Solitaire Overview (2000 PC Game)

Developed by prolific single-player card game producer Goodsol, this value-minded title offers 300 variations of different solitaire games. Included are full-featured versions of the classic Klondike and Free Cell, as well as Cat’s Cradle, Four Leaf Clover, and Spider’s Web. Like all eGames titles, this release is designed for players of all ages and carries […]

All Inline Skating Games

This style applies to games that focus specifically on inline skating. Games involving roller skating sports, such as street hockey, are usually classified under a separate style. Examples: Jet Grind Radio Aggressive Inline X-Bladez: Inline Skater Rollerblade Racer Games: 2000 Jet Set Radio [Japanese] Dreamcast 2001 Graffiti Tournament [European] Game Boy Color 2001 De La […]

Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Pac-Land is protected by the four gems of virtue: Generosity, Truth, Wisdom, and Courage. These four gems are scattered in the four Wonders of Pac-Land, mystical regions separated from Pac-Land by mysterious force fields. The gems are in place to keep darkness and chaos from falling on Pac-Land. Recently, someone has invaded the Enchanted Castle, […]

All Flight Sim Games With Review Scores

Flight sims are designed to re-create the experience of piloting an actual airplane, helicopter, or other form of aircraft. They offer realistic features such as working instrument panels, accurate physics, and authentic terrain. Regular flight sims seldom feature any combat or competition. Examples: Flight Unlimited Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Pilotwings 64 Fly! Space Shuttle: A […]

Thief II: The Metal Age Review

This game is great. Its storyline was very eratic which had un-eventful plot twists. I like how the City Watch and the Mechanists worked together and how woman were Mechanists and City Watch personal along with men. In the last game, all the guards were men. One part that we dis-appointing was that the Hammerites […]

All Space Combat Sim Games

Space combat sims simulate futuristic battles, generally between spaceships, in outer space. These titles are similar to flight combat sims. Examples: Colony Wars Star Wars: TIE Fighter Collector’s CD-ROM Wing Commander Ares Rising Star Trek: Bridge Commander Games: 2003 Star Fox [Japanese] Nintendo GameCube 2015 Star Fox Wii U 1997 Star Fox 64 [Japanese] Nintendo […]

All Dating Sim Games With Ratings

Dating sims challenge players to develop and maintain a relationship with one or more game characters. This often involves learning the personal preferences of the target character, such as a favorite color or activity, then making comments or gifts based on this information. Examples: National Lampoon’s Blind Date Romantic Encounters at The Dome Season of […]

All Extreme Sports for All Platforms

Extreme sports games feature athletic events that are considered more risky than conventional sports. Players typically control a single character (instead of a team) and strive to win competitions by performing the most complicated or dangerous tricks. Games in this general category typically feature a variety of events, or less common spectacles such as competitive […]

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed – PC Game (2000)

This is the most exciting, beautiful (for its time) and thought a racing simulator from EA. Tracks are very beautiful and interesting. Competitions can replay several times for earning money, you can do reselling cars; also very interesting to modify various components of the auto balancing between performance and controllability. System evolution from the earlier […]