Airborne Ranger Review

Airborne Ranger is a great game. It supplies a good mix of action and strategy. Although some missions are simply search and destroy, others will require you to plot out a strategy in order to avoid enemies. Some missions also have strict time limits which require players to act very quickly. Each mission type is a lot of fun to play.

One of the best missions is the liberation of a P.O.W. camp. In order to rescue the prisoners you will have to be very quiet. If the enemy realizes that you are nearby they are likely to move the prisoners and the mission will be a failure. However, this does not mean that you cannot take out the enemy troops. You can quietly sneak up on soldiers and stab them with a knife. What makes the mission even better is that you can rescue yourself. If you were captured in a previous mission as a different ranger, your previous character will be set free if this mission is successfully completed.

Using a save disk allows for many rangers to be created and moved through the ranks. Having a high ranked soldier who can choose his own mission will enable you to rescue other rangers at any time. When you first begin, you have a campaign that randomly arranges the missions. Only when the campaign is complete can you select your own missions.

Controlling a ranger is very simple. A keyboard overlay is included with the game that makes switching between weapons very easy. On the battlefield a crosshair appears in front of your gun to help with aiming. Making use of the backgrounds, the ranger can do more than simply walk, run, and shoot. Crawling through ditches is a great way to avoid enemies. If the battlefield contains water, the ranger can go underwater to hide from the enemy. Don’t stay under too long, though, or you will begin to drown.

Graphically, Airborne Ranger looks quite good. Every mission scrolls vertically at your own pace. Backgrounds are detailed and represent each mission well. Every sound is also good. Gunfire and explosions complement the overall gameplay.

Airborne Ranger could benefit from some more missions. While 12 is a fair number, they can be completed in a short amount of time. However, you will want to replay them in order to move up the ranks. With creative missions, well-designed controls, and interesting gameplay Airborne Ranger is a highly enjoyable game.


Some more colors would result in a perfect score.


Fit the game perfectly.


Great mission objectives.

Replay Value

You can continuously gain more points and medals for your ranger even after completing every mission.


Details each mission and provides tips.

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