Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs – Synopsis

The number one selling basketball game on the Genesis returns with 16 updated teams based on the 1992 NBA playoffs. New features include the ability to create your own All-Star teams, call defensive plays, and substitute players using complete team rosters. More signature moves have been added as well, so you’ll see Karl Malone’s “In Your Face” Jam, Shawn Kemp’s “Off-the-Glass” Jam, Tim Hardaway’s “No-Look Pass and Layup,” and many more.

Returning from 1992’s game are the T-meter free throw system, instant replay, updated in-game stats, and team logos and colors on home court. Game modes include a Tournament and One Game Exhibition, which can be played cooperatively or competitively with a friend. If you need to continue your Tournament at a later time, you can do so via passwords available after each win. Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs is the third game in Electronic Arts’ basketball series for the Genesis and first to feature the EA Sports brand label.

The Lost Vikings PC Synopsis

Fresh from winning the village hunting contest, the mighty Vikings Olaf the Stout, Baelog the Fierce, and Eric the Swift wallow in their hard-fought victory. Little do they realize their heroics have caught the attention of the vile and despicable intergalactic zookeeper, Tomator. Hovering above our heroes’ abode, Tomator teleports Olaf and company aboard his spaceship. Thanks to a transporter malfunction, the Vikings materialize in the main hall of the zookeeper’s craft rather than in his specimen laboratory. Speeding through the galaxy towards Tomator’s home planet, the three Vikings are truly lost in space. Their only hope is to find their way, using various hunting skills, through time and space back to Earth.

Each Viking has different abilities and weapons, and you must strategically guide all three of them to the end of each stage in order to progress through the game. Once Viking alone cannot finish any of the levels; they must cooperate. You can alternate between the Vikings, or you and a friend can work together. As you play the game you will find helpful items such as shields, bombs, keys, flaming arrows, gravity boots, and food. Areas to explore include Preshistoria, Egypt, and Wacky World. There are 37 levels in all.