Death Blade MAC Review (1996)

More than anything else, Death Blade plays like a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. A lot of the monsters have the same names and special attacks as AD&D monsters. Many of the magic items also are the same. It’s rather easy to tell what the inspiration for this shareware game was.

Aside from that, the combat interface looks very strange. Monsters attack you in real time, but their movements look they are suffering a fit or doing some strange dance, hopping and moving in completely unrealistic ways. And, as you face these monsters head on, this makes combat seem very strange indeed.

You start out the game with no armor and no weapons. As you defeat monsters, they will occasionally drop armor, weapons, or other goodies that will enable you to survive. Chief among these are healing potions that return lost hit points. There are also other potions that will take poison out of your body, restore lost levels, and more.

On the sixteen levels of the game, the monsters get progressively harder as you go deeper, from thieves or goblins on the first level, to all sorts of undead and Cassandra herself, who is the nastiest creature of them all. Only by doing away with Cassandra will you escape the maze and be able to stop the monsters plaguing the town.

The story behind the game is good, but the strange look of combat mars this otherwise good game.


Graphics are good. Monsters look appropriately spooky and/or strange.


The sounds are okay, but the music for exploring the levels makes you wonder what is around every corner or behind every wall.


Aside from the combat interface, the game is somewhat bland but enjoyable.

Replay Value

You might wish to go back and do more exploring, but then again you might not.


The documentation explains the background of the game and how to play.

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