All Action Strategy Games (all platforms)

Action strategy titles combine the planning and management of strategy games with fast-paced action or shooter elements. This style applies when the player can leave the strategic overview to take direct control in action sequences, such as piloting a vehicle to shoot down targets while still in command of other units in the field. Typically, […]

All Word Games

Word game puzzles involve creating or forming words to solve the game. Crossword puzzle games fall into this category. Examples: Crosswords & More Dell Magazines Crosswords Hangman Games: 2005 1001 Ultimate Word Games IBM PC Compatible 2 Stars 2000 250+ Great Crossword Puzzles IBM PC Compatible 1.5 Stars 2012 3, 2, 1… WordsUp! [DSiWare] Nintendo […]

All Strategy RPG Games With Ratings

Strategy RPGs focus on the military and tactical aspects of role-playing games, even though they may feature character classes. Games: 2012 18th Gate [DSiWare] Nintendo DSi 1 Stars 1996 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Birthright — The Gorgon’s Alliance IBM PC Compatible 3.5 Stars 2009 Adventures to Go! PlayStation Portable 2 Stars 2007 Aedis Eclipse: Generation […]