All World-Building Sim Games

World-building sims allow the user to create an entire world from scratch. Players can then manage their world, make adjustments, and steer its development. Examples: Populous SimEarth Utopia Afterlife Games: 1999 3-D Ultra TrainTown IBM PC Compatible 3 Stars 2000 3-D Ultra TrainTown Deluxe IBM PC Compatible 3 Stars 1996 Afterlife Macintosh 3 Stars 1996 […]

All Ground Vehicle Combat Sim Games

Ground vehicle combat sims are designed to re-create the experience of piloting an actual tank, transport, or other type of ground combat vehicle. They offer realistic features such as working instrument panels, accurate physics, and authentic terrain. An emphasis on realistic presentation and control distinguishes ground vehicle combat sims from vehicle shooters. Examples: M1 Tank […]

All Futuristic Racing Games With Ratings

Futuristic racing games involve science-fiction vehicles, often hovercraft or spaceships, and courses that exceed current technological limitations. These games often feature weapons and power-ups, but the emphasis is always on racing. Examples: F-Zero Star Wars: Episode One: Racer Drome Racers Kinetica Space Race Wipeout Fusion Games: 2007 A.I.M. Racing [European] IBM PC Compatible 1997 AeroGauge […]

All Train Sim Games With Ratings

Train sims are designed to re-create the experience of driving an actual train. Games: 2007 3-D Model Trains IBM PC Compatible 2 Stars 2002 3D Railroad Master IBM PC Compatible 3 Stars Arizona Route 66 [Canceled] IBM PC Compatible 2003 Black Forest Route [European] IBM PC Compatible 2004 Brighton – Portsmouth: Westcoastway Express [European] IBM […]

Escape From Monkey Island Review

Let’s be honest – LucasArts has never been timid when it comes to its line of adventure games. After such licensed debacles as Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Force Commander, it was beginning to look like even something as treasured and non-Obi-Wan-related as their Monkey Island series would be in a spot of trouble. […]