Activision’s Shanghai II – Review (Old Computer Game)

If there is a secret formula for success in creating an “ultimate” computer game for any given genre, Activision may have latched onto it. One can almost peer into the minds of the creative team which spawned Shanghai II. With the success in 30 different formats of their 1986 classic, Shanghai (with total sales of […]

Ikari Warriors Review (1987 NES)

SNK’s Ikari Warriors was a great game in 1986. This is one of the first games for the Nintendo NES that two players can simultaneously compete against the computerized enemies. This was a new and exciting innovation in two dimensional action games, and that is the crux of the enjoyment offered by Ikari Warriors. Ikari […]

Gain Ground Overview (1991 Sega)

In the not so distant future, “Gain Ground” is a popular training game designed to prepare players for battle. Participants must make their way through five rounds reflecting different time periods in history, with each round consisting of ten stages. Of course, players are required to wear authentic battle clothing as they engage the Gain […]

1942 Arcade Game(1984) Review

Designed by Yoshiki Okamoto, who would go on to architect the Street Fighter and Final Fight franchises, 1942 is a fondly remembered vertically scrolling shooter in which players control a WWII-era plane through 32 levels of enemy-filled sea and landscapes. The first game in the “194x” series, 1942 features a special roll button that allows […]