Super Monaco GP Review

The sequel to the overhead view Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP is a behind-the-wheel perspective Formula One racer that pits players against drivers in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. As with Pole Position, players must race a preliminary qualifying round to determine starting position prior to entering a full-fledged race. Players can select automatic transmission or 4- or 7-speed manual with shifting executed via a shifting plate that is part of the steering wheel mechanism. An onscreen tachometer clues players in on optimum shift points, and a miniaturized display of the course shows the car’s position on the track. Time is of the essence in this game, so players should avoid major or frequent crashes and attempt to stay in high gear as often as possible. For realistic racing action with roaring sound effects and effectively simulated 3D graphics, gamers could do worse than seek out Super Monaco GP. The game is available in two formats: upright and sit-down, the latter of which has force feedback in the steering wheel and seat, further giving the illusion of an authentic racing experience.

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