WCW Nitro Synopsis and Features

WCW Nitro features a variety of game modes including Exhibition, Exhibition Tag Team, Tournament, Vs, Vs Tag Team, and Royal Rumble. Players can wrestle alone or challenge up to three friends to a Royal Rumble. WCW Nitro also features 64 playable characters with 16 of these available at the beginning of the game. These fighters include such favorites as Hulk Hogan, Giant, Randy Savage, Sting, and Kevin Nash.

Players can choose from several rings in such known locations as Nitro, NWO, American Bash, Halloween Havoc, and WCW. Each fighter also has a large list of diverse moves created appropriately upon their real-life counterpart right down from move selection to execution of the move. Other options include selection of match time from one to five to ten minutes or unlimited, ring out from unlimited to 60 seconds, three different difficulties, ability to turn surprise attacks on or off, ring selection, sound balances, sound mode, and control configuration.

Play as or against 64 WCW stars, including Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Sting
Compete in an exhibition match, a tournament, a tag team match, or a battle royal
Master each wrestler’s signature moves to finish off your opponent

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