Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 Review

Very similar in structure to other Cardoza Entertainment specialty games, Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 immediately puts you in the action. Creating the persona of your choice, you can freely roam Cardoza Entertainment’s virtual casino. You determine the size of your bankroll (if only that’s how it was in real life!), your weekly pay, and then it’s off to the slots.

Choose from over 100 different slot machines–no small task, I guarantee. Personally, I recommend starting at the lower-priced machines and slowly moving up through the ranks, assuming you’re able to earn profits. I find slot machines in general to be quite difficult to beat consistently and build up steady winnings, as the odds seem much higher than most card games. Perhaps I just have better luck at cards. The point is, though, it takes considerable time to get decent cash flow going. If you have the time and feel up to it, go for it.

The graphics in Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 are average at best. The colorful and entertaining slots are nicely done and don’t distract from game play. The virtual casino, however, is lacking in appearance and not pleasing to the eye.

Selecting a slot from the main screen is a tedious process but, fortunately, the menu bars make the search easier. Through their use, you can find tables quickly and move from one to another smoothly. Also, changing the wager at the slots requires only a mouse-click, making that aspect quite simple as well.

The audio in Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 is quite a bit better than other Cardoza Entertainment games I’ve experienced. Each slot has its own sound effects that add a bit to the fun. For example, on the rock and roll slot machine, every time a guitar spins up you hear a chord, each time a drum comes up you hear a drumbeat, and so on. Although minimal, it is a nice touch.

The sheer variety of the tables is quite overwhelming. There are so many from which to choose, a casino enthusiast will truly feel as if he or she has arrived at some sort of quarter-heaven in the sky. If slots aren’t your main focus at a casino, you may want to give this one a pass; but if they are, come on in and try your luck at 100 one-armed bandits.


The slots are pleasing to the eye but the ambience of a casino with realistic surroundings is lacking.


The sound effects are different at each table and add to the variety and entertainment.


For those obsessed with slots, the game is perfect. For others, it may be fun for a while but won’t sustain long term interest.

Replay Value

Gets boring after a while due to the lack of variety in concept, not tables.


The instruction manual and strategy guide is incredibly comprehensive and helpful.

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