Insane (Video Game) Review

First, this is an excellent game. Very nice graphics, super playability, flexible and, most important, Fun! As you master certain games, more games unlock and more vehicles become available (you start with just 3). Designed for online play, plenty of resources exist for this function. Of course, it can be played solo. Simply this is the best off road game I’ve played.
Ok, so back to the number of stars. I use a Logitech MOMO Force Wheel (Highly recommended) for racing games, the only kind of game I play. Insane has the capability of using force feedback, which the MOMO Force is designed for. Unfortunately, Insane did not apply it realistically at all. Compared to other Racing games, such as NASCAR 2002, NASCAR Legends, Grand Prix Legends, etc., it pretty much [isn’t good]. The opportunity for Force Feedback to be an intricate part of the game should have been a major goal of the developers, since it is based off road. They missed on this, badly. Basically, the feedback you receive does not match the terrain you cover.
However, if Force Feedback was not a consideration, this would be a 5 star rating. The game is cool enough that I am willing to overlook this failing and recommend the game. Just can’t give it 5 stars. Buy the game, and have fun!

Verdict: 85/100

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