Buick PGA Tour Courses – Synopsis

The Buick PGA Tour Courses expansion disc includes three actual tournament courses. All three are notorious on the circuit for being the most difficult stops on the tour.

Warwick Hills features lavish woodland settings with rolling hills and fairways. Because of its green-side bunkers and contoured greens, you must aim for the green at all times — if not, your ball will go sailing into a sand trap or hazardous rough.

After mastering the woodland course, tee off at Callaway Gardens. Located in a mountainous setting, this course features hilly terrain and a barrage of trees lining the fairways — hitting the ball straight is an absolute must. If not, you’ll find yourself behind a tree or in the middle of brutal rough. Challenging the most seasoned professional golfer, this venue provides a real test of your virtual golf skills.

Torrey Pines is perhaps the most well known course of the three. Surrounded by rocks and the roaring Pacific Ocean, it’s riddled with difficult landscapes and contoured breaking greens. Dripping with history, the course has provided pro golfers with serious headaches — think you can finish under par?

In order to run Buick PGA Tour Courses, you need one of three games installed on your computer: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Collection or Tiger Woods 99. The game requires 100 MB of hard disk space (doesn’t include space needed for saved games and tournaments). Additional space is needed for a swap file.

Are you the virtual equivalent of Tiger Woods? These courses will put your skills to the test!

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