Battle Sport Review

While I’m not the biggest fan of sports games, these “sports of the future” titles always spike my interest. Usually they turn out to be meaner basketball or football games that toss people around. However, Battlesport is different, offering the one-on-one thrill of a sporting competition with the vague rules of most sports; grab a ball and score points.

However, scoring isn’t through human interaction. You pilot massive hover vehicles with little receptacles to grab the ball, head for the goal, and give it your best shot! And in defense, you have more moves than just getting in the way of your opponent. You have a huge array of weapons including missiles, lasers, and machine guns.

Another great feature is the “shop” where, after raking in some money by winning games, you can buy upgraded parts to make your vehicle handle better, give it more firepower and weapons. With only five vehicles selectable, the “shop” is a great way to customize to your liking. Graphically, the game could be better. Floors are flat shaded and arenas have only a few walls and obstacles, all similarly textured, with different colors between them.

Fighting the same five vehicles over and over again becomes a bit repetitive, but the game is still a ton of fun with exhibition and single-game modes to diversify the game and keep you playing that much longer. While it could stand a little more diversity and enhanced graphics, Battlesport is a furiously fun “future sport” title that sport fans and action fans can both enjoy. If you fall under either category, check out this game.


The repetitive textures, flat shaded arenas, and limited vehicles get old quick.


Decent effects and a standard techno/rock soundtrack that is more ambient than memorable.


Losing marks for lack of diversity, the game is still a blast to play, and the two-player mode is even more fun!

Replay Value

The computer gets devilishly smart at times, making the game long and challenging, while the two-player mode offers a great reason to come back.


A helpful manual describes the conventions of Battle Sport.

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