Sage Blackjack Simulator Review

Sage Blackjack Simulator is a no-frills simulation of the popular game of Blackjack. While it does not have all the bells and whistles available in other Blackjack games, it is probably one of the most realistic simulations of Blackjack ever developed.

For people who only like to play Blackjack on their computers, Sage Blackjack Simulator might not be the best game available. For those of us who enjoy casino-style gambling, however, the graphics, style, and play of Sage Blackjack Simulator cannot be beaten.

The graphics in Sage Blackjack Simulator are amazingly close to what an actual game of Blackjack looks like in a casino setting. From the shoe filled with cards, to the color of the chips, to the layout of the table, to the card backs, Sage Blackjack Simulator pays close attention to what a game of Blackjack looks like when real money is on the line. The default speed of the animation is a bit fast, but that can be manipulated for more realistic play.

Sage Blackjack Simulator has no sound. At first, I was disappointed as I was expecting to hear the shuffle of the cards, the sounds of chips changing hands, and other casino-style noises. After playing a few times, however, I did not even notice that the sound was missing. Although the developers could have made some attempt to include sound in the game, I suppose that no sound is better than bad sound.

The game play in Sage Blackjack Simulator is hyper-addictive. For anyone who loves to play Blackjack, this game will hook you and keep you from leaving the house. The deals seem fair and realistic. You win some, and you lose some. That’s the game.

I was repeatedly amazed at how quickly an eight-deck shoe dissolved. When you play with cyber-money, it’s easy to play for hours. Do not let this fool you into believing you are a card shark, however. The most Sage Blackjack Simulator can do for you is teach you when to hit and stand. It will not teach you to be a hustler.

The only real problem I had with Sage Blackjack Simulator was the constant clicking on the bet window. Ideally, the game should have a feature that allows the hands to continue, instead of stopping to have all the players confirm their bets. A “change bet” button in addition to the other radio buttons at the top would make game play smoother.

Overall, Sage Blackjack Simulator is a cool game for people who enjoy casino-style Blackjack. It’s not a strategy builder and it’s not chock full of features, but it is definitely a fun game with which you can waste several hours.


Excellent detail




Highly addictive

Replay Value

Very good


Extremely thorough

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