Extreme Bullrider Review

Many of Headgames Publishing, Inc.’s titles have gotten a bad rap, often deservedly so, but their Extreme Bullrider is actually quite the fun little game and should be credited as such. It has many limitations, and it’s not very advanced graphically, but overall the experience of playing Extreme Bullrider is more likely to leave you […]

Conker’s Pocket Tales Synopsis

Help Conker the squirrel save his girlfriend, Berri, from an opportunistic acorn in this Zelda-inspired adventure. The game is played from an overhead perspective as you scurry along the ground and gather clues to the whereabouts of your friend. Conker begins the game in Willow Woods before venturing out to such foreboding areas as Vulture […]

All-Star Baseball 2000 Review

Of all the baseball titles released in 1998, none impressed me more than All-Star Baseball 99. The developers at Iguana took the best elements from past baseball games (most coming from Sega’s World Series Baseball series) and wrapped them up with some of the prettiest graphics yet seen on a home console. The game was […]

WCW Nitro Review and System Requirements

Seriously, grab your shovels and let’s bury this one because it totally bites! WCW/NWO Nitro is easily the worst game ever and I’m seriously talking about EVER!! No other game that I’ve ever played was this bad! Graphics = poor, sloppy, ugly and generally funny looking. Gameplay = a big fat 0 because the game […]

All-in-One Casino Games PC Review

All-in-One Casino Games is a poor effort from beginning to end, starting with the game’s welcome screen — a picture of the box. The music accompanying the main menu is terrible, even by casino standards, and there’s a 1-second gap after the end of one music loop and the beginning of the next. The game […]