Speed Racer in the Challenge of Racer X – Review

Pops, mentor of the Go team, dedicated his life to perfecting the ultimate race car—the powerful Mach 5. Now it’s Speed Racer’s turn to show the world what the car is capable of, leaping over opponents, mowing over trees with whirling saw blades, kicking in afterburner jets for speed, and somersaulting end-over-end through tough traffic. […]

Screen Antics: Johnny Castaway Review

Billed as the world’s first story-telling screen-saver cartoon, Johnny Castaway is a great launch (and subsequent shipwreck) for Dyiiamix’ Screen Antics series. We weren’t sure what Jeff Tunnel I intended when he formed a smaller creative group under the aegis of Dynamix, but the first few products we’ve seen from Jeff Tunnell Productions look very […]

King’s Quest VI: Heir Today. Gone Tomorrow Review

Following a very successful series of installments, the latest chapter in one of adventure dom’s most popular game series is ready to unfold. Sierra’s King’s Quest VI: Heir Today. Gone Tomorrow looks to outdo all previous installments in quality of story line, graphics and audio, sheer number of puzzles, player amenities and overall gameplay. An […]