Romantic Encounters at the Dome Overview

The 1980s are the only decade that could have spawned Romantic Encounters at the Dome, a text game of sexual role-playing created by Southern California psychologists. Playing as a man or woman, explore your fantasies at The Dome, an exclusive club that’s like something you dimly remember from a Huey Lewis video.

It’s a pre-AIDS world of casual sex and New Wave girls doing coke where you look for love. Find the mate of your dreams – or someone who’s wild, co-dependent, or trying to make her gun-toting boyfriend jealous. Make important choices: are you in over your head? Should you wake Kitty after the drugs make her pass out in bed?

The writing’s top-notch, if you can get past the psychobabble (“you sense you’re making meaningful connections”). Unfortunately, the parser is awful, worse than Colossal Cave in making you guess words. You soon realize you’re basically stuck in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure version of a Bret Easton Ellis novel. For another approach to life simulation, see Alter Ego.

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