Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Review

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball features typical baseball action with great looking stadiums. One of the differences in this game as compared to others is that the play-by-play is very accurate. Unfortunately, nearly everything else is hurting.

Pitching is the best part of the gameplay, this may be due more to the hitting being the worst part though. The game features eight different pitches which is a good variety. For hitting it would have been nice if players were able to use more strategy than simply going up to the plate and hacking. Hitting can be a chore because you need to swing before you see the pitch in order to hit it. Fielding is set up nicely and the baseball diamond looks good. In the lower left corner a mini field appears to help you follow fielders and the baserunners. Baserunning does not have a large impact in this game as the baserunners are not allowed to lead off base.

Graphics are mixed. Stadiums are the best looking objects in the game and players are the worst. Players are not drawn clearly and pixelate beyond recognition at times. Sounds of the game, other than the announcer, are weak as well.

Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball may have looked good if there was no competition, but on a system that many baseball games call home, including the great World Series Baseball 98, this game fails in comparison. There is no reason to choose a game like this when there are so many better baseball titles available.


Stadiums are represented well.


Only the announcer is up to par.


Hitting needs some work.

Replay Value

Plenty of options but with a low fun factor replay is limited.


Contains everything you will need to play the game.

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