HardBall! Overview (1987 Baseball Game)

Bob Whitehead’s Hardball! comes to the Atari ST. Whether playing this computer version of America’s favorite pastime by yourself or with a friend, you must decide who will be the Home team and who will be the Visitor. Also, you can choose to play with or without a designated hitter.

Harball features eight different kinds of pitches: offspeed, change-up, curve ball, screwball, sinker, slider, fastball! and fastball. A fastball! is simply a faster version of a fastball. After selecting a type of pitch, you can decide whether to pitch inside, outside, high or low. After the ball is hit, you will take control of a fielder, each of whom can catch or pick up the ball and throw it to any of the bases. As the game goes on, the pitcher will get tired; a fatigued pitcher is less likely to throw a strike.

On offense you can swing the bat, run bases, bunt, steal bases and hit fly balls, line drives, grounders and homers. When a player first steps up to the plate, some of his statistics will be displayed on screen.

As the manager of your team, you can substitute players, exchange positions, adjust fielder alignments, switch hit and call intentional walks.

The perspective in Hardball! is from four different camera angles: manager’s decision screen, pitcher/batter screen, left field view and right field view.

Platform Publisher Developer Year
Apple II Accolade, Inc. 1987
Apple IIGS Accolade, Inc. 1987
Atari 400/800/XL/XE Accolade, Inc. 1985
Commodore 64/128 Accolade, Inc. Accolade, Inc. 1985
Commodore Amiga Accolade, Inc. 1986
IBM PC Compatible Accolade, Inc. 1985
Macintosh Accolade, Inc. Distinctive Software, Inc 1986
Sega Genesis Ballistic Accolade, Inc. 1991

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