Bomberman Quest Review

Bomberman Quest by Electrobrain for Game Boy Color is a fun little action/RPG. It’s a pretty big break from the usual Bomberman fair, but it’s a departure in a good way. However, not only do you get an RPG but you get a two-player mode that’s entirely different from the one-player game. Hopefully this will lead to more of this style of game in the future.

The one-player mode has a few similarities to the Zelda DX. You must roam around the world looking for new weapons and the hidden dungeons where the boss characters lie. And like in Zelda where you can increase the power of your sword, you can increase the power of your bombs. You must talk to every person in the village in order to get information about where you are. If you’re lucky they might drop some hints on how to beat certain characters. Bomberman starts off with just three life hearts but gets more as you beat each of the Four Commanders. But this is where the similarities end.

There are some really nice features to this game. One happens to be the ability to create new bombs if you collect the right items and bring them to the Bomb Workshop. You can also increase the power of the bombs too, with the right item of course. Finding items is very easy. All you need to do is defeat the enemies you come across. They will drop anything from a bomb part to a heart container that replenishes your life. You will also find different types of armor and boots to wear. Unfortunately you can only wear one item at a time. You really only need to wear each item in certain situations anyway, so while it would be cool to armor up, you really don’t need to.

There are five kinds of bombs which all do something different. One of the coolest ones is the robot bomb. You can control its movements which makes nailing the enemy a pretty easy task.

You’ll find that Bomberman is pretty evenly matched against his enemies. The main bosses are also on par with him. All you’ll need to do is watch their movements and you should be able to beat them all. Just remember, in order to win the game you need to defeat the Four Commanders but not every monster that you come across. You can do that for fun!

It’s not all good news however. There are a few problems with this game that can make it pretty frustrating. First of which is defeating the enemies. You start off with regular bombs and can only put two down at a time. Since the enemy moves around and your bombs don’t, blasting the bad guy can take some time. Also, if you accidentally leave the screen your enemy will get all his health back. The instruction booklet doesn’t tell you all you need to know about how to use certain bombs. The worst thing is that your own bombs can harm you. So you really need to be extra careful on how you place your bombs.

The Battle Mode is a lot of fun. You and a friend can square off against each other and bomb away. A really cool aspect of this game is that the Bomberman you use in the regular game is the one that you use here. So the farther you get in the game, the more of an advantage you’ll have over you enemy. Another great aspect is as you win, your Bomberman will transform into one of seven forms, each with different powers.

Bomberman Quest is a really fun game. Any fan of this series really should pick up this game. Everyone else should at least give it a try. You won’t be disappointed despite some of its faults.


Better than average.


The sound effects are perfect.


There is plenty to do so it never gets old.

Replay Value

With the Battle mode this has tons of replay value.


The instruction booklet doesn’t have enough information to really help you play the game well.

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