Grand Theft Auto 1 (1997) Review and System Requirements

Grand Theft Auto… This is one of the most bizarre games I have ever played. It is neither good or bad. The

gameplay is very straight-forward and simple, but it lacks even the most basic of a story line, it just throws you into the game, to kill cops, innocent people, and steal cars, among other things. I do enjoy the fact that the game is so basic, no strange shooting mechanics, no difficult story missions, and the like, and it is hilarious and entertaining. I give this game a solid 7. Its worth a play, but be ready for the strangest experience in gaming.

Verdict: 70/100
Minimum Requirements
75 MHz Pentium or equivalent
16 Mb of RAM
1MB VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
DOS 6.0, Windows 95, Windows 98
80 MB of Hard Disk Space
Sound Card

Recommended Requirements:
166MHz Pentium or equivalent
16Mb of RAM
2Mb VESA compatible SVGA graphics card
Windows 95 or Windows 98
80 MB of Hard Disk Space
Soundblaster Compatible Sound Card
Windows NT (any version)

Need for Speed II 1997 Racing Game

Electronic Arts struck gold vvith Need For Speed as it became the most p0pular racing game on the PC to date (1998). Now a number of years later, Need For Speed II has finally hit the windows with some noticeable changes.

Need For Speed II features eight nevv vehicles (Ferrari F50, McLaren F1, Jaguar, Lotus etc.) and eight nevv tracks set right across the world. The distinction betvveen arcade and simulation mode has als0 been made and the game is filled vvith graphical, sound, and gameplay options to tune around vvith.

Electronics Arts have als0 played close attention to presentation vvith top class visuals, menus and sound as vvell as up to eight player action with modem, IPX and split screen options.