Konami’s “Predator 2” PC Review

The Los Angeles Police Department has the unenviable task of keeping peace in a virtual war zone. To add anything else to their already overburdened capacity would be like pouring a fresh pot of coffee into an already full cup. So, when a strange alien creature comes into town on a hunting spree, the force […]

Art of Fighting Review

Despite its resemblance to Capcom’s wildly successful Street Fighter 2, Art of Fighting fails on so many levels it’s almost painful to play. The first problem is its sparse Single-player Mode. Two characters just weren’t enough to keep me interested. Adding insult to injury, these two players are so similar, it’s like having 1.5 characters […]

Night Trap Review (Sega 1992)

When the Sega CD debuted, fans of point-and-click full motion video (FMV) games were in luck as the system featured many games of this type. However, even for those who enjoy pointing and clicking while watching full motion video, Night Trap is a disappointment. How much fun can it be to cycle through numerous cameras […]

Shadow President Synopsis

Shadow President puts the player in the hot seat – behind the desk at the Oval Office. Taking on the role of the United State’s highest elected official, the player becomes responsible for nearly all aspects of governance, domestic and across the globe. Through an interactive world map and simple point-and-click control screen, the player […]

Police Quest 3: The Kindred – PC Review

One of the great strengths of the original Police Quest was that the encounters were “fictionalized” versions of actual arrests and situations, either experienced by designer Jim Walls himself (a retired law enforcement officer) or one of his colleagues, that required correct police procedures to resolve. Police Quest 3: The Kindred (PQ3) continues the tradition […]