Prince of Persia 3D Review

I’ve played and finished all three games in this series. Several times! The story line and puzzles keep you in suspense with good action too! I would love to see another entry in this series. I would have liked to see a more exciting cinematic on game completion but I thought the rest where really good. The puzzles are challenging and the sword fighting is excellent. The graphics are very good.
One of the great things about the first two games in this series was that the character’s motion was much more natural and realistic than anything else on the market at that time. This game might be a drop below others of its time in the graphics and motion department but the graphics are still very good. To complain about the graphics is like complaining about a new Ford because there is a BMW available on the market. A Ford might not match a BMW but it’s still a great car!
I’ve noticed that some people have complained about controlling the prince. My advice, use the number pad on your keyboard and you shouldn’t have a problem. With a little practice you should not have a problem. If the camera angle is in a bad place, use the Enter key on your number pad to get a good look around (see the game instructions).
If the game seems slow or choppy, lower the resolution and gamma. Play this game in a dark room so you can keep the gamma pretty low.
The gore level (or lack of) was something that disappointed me a bit. When a wall blade killed the prince in POP2 you would see blood on the blade and the wall. The only blood you see in this game is in some of the background scenery and it’s not much. High gore just means that the head is actually separated from the body if the prince walks through a blade. In low gore the head stays attached. There is no blood at all. I don’t really call that gore. I don’t play games just to see gore though so that doesn’t reduce my overall opinion of the game.
One more note, there IS enough time in the last stage to finish. You just have to know how to use your weapons! By the time you get there you should have had enough practice for that. You cannot save in the middle of that level. If you don’t make it you have to start that level over. I’ve done it more than once though so it has to be possible!
In short, great game! Highly recommended!

Verdict: 90/100

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