WCW Nitro Synopsis and Features

WCW Nitro features a variety of game modes including Exhibition, Exhibition Tag Team, Tournament, Vs, Vs Tag Team, and Royal Rumble. Players can wrestle alone or challenge up to three friends to a Royal Rumble. WCW Nitro also features 64 playable characters with 16 of these available at the beginning of the game. These fighters […]

Ian Botham’s International Cricket 96 Synopsis

Beam know that the game of cricket converted to a video game would be plain stupid since it would essentially take at least five days of play to get a result, hardly what gamers want. Ian Botham’s International Cricket 96 therefore plays more like a baseball title with fast scoring, quick wickets and unrealistc means. […]

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Review

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball features typical baseball action with great looking stadiums. One of the differences in this game as compared to others is that the play-by-play is very accurate. Unfortunately, nearly everything else is hurting. Pitching is the best part of the gameplay, this may be due more to the hitting being the […]