National Lampoon’s Blind Date Synopsis

This point-and-click dating sim is built of interactive movies and branching dialogue choices. Players take the role of a young man seeking female companionship. Thanks to an organization known as “D.U.D.S,” (“Dates Unlimited for Desperate Schmucks”), he’s been matched with the attractive Sandi. The goal is to convince her that he is worthy of her affection.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, though, and Sandi is as clever and independent as she is good-looking. Some might even call her “mean.” It will take witty, sensitive conversation to coax her to a tender moment.

In National Lampoon style, the story is presented with a good deal of innuendo and an emphasis on humor. While definitely aimed at a mature audience, the tone is more often suggestive than explicit. As in the Leisure Suit Larry series (and some might suggest, real life), gameplay is all about the chase; the process of winning Sandi’s heart is, for the most part, its own reward.

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