All Third-Person 3D Shooter Games With Ratings

Third-person 3D shooters have players controlling a character and shooting various enemies in a three-dimensional environment, from a third-person perspective. Many also have action and adventure elements, but the emphasis on shooting. Examples: Duke Nukem Time to Kill Jet Force Gemini Space Harrier Gun Metal Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Games: 2013 3D Space Harrier [eShop] […]

The Next Tetris Review and System Requirements (Working with Windows 7 (just skip the DirectX install)

This 1 or 2-player Atari variant of Tetris is great, and is working with Windows 7 (tested with 32-bit Windows 7, but not sure about 64-bit platform) – just skip (reply with ‘No’) the DirectX portion of the install and you’re good to go for Windows 7 (since the OS already has a more recent […]