First appearance devil may cry Released 2001 Format PS2 created by capcom Since strutting onto the PS2 back in 2001 as a canned Resident Evil sequel with haunted house set dressings, we’ve watched with pride as Dante has grown from po-faced Dracula-lite into a demonic defender so impossibly cocksure that his every uttered syllable threatens […]

Racing: Demolition/Combat Games With Ratings

Games of this style involve physical combat between vehicles. While racing is often an important element of demolition games, it usually takes a back seat to the competitive ramming and collisions. Similarly, close-quarters fighting is an essential part of play in many combat games, even though the ultimate goal may be winning a race or […]

All Drag Racing Games With Review Scores

Drag racing games involve short, high-acceleration races on a straight track. Typical drag racing vehicles are recognizable by their huge back tires and small front tires. Examples: Dragster IHRA Motorsports Drag Racing 2 Shirley Muldowney’s Top Fuel Challenge Games: 1977 Drag Race Arcade 3 Stars 1987 Drag Race Eliminator Commodore 64/128 3 Stars 1978 Drag […]

All Third-Person Adventure Games With Review Scores

Third-person adventures have you guiding an on-screen character through a number of exotic or unfamiliar environments, typically with the goal of solving a mystery or finding one’s way out of a predicament or two. Gameplay primarily consists of conversing with other characters, collecting items found within the environment, and using objects stored in an inventory […]