Thief: The Dark Project Review

Thief: The Dark Project. The known; Your a theif and take on many jobs by your employer. Before each level there is a cut seen that sets it up. Simple but nicely done. Being a theif requires many theif-like equipment. Your trusty bow(that zooms in when you hold the string back long enough), Blackjack(knock out […]

Theme Hospital Review

The premise behind Theme Hospital is that the player is running a hospital which must stay within budgetary constraints, while having to heal the highest number of patients at the same time. In order for his hospital to heal patients, the player must build rooms that can perform certain diagnostic and curative functions. The hospital […]

Resident Evil 2 Review

When Resident Evil debuted back in 1996 it was one of the most innovative games around. Circa, February of 1998, Resident Evil 2 is unveiled to the United States. While its not as innovative as its predecessor it’s still a great scare. The first thing that you’ll notice about Resident Evil 2 are the backgrounds. […]

Hoyle Card Games Overview

Hoyle Card Games is a collection of 14 card games and three bonus board games. Included in Hoyle Card Games are standards such as Gin Rummy, Poker, Go Fish, Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Oh Hell!, Euchre, War, Bridge, and Cribbage. Fans of Solitaire can try to master 30 different variations, and all games have adjustable backgrounds, […]