Commando Overview (NES 1986)

Commando marches from the arcades to the NES in this home conversion from Capcom. Control a soldier named “Super Joe” in a mission to rescue hostages and eliminate members of an army controlled by the evil “Gunther Brothers.” Armed with a few grenades and a machine gun offering unlimited ammo, Super Joe will advance through four outdoor stages, each divided into four sections.

The action takes place on a vertically scrolling battlefield as enemy troops appear on foot, in trenches, on motorcycles, behind mortars, and more. Super Joe can acquire temporary power-ups like super grenades and bulletproof vests to help survive the relentless onslaught. He can also take a reprieve from the action by finding secret underground shelters, whose entrances are revealed by tossing grenades or using binoculars. Find and rescue all prisoners to earn a surprise bonus.

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Also Available On
Platform Publisher Developer Year
Apple II Data East USA, Inc. 1985
Arcade Data East USA, Inc. Capcom Co., Ltd. 1985
Atari 7800 Atari Corporation 1989
Atari Video Computer System Activision, Inc. Imagineering Inc. 1988
Commodore 64/128 Data East USA, Inc. 1985
IBM PC Compatible Data East USA, Inc. Capcom Co., Ltd. 1985
Intellivision INTV Corporation Realtime Associates, Inc. 1987
Mobile 2001
Wii Capcom USA, Inc. Capcom Co., Ltd. 2010

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