Bust-A-Move Review (1993 Arcade and GBA)

Bust-A-Move is a fun and addicting game, but it is not exactly a groundbreaking one. Basically, Bust-A-Move is a Tetris clone, and while that fact does not take away from the gameplay, it is something that should be noted.

The graphics in Bust-A-Move are fairly pedestrian. They are not complex, but they do not have to be. Bubble and Bobble, the tiny dinosaurs who have journeyed to this game from their own self-titled series, are true to their roots and look like they do in other games. The bubbles themselves are simply multicolored circles. There is a bit of contrast added to make them look shiny, but just about any artist can pull that trick off.

The sound, while not groundbreaking, is also adequate. The “bleep” that they make as they are fired and the “crunch” that a section of bubbles make when they hit the ground are what you would expect from a game like Bust-A-Move. There is also a little catchy music, but that fades into the background as you play.

The game play is fairly good, and you improve your bubble firing skills as the game goes along. Getting them to bounce off the wall and into the right spot is probably the biggest challenge you have to face.

Overall, Bust-A-Move is cute and fun and addicting, just like most puzzle games. There is a challenge, but it’s the same challenge that most puzzle games offer. Bust-A-Move is definitely on the same level as games like Tetris. It was just a few years behind.


Mediocre, but suited to the game.


Minimal sound.


Fun and addictive.

Replay Value


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