Addiction Pinball (1998)

Addiction Pinball is a pinball simulation game released in 1998 for PC, featuring tables based on two popular Team17 games – Worms and World Rally Fever. It was later ported to the PlayStation and released only in Europe as Worms Pinball to capitalise on the success of the Worms franchise. The PC version was published by Microprose, while the PlayStation version was published by Infogrames, who had recently acquired Microprose. The game itself was developed in-house at Team17.

A cut-down version for the PC was also released in 1998, also titled Worms Pinball, and was initially included in a Worms compilation pack containing Worms and Reinforcements United and Worms 2. It was also included with the first print run of Worms Blast for the PC in 2002, and in 2012 was released on Steam. This version does not include the World Rally Fever table.

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