Blast Thru Overview

Traditional ball-and-paddle gameplay gets a twist in RockSolid Software’s Blast Thru. With a style similar to classics such as Breakout, the arcade-style action requires keeping a ball in play while moving a paddle back and forth across the bottom of the screen, as you aim at blocks of “bricks” that have a variety of power-up and destructive properties.

As a rule, all blue power-ups released by exploding bricks are helpful, but players must avoid the red-colored items, which make gameplay more difficult. For example, blue power-ups can increase the width of the paddle or add extra points to your score, while red items can make the entire block of bricks start descending down the screen, reduce paddle size, or end the level.

Options include single-player or team play with up to eight players, a choice of random levels or a specific level (up to 40), four difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard, and very hard), music and sound volume, and a Hall of Fame list that tracks the top 20 scores. A level editor provides players with the opportunity to design their own boards.

Solo or team gameplay (up to eight players)
Ball-and-paddle action with exploding bricks that contain blue (good) or red (bad) power-ups or items
Four difficulty settings and a top 20 Hall of Fame tracking list
Level editor allows users to create additional boards

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