The Next Tetris Review and System Requirements (Working with Windows 7 (just skip the DirectX install)

This 1 or 2-player Atari variant of Tetris is great, and is working with Windows 7 (tested with 32-bit Windows 7, but not sure about 64-bit platform) – just skip (reply with ‘No’) the DirectX portion of the install and you’re good to go for Windows 7 (since the OS already has a more recent version of DirectX included). The music (CD-audio) portion of the game will only be heard if the Atari CD is physically mounted in your optical drive. You can play the game without the disc if you like, but you won’t have music. You can also mount a different audio CD to hear something other than Atari’s music.

Pentium 133MHz Processor
75MB Hard Disk Space
4X CD-ROM Drive
2MB Video Card
Sound Card
DirectX 6.1

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