Ultimate Fighting Championship Overview

The Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments started in the 1990s, giving martial artists of the world a chance to distinguish themselves in a fighting environment with very few rules. Fighters could be matched up against fighters of any style, and the match ended only when one fighter submitted.

The popularity of the sport resulted in the creation of other mixed martial arts tournaments and the evolution and merging of fighting styles for greater effectiveness. Ultimate Fighting Championship is a 3D fighting game that tries to simulate the experience of a real mixed martial arts fight. Players can choose from a selection of established UFC fighters, or create their own fighter through the Career Mode.

While in Career Mode, players start the character creation process by selecting from several style templates, then using points earned through fighting and beating a series of progressively more difficult fighters to buy attribute upgrades in stamina, endurance, punching ability, kicking ability, or to learn certain techniques.

In addition to the Career Mode, the game offers several gameplay modes: a single match exhibition mode, a UFC tournament mode, a champion mode, as well as a training mode. Fighters created through the career mode can also be used in any of these modes.

During a match the fighters can roam freely within the confines of the octagonal fighting area. Like more traditional fighting titles, each fighter has a health bar, but fights can be won through knockouts or by successfully applying standing or ground submission techniques.

Both striking and grappling techniques are allowed in the game, and fights that start off standing can go to the ground when one fighter successfully shoots or tackles. While on the ground, the fighters can be in several postures common to mixed martial arts fights, including the mount, guard, and back mount.

Features 22 real-life UFC fighters including Mickey Burnett, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, and Chuck Liddell
Six modes of play: UFC, Champion Road, Career, Tournament, Exhibition and Training
Create your own fighter and win the UFC championship in Career Mode

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