Conker’s Pocket Tales Synopsis

Help Conker the squirrel save his girlfriend, Berri, from an opportunistic acorn in this Zelda-inspired adventure. The game is played from an overhead perspective as you scurry along the ground and gather clues to the whereabouts of your friend. Conker begins the game in Willow Woods before venturing out to such foreboding areas as Vulture Ville, Krow Keep, Mako Islands, Claw Swamp, and the Aztec Temple. Since Conker must deal with enemies like spitting Venus flytraps, charging mushrooms, and angry crows, he’ll need some assistance. A chestnut-powered slingshot can take out enemies from a distance, while acorns can be found to add energy to Conker’s life meter. Before you can access new areas, you’ll first need to speak with the acorn people, who will offer some hints or items to help in your journey. Collectibles include eight blue presents, four party invitations, multiple keys, and hidden red presents. Conker can also use torches to light up spooky caves, a saw to cut through trees, a pickaxe to smash boulders, and a mask to swim in deep lakes. Each world concludes with a boss character, from the slithering Hssstamean to the smelly skunk Honker.

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