Pro Pinball: Big Race USA (1999) Review

Big Race USA is a well crafted 3D delight. The ray-traced graphics are
true-to-life, colorful and stunning.

The operator’s menu lets
you create a custom difficulty level where you can choose the number of
balls, set how long the ball-saver remains active and tune every other
conceivable parameter of game play and scoring. The table-setup option
lets you adjust table slope, machine condition and flipper power. You
can make it respond like a factory-fresh dream or like a beat-up bar
machine if you want. Extras let you examine the 3D game surface in
detail with the ability to zoom in to high-resolution close-ups.
had this CD for years but I recently tried it on Windows XP with my new
Athlon 64 4000+ screamer and was disappointed to find the flipper
response was slow and even intermittent. It turns out that XP is not
entirely compatible with the versions of Windows that Big Race USA was
made for, rendering it unplayable. Fortunately I found a solution on the
Web. Run it in Windows 2000 compatibility mode! When I did, all the
flipper sluggishness disappeared and the game was fun again.

play this on my new system in full screen mode, at the highest video
resolution with all the bells and whistles turned on. It runs flawlessly
with minimal latency. This game is a beauty to behold, still plays well
on modern hardware and I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy.
The physics are superb, endowing
the steel balls with realistic movement and mass. The tunes are catchy,
sound-effects authentic and the voices and spoken lines are hilarious.
At high power settings, a flipper will make the ball smack the glass
hard, which is very satisfying. It’s like having a real, spanking new,
well-tuned pinball machine in your room.

Verdict: 90/100