Delta Force Controls [Classics]


F1 The package is secure
F2 Prepare to assault on my mark
F3 Snipers take the high ground
F4 Gunners go for the flags
F5 Guard the base
F6 I need backup now!
F7 Mess with the best. Die like the rest!
F8 You don’t want none of this!
F9 Is that all you got!
F10 Son, it’s gonna be a long day!
MOUSE CONTROLS Look up/down, turn left/right (Full Screen Mode only)
LMB Fire weapon
RMB Toggle scope
MMB (if available) Cycle weapons
Arrow keys move forward/backward, strafe left/right
Shift + arrows walk
Spacebar jump
Delete stand
End crouch
Page Down lie prone
B binocular mode
C command mode
D drop items (excluding weapons)
M change magazine (discards remaining ammo in current magazines)
O mission orders
R recent messages
T talk
Y team talk
Control fire weapon
S toggle scope
Backspace cycle weapons
1 knife
2 sidearm
3 Primary weapon Mode 1
4 Primary weapon Mode 2*
5 Primary weapon Mode 3*
6 Secondary weapon Mode 1
7 Secondary weapon Mode 2*
8 Secondary weapon Mode 3*
9 fragmentation grenade
0 laser designator
* If applicable to current weapon
F1 help
F2 first person POV
F3 cross-hairs on/off
F4 first person gun on/off
F5 external view (3rd person)
F6 fixed angle view (3rd person)
F7 fixed location view (3rd person)
F8 picture in picture
F9 forward observer view
F10 GPS color map
F11 GPS contour map
F12 letter box on/off
Numpad 2 look down
Numpad 4 turn left
Numpad 5 look level
Numpad 6 turn right
Numpad 8 look up
Pause pause game
. (period) track cam down
L track cam left
; (semi-colon) track cam right
[ zoom cam in
P track cam up
] zoom cam out
– zoom map in
= zoom map out
Tab cycle forward observer cameras
Q cycle enemy flags
W cycle waypoints
V cycle video resolution
Scroll Lock toggle windows/full screen mode
Home multi-player host screen
F friendly tags on/off
H toggle turbo on/off
K multi-player kill/players list
A play audio command

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