Alien Attack Review (1995)

Despite its low-tech simplicity, Alien Attack is actually a good way to pass time while sitting at your desk. Alien Attack looks enough like Missile Command to give you a bit of nostalgic heartburn, but there are a few simple add-ons that set it apart.

First, there are two independent weapons in Alien Attack. The missile launcher is definitely more powerful, but the anti-UFO gun has its merits. The gun can fire more shots without reloading than the missile launcher can. Multiple bullets from the gun are more likely to hit a target more than once than are the missiles. The bullets from the gun even travel faster than missiles. Still, the powerful blast that a missile makes in contrast with a bullet makes the left-side weapon a better choice.

The sound in Alien Attack is fairly cheesy, but it is not annoying. The effects and music came through well on my Soundblaster card, even though there was not much to them.

Game play is fairly fun, but it can also be frustrating. If you choose to play Alien Attack alone, you must man both weapons. Using your left hand to do the exact opposite of what your right hand is doing presents a challenge. Your hands are working together, but you almost have to have two brains to get them to do it right.

The challenge and the minor frustration evident in Alien Attack are two of the things that make it worth playing more than once. The game appears to be quite simple. In reality, it will make you work hard to advance level to level. Eventually, you lose. There are just too many aliens and too few shots to hit them all.

Alien Attack is worth playing, especially if you want to escape the high-tech world of 64- and 128-bit systems of the late 1990s. It might not entertain you forever, but it will definitely work on you for a while.

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