WWF: In Your House Review

When this game came out it was the greatest wrestling game for PC. People complaining about the game are people who did not play it when it came out and got spoiled by graphics later down the road. Alof of people refer to the Attitude era wrestlers and wonder why their not in the game? well its because the Attitude era did not kick off until 97′, thus the game came out in 96′ and was actually developed in 95′. Wrestling was the greatest thing before the attitude era, and this game shows what it was all about. Great gameplay, old wrestlers who do not wrestle anymore,GREAT commentary which was actually was my personal favorite feature of the game in 96′ and still is. I would NOT recommend this game to kids who grew up wathcing wrestling the past 12-15 years because they will not know who 99% of the wrestlers are. Old school wrestling fans like myself consider this game a gem and any wrestling fan from the early 90’s can tell you it still is a great game.

Verdict: 80/100

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