Thief: The Dark Project Review

Thief: The Dark Project.
The known; Your a theif and take on many jobs by your employer. Before each level there is a cut seen that sets it up. Simple but nicely done. Being a theif requires many theif-like equipment. Your trusty bow(that zooms in when you hold the string back long enough), Blackjack(knock out club), A variety of speciality arrows,including a rope arrow. etc.
Being a theif you rely on darkness, hence a visiblity gauge. If it is bright then you are in to much light. Theif also has a sound gauge. If your walking to fast or on noisy floors like metal grating, tiles or gravel, the noise will be much greater.
The game runs smoothly and is very immersive thanks to the great sound effects and good graphics for the time. One thing that some reviewers overlook is the stat summary at the end of the level. It is a nice to see your total and level time,loot, killed bodys, knocked out bodys and discoverd bodys(you can pick up the bodys and hide them to reduce suspicion of other guards. This adds to the feeling of not just going level to level and actually working for a goal. A goal which could simply be saving money to buy equipment at the start of the next level.
Levels are layed out nice. With this point, alot of people complain about the zombie levels. Is that because its not realistic? Not a setting that a theif would normally be put into? Or the fact that they scare the … out of you. I will never forget the first time I played the second level and saw a corpes. I bent down to inspect it. Well what do you know It started getting up and let out a grotesque moan.
The sound makes this game. Without it, the game would be reduced significantly. With that said, use headphones and play it in the dark. Your heart will race and you will jump when guards see you or you come across something you where not perpared for.
Playablity. Play it every once in awhile(like combat flight sim) and it will keep your interest. With the total time stat it will give you an incentive to try to beat your old time.
Bottom Line. 4&1/2 stars for a truly immersive game, even compared to the glamour of the newer games. Get it! It deserves to be in your collection and will not set you back any money.

Verdict: 80/100

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