Kings of the Beach Review (1989 Game)

Kings of the Beach is a very entertaining volleyball game. With only two players per team and a side view of the court the action is easy to control. Graphics, sound, and controls all add to the overall experience.

Controls are simple and responsive. Characters move fast and will automatically dive if the ball is far away. When playing alone your partner is controlled by the computer. Your partner responds to your location and sometimes does not go for the ball when you think they should. Playing with a friend is better but after learning the game you will be able to anticipate a computer-controlled partner’s actions.

Practice and match modes are available but the tournament is the best mode of play. Computer opponents put up a good fight and will not be easily defeated. As you progress through each beach the difficulty level will increase. However, there is a trick to making the game easier. By locating both of your players near the net the computer will dig rather than spike the ball.

Graphics are very good. The beaches themselves look the same throughout the game but backgrounds for each beach change in order to represent each beach location. Players are not too detailed, though they are easily identified by the color of their shirts. Sounds are all good too. During play the ball makes a thumping noise when hit, the shaking of sand is heard as players brush off sand after diving, and crowds cheer after a point is scored.

If you like beach volleyball, or regular volleyball, then you will enjoy Kings of the Beach. This is a great game, possibly the best volleyball game for the Commodore 64.


Backgrounds look great.


Fit the game well.


The tournament mode is a lot of fun and the two-player option is always welcome.

Replay Value

Password feature during tournament is helpful.


Florescent green pages put a strain on your eyes. The organization is not great either but a useful reference card is provided.

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