Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Review

Mario has saved the world countless times, earned his doctorate (Dr. Mario) and even refereed a boxing match (Mike Tyson’s Punchout). What else was there left for the famous Italian plumber to do?

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario is once again out to save the world; only this time, as the title suggests, he’s starring in a role-playing game similar to the Final Fantasy series.

Super Mario RPG is definitely geared for the player who has never played an RPG, as the difficulty level is not especially high, and it features great in-game tutorials that make it possible to begin playing without even glancing at the manual. However, it will also satisfy seasoned RPG veterans who are looking for a nice change of pace, since the quest is long and represents a sufficient challenge. The only flaw worth mentioning is the one inherent in most RPGs: the frequent battles become monotonous when you are forced to fight the same types of enemies over and over again.

The Mario universe has been translated well into the RPG format, mixing familiar elements such as prize boxes, coins, stars and flowers with the standard RPG turn-based battles, dialogue, experience levels, etc. The game contains many well-known enemies, characters and weapons that have appeared in previous Mario adventures. For example, Mario utilizes jump and fireball attacks, Goombas will try to hinder your progress, and Bowser is prominently featured and even joins your party as an ally.

The graphics, which are similar in style to Donkey Kong Country, are absolutely outstanding, with colorful, 3D rendered visuals that once seemed impossible on the Super NES. This is definitely the high watermark for 3D graphics on any 16-bit system. The music is also quite extraordinary, utilizing the Super NES’ many instruments to create songs that match the mood of the surrounding environment.

Whenever the best video games are discussed, Mario’s assorted adventures are frequently mentioned. Super Mario RPG is a worthy addition to this list, bringing together the best of two popular gaming institutions while wowing the senses with great visuals and sound.


The rich 3D visuals are a joy to behold.


An excellent variety of songs, but the battle music becomes monontonous.


Mario + Role-playing equals Fun.

Replay Value

There aren’t any surprises to be discovered the second time around.


Great in-game instructions.

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