Silent Hill 1 Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Silent Hill tells the story of a man searching for his lost daughter in a bleak tourist town. As Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl were driving down the road, a dark, ominous figure appeared in the vehicle’s headlights. Harry tried to avoid it; he swerved out of the way but lost control of […]

Pokémon Pinball Review

It’s been said that Japanese culture is the “Beta version” of American culture and I’m rarely surprised when any Asian fad manages to find its way across the Pacific. However, the whole Pokémon thing has gotten way out of hand, in my humble opinion. I just don’t get it — little kids raising freakish monsters, […]

Michelle Kwan Figure Skating Overview

The crowd sits in rapt attention as you attempt your last program of the competition, needing an average of 5.8 from the eight judges. You’ve choreographed the best program you can, set it to your choice of 12 different musical pieces (themes), selected the most dazzling skating outfit you’ve ever used and have donned your […]

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Overview (Synopsis and Features)

As Richter Belmont journeyed to Castlevania, he had one thing on his mind: destroy Dracula. His family had been attempting to do this for decades but always wound up failing – he’d be brought back to life by a priest named Shaft. Richter approached his nemesis and destroyed him thinking he had finally done what […]

Castlevania Review (1999)

Konami’s long-running series first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. Count Dracula, Lord of Darkness, has battled the Belmont and Schneider families for centuries ever since on the NES, Game Boy, Super NES and PlayStation. Now, in the middle of the 19th century, a dark shadow has spread across Wallachia, Transylvania. Yes, Drac […]

Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 Review

Very similar in structure to other Cardoza Entertainment specialty games, Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 immediately puts you in the action. Creating the persona of your choice, you can freely roam Cardoza Entertainment’s virtual casino. You determine the size of your bankroll (if only that’s how it was in real life!), your weekly pay, and […]

Guitar Freaks (Video Game) Review

While Konami has released a relatively limited number of their Bemani (a name derived from beatmania, their first music simulation game) titles into American arcades, the series in all of its incarnations has managed to provide a real shot in the arm for the coin-op industry. Konami’s zany musical series is a fun concept that […]