Super Monaco GP Review

The sequel to the overhead view Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP is a behind-the-wheel perspective Formula One racer that pits players against drivers in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. As with Pole Position, players must race a preliminary qualifying round to determine starting position prior to entering a full-fledged race. Players can select automatic transmission […]

Track & Field (1984) Game Controls

CONTROLS OPTION SCREEN Game Select choose a one- or two-player game, choose difficulty level Joystick Button or Game Reset begin playing Joystick Left/Right + Joystick Button enter your initials GAME SCREEN JOYSTICK Joystick Left/Right run Joystick Button set angle, jump TRACK & FIELD CONTROLLER Run Buttons press alternately to run Action Button set angle, jump

California Games – Synopsis (1987 Game)

California Games is another addition in the “games” series from software publisher Epyx. Like their summer and winter offerings California Games lets players participate in sporting events. This time out, they are more non-traditional, such as half-pipe skateboarding, surfing and foot bag. The game allows for up to eight players to compete in rotation through […]

BurgerTime Video Game Review (1982)

From the company that brought you Pac-Man, this is another cute and addictive game that is simple to learn yet challenging to play. An unusual concept to say the least, Burgertime is a truly innovative game. While it didn’t create a plethora of imitators like Pac-Man did (I doubt anyone ever considered making “Hot Dogtime”), […]

Kings of the Beach Review (1989 Game)

Kings of the Beach is a very entertaining volleyball game. With only two players per team and a side view of the court the action is easy to control. Graphics, sound, and controls all add to the overall experience. Controls are simple and responsive. Characters move fast and will automatically dive if the ball is […]

Romantic Encounters at the Dome Overview

The 1980s are the only decade that could have spawned Romantic Encounters at the Dome, a text game of sexual role-playing created by Southern California psychologists. Playing as a man or woman, explore your fantasies at The Dome, an exclusive club that’s like something you dimly remember from a Huey Lewis video. It’s a pre-AIDS […]