Steel Panthers Overview (Video Game)

Steel Panthers is a turn-based wargame focusing on combined armor/infantry small unit actions in the European and Pacific Theaters during World War II. The combat area is viewed from a bird’s eye view and each individual vehicle, soldier, or heavy gun is portrayed with a lifelike top-view. Appropriate audio accompanies movement and combat. The game may be played in single scenarios or as a one of nine continuing campaigns where the player must allocate and maintain his forces from one battle to the next. Two-player e-mail play is supported. A battle generator quickly creates random scenarios and a full-featured scenario editor is also included. Custom scenarios are available from SSI and from other sources.

Crosswords & More Review

Crosswords & More can be fun if your morning paper does not show up, or if the TV Guide crossword was not very challenging. If you like doing crosswords and word finds, then you will like Crosswords & More. There are not a whole lot of surprises.

The graphics are fairly basic: puzzle on the left and clues on the right. The layout is designed well and is not as boring as you might expect a crossword puzzle game to be. The background has the appearance of gray marble and colors can be changed to suit just about anyone’s palette.

There are a few sounds (.WAV files) that can be heard during and after crossword play. Most notably, the “audience” applauds as a very bored-sounding man says, “Congratulations. You are the winner.” The developers are not trying to knock you out with great sound here. They are simply trying to prevent you from falling asleep. That’s fine. This is a crossword game, not Mortal Kombat.

The features of Crosswords & More that allow players to create their own puzzles are a bit of a letdown. The Word Find creation is fairly smooth. You type in a list of up to 40 words and the computer hides them for you in a mix of random letters.

The Crossword creation, however, is quite disappointing. First, while 40 words might be enough for a word find, the typical crossword puzzle has many more. Second, when Crosswords & More’s creation engine gears up to create a puzzle using the words and clues you have provided, words always get left out. Now, you have wasted time typing in 40 words and clues and the puzzle creator only chose 30 of them to fit in the puzzle. What you are left with is a weird looking puzzle with great big blocks. If you bought this software in hopes of cranking out your own puzzle books, think again.

All in all, Crosswords & More is decent. If you like word games, you will like Crosswords & More.


Good for this type of game


Slightly amusing


Great for crossword lovers

Replay Value

There are many puzzles


A little thin