 10 and Gameplay Video

Square Enix pulled the video detailing the Steam release date for NieR: Automata from their press site. We expect that this is due to a marketing arrangement with Sony, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

Iron Harvest - Screenshots

You may be familiar with the work of Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, even if you don’t know his name. His paintings of the Polish/Soviet war, reimagined with robots and trained bears, became something of an online sensation in the last few years and became the inspiration of the hugely popular boardgame, Scythe. Although not a PC version of Scythe, Iron Harvest takes place in a similar alternate history, with human soldiers, bears and robots warring. The game will be an RTS, but at this time we’re not sure if it’s small unit or large scale.

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Development Has Been Completed

Yacht Club Games took to Twitter to announce that development on Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, has been completed!

Dauntless - PC

Do you like Monster Hunter? Do you like Dark Souls? Well, Phoenix Labs, a new studio made up of ex BioWare and Riot Games (amongst other AAA studios) developers has a new action-RPG that may appeal to you. This free-to-play title will see players fighting their way across the floating islands of a post-apocalyptic fantasy realm, hunting the giant creatures that threaten what life  remains, and using the corpses of slain monsters to craft bigger and better armaments.

Retro-Inspired Collectathon Platformer Snake Pass to Launch on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 28th

Independent developer Sumo Digital, the studio behind AAA blockbuster Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed and LittleBigPlanet 3, today announced that Snake Pass, it’s slithery physics platformer, will launch on PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on March 28th in North America and March 29th across all platforms in Europe. Snake Pass will support PlayStation4 Pro at launch with enhanced visual features. Snake Pass is a retro-inspired collectathon platformer, where players slither, curl and climb their way through increasingly challenging worlds filled with intricate obstacles and fiendishly mind-bending challenges.

For Honor - Trainer Download

Trainer & Review Need to Know Videos

Peer to peer hosting on a game that requires absolute precision is terrible. Core element to the game ruins everything. The amount of stamina loss, when you parry/block attacks is minimal.
Blockers/parry always beats someone trying to actually duel. Combat ends up in trading one or two blows then blocking everything else. Its boring and sluggish gameplay. Using block breaks takes away around a half of your stamina while only being able to attack once or twice after. A power attack should reduce someone's stamina, if they are trying to block/parry. Having such a fundamental mechanic, as flawed as it is, completely ruins the game. Its too easy to counter a feint as well, so there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of game play to exist in this type of game.

Darksiders 3 PC System Requirements

“Darksiders 3 is the rumoured sequel to Darksiders 2. Following the bankruptcy and subsequent closure of THQ and Vigil Games, Nordic Games acquired the rights to the Darksiders franchise.There has been no official confirmation of its existence yet, but Vigil Games creative director Joe Madureira has said that an announcement for Darksiders 3 may be imminent.”

Mass Effect Andromeda Is Taking Cues from The Witcher

BioWare’s Fabrice Condominas said that the Mass Effect studio has learned a lot from Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher.

Sniper Ghots Warrior 3 - Preview

Conecpt: The Sniper series moves to Georgia for an open-world outing where civil war is being used to cover up a darker purpose.

Double Dragon 4 Trainer and System Requirements

Trainer & Specs Videos

Double Dragon IV is a beat 'em up video game in the Double Dragon series for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Conan Exiles Trainer Download and System Requirements

Trainer & Specs Videos

Conan Exiles is an open world survival video game developed for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Funcom, and is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. 

Diluvion Trainer Download and System Requirements

Trainer & Specs Videos

Diluvion is a 3D deep sea, Jules Verne inspired, exploration game with RPG elements and thrilling submarine combat. As the Captain of your own vessel, you must grow and manage your crew as you search for the secrets of the past in a hauntingly beautiful flooded world. 

First-Person Space Survival Multiplayer Experience Hellion Set to Colonize Steam Early Access on February 24th

Survival and Space Piloting Awaits Survivors in the Desolate Wasteland of Hellion

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Numerous PC games are scheduled to be released in the year 2017, including new installments for several well-received franchises.
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