Monty Python’s Complete Waste of Time Overview (Synopsis and Features)

What’s all this, then? Why, it’s a CD-ROM game crammed with live action video, sounds and animations from the 1970s BBC television series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Take a ride through the Loonatorium, visit the TV Room, bask in the glories of the Portrait Gallery and test your skills with trivia.

The brain of Mrs. Zambesi is divided into six lobes, all of which are infested with Python comedy sketches. There are more than thirty live-action videos, countless sound effects and rude noises and more animation than in German painter-poet Max Ernst’s longest nightmares.

Arcade-style games are hidden away in most of the lobes. You can play slots, pinball, whack-a-mole or several other arcade games that defy description. All are heavily populated with familiar characters and locales from the TV series such as Dead Parrot, the Cheese Shop, Nudge Nudge and The Argument Clinic.

There are six mazes, one hidden in each lobe and in the center of each is a quiz. Answer four questions about the Python sketches and you receive four clues to fixing that lobe of Mrs. Zambesi’s brain. The ultimate challenge is to fix all six lobes and discover the secret of intergalactic success.

Included with the game is a control panel known as the Desktop Pythonizer that lets you install your choice of 28 screen savers, 49 desktop pictures and patterns and 150 different sounds. The CD contains a total of 49 custom icons.

View over 30 classic Monty Python sketches
Includes over 20 screen savers, 40 sound effects, desktop icons, and more
Collect clues to discover the secret to Intergalactic Success

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