Barbie as Rapunzel Synopsis

Barbie role-plays as the longhaired fairy tale beauty Rapunzel in a multi-part adventure fraught with magic spells, enchantments, treasure hunts, and a rescue. She must find the missing gems to restore Prince Stefan’s royal crown and break the spell cast by the evil witch Gothel who turned him to stone. In the process, Rapunzel must beautify the castle before the upcoming Masquerade Ball by reversing the gloomy effects caused by the witch.

Six areas in the castle (grand foyer, royal ballroom, grand dining room, royal garden, hallway, and bedroom) need to be restored and require the heroine to find a special item for each. Using Magic Paint Box tools such as a magic wand, twinkle sprinkles, living stickers, and a magic paintbrush, players restore areas, obtain the Enchanted Crystal Lens, and search for the hidden crown jewels.

Featured activities include a magical mosaic puzzle, designing, coloring and decorating three royal thrones, weaving rug patterns, creating, coloring, and planting six new flowers, painting the hallway mural, designing and decorating a mask for the ball, and rescuing the prince from the Garden Maze. As a finale, players prepare Rapunzel for the Masquerade Ball by choosing her gown and appropriate crown. Scenes from the game are saved in printable form in the Magical Memories Scrapbook.

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