Lemmings 1992 Game Review

Oh no! The little suicidal lemmings have taken a leap of faith from the PC to the SNES! Don’t get me wrong! This is a good thing. It’s just a wonder they didn’t kill themselves in the process. But, somehow they’ve survived, and now they’re ambling precariously towards their death with only you to stop them. Careful coaxing and calm tones aren’t going to stop them either. You’d got to do something!

Lemmings successfully walks, blocks and bashes it’s way to the SNES. Although, sometimes the control pad just isn’t enough to keep the little suicide-bent cartoonish characters from falling to their death. Playing on a PC is preferable since you can use a mouse to guide the little buggers safely to the exit.

The music’s still catchy, the graphics are still attractive, and the gameplay is still incredibly fun. Lemmings for the SNES is everything the PC version was, and just as fun!

Lemmings has a selectable skill level which allows it to be attractive to all gamers – regardless of age or skill! It offers a unique gaming experience, and is wonderful for teaching younger children problem solving skills.

Lemmings is an engineering test in disguise. Can you get the lemmings from here to there without getting them killed? This really isn’t a game for everyone. Some people don’t enjoy puzzle games, and heck, that’s fine. Lemmings is really hit and miss. Either you love it, or you hate it.


Nice backgrounds, cute lemmings!


As addictive as ever!


Great, fun puzzles.. real time.. You’ve got to be quick!

Replay Value

Once you know how to finish the puzzles, it’s not as fun. Still a challenge though.


Standard instruction booklet lets you know all you need to know!

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