Alone in the Dark Review [DOS]

Based on the writings of the popular H. P. Lovecraft, I-Motion’s Alone in the Dark stands as a classic horror title that is certain to please PC fans.

Alone in the Dark presents players with a choice of two characters to select, namely, the respected Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, niece of the deceased Jeremy Hartwood. The game takes place in the Hartwood mansion, Derceto, a large and grand mansion that houses the many tales of horror that have taken place within. As one of the characters, players are given the task of investigating the mansion to uncover what really happened to Hartwood and to uncover the secrets that lie deep within Derceto.

The cinematic camera angles provide an intense sense of suspense in the game. There are up to nine different camera angles in each room which switch at random. However, as in most action/adventure titles, the “fixed” camera can more times than not lead to some incredibly irritating angles that hinder you from being able to fully enjoy the game. Players will be blinded by an object that will block an oncoming monster and so forth. This is easily the biggest problem with Alone in the Dark.

Graphically, the game is a gem. Full polygonal players and environments provide a sense of realism that adds to the serious theme of the game. The player models are a bit chunky and seem mis-proportioned but this is a minor complaint.

As to sound, the game is very moody. The music changes as the situation does and adds that slight feel of suspense that adds a great deal to the title. The creepy sound effects will have you looking over your own shoulder at times to see what’s behind you. The main thing that detracts from the sound is the voices. They seem to lack emotion and when the game needs emotion the most, the characters seem to let us down.

All in all, this title is a classic. With a deep plot and gameplay to boot, I-Motion’s Alone in the Dark is one title every PC gamer should have.

Rating: 70/100

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